Mastering the Skies: How To Do a Christ Air Like a Pro

Master the Christ Air! Dive into this skateboarding guide to learn, practice, and ace this gnarly trick on ramps and in games.

Rolling on the concrete, breeze on your face, the world blurs as you whip up speed. Suddenly, you’re flying, and board gripped in one hand, body stretched out like a cross, soaring through the air – bam! You’ve just nailed the Christ Air – a trick that’s as insane on the ramps as it is in video games. The potency of this trick and its symbolic undertone make it a skateboarding icon, performed by legends such as Christian Hosoi, Martyn Jackson, and Denmark’s Rune Glifberg.

What is the Christ air?

The Christ Air, named after its original inventor, skater Christian Hosoi, is more than just a showstopper trick – it’s a testament to the control, skill, and boldness of the skater. Performed during aerials or while soaring off ramps, the skater launches into the air, grabs the skateboard mid-flight, extends their legs, and spreads their arms. The body, momentarily frozen in this flight, resembles the crucifixion pose of Jesus Christ, hence the name.

Image of a skater jumping in midair with a skateboard. Source: unsplash
Image of a skater jumping in midair with a skateboard. Source: unsplash
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Mastering the skies: how to do a christ air like a pro | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

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How to do a Christ air?

Ready to give it a shot? Remember, the Christ Air isn’t exactly a beginner-friendly trick. It requires a solid understanding of skateboarding mechanics, fearlessness, and a dose of craziness. The trick isn’t just about nailing it; it’s about owning it in all its glory.

  1. Start off with some speed

    The Christ Air demands height, and height demands speed. It might seem pretty daunting, but that’s the whole thrill of it, right? You have to go really fast, allowing for ample air time, which is essential to position your body and complete the trick correctly.

  2. Aim for a powerful ollie

    As you approach the lip of the ramp or the end of the kicker, plant a solid ollie. This is the launching pad for your Christ Air. The stronger and more agile your ollie, the more air time you can generate.

  3. Grab your board

    As you reach the apex of your jump, bring the board up and grab it with one hand (remember, the same hand of the direction you’re spinning!). This might seem like a juggling act, but it’ll become second nature with practice.

  4. Strike the Jesus pose!

    Here’s where the magic happens. Extend the arm that’s not holding the board wide, similar to the image of Jesus on the cross. Simultaneously, extend your legs outwards, maintaining your balance and control.

  5. Land it smooth

    What goes up must come down! The landing is just as crucial as the launch. Maintain strong eye contact with your landing spot, bring your board back under your feet, flex your knees to absorb the shock, and roll away in style – safe bet even Tony Hawk would nod in approval.

Remember, each attempt brings you one step closer to nailing this trick. Rest assured, the day you land your first Christ Air, you’ll feel a high unlike any other! It’s quite the trip!

To grasp the trick’s intricate details, check out this detailed guide on how to do an aerial, where you’ll learn more about building air, maintaining balance, and incrementally adding tricks to your aerial repertoire. Moreover, measuring up a solid understanding of what a skateboard really is before attempting such advanced tricks wouldn’t hurt either!

Dos and don’ts of Christ air

Alright folks, before you bolt out with your boards to try the Christ Air – sit tight! While zest is great, it always helps to exercise a little caution. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep you sailing, not slamming:

Do ensure you have mastered basic aerial maneuvers before attempting the Christ Air.Don’t try the trick without proper safety gear – helmet, knee and elbow pads.
Do start with lower heights to minimize the risk of injury and build confidence.Don’t rush the process – perfecting a trick takes time and repetition.
Do practice in a controlled environment, such as a skate park or an area with a good ramp.Don’t ignore your foot placement – ensure it’s accurate for a safe landing.
Do watch videos of professionals performing the trick to understand the motion and technique.Don’t skip any steps or stages in the learning process.
Do ensure your board is in good condition and suited for aerial tricks.Don’t attempt the Christ Air in unpredictable environments or when the ramp is wet or slippery.
Dos and don’ts of Christ air

What are some tips for perfecting the Christ air?

Remember, skateboarding is just as much a mental game as it is physical. So, stay stoked, trust your abilities, and respect the learning curve. That’s your key to mastering the Christ Air! Check out these additional tips:

  • Keep practicing the ollie until you’re confident about achieving a good height.
  • Work on your handling skills by learning to grab your board effectively.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Jesus pose on the ground before trying it mid-air.
  • Always wear appropriate safety gear – a helmet, knee, and elbow pads are a safe bet!
  • Don’t let one or more falls discourage you – remember, every skater has been there!

My journey with the Christ Air

I’m a skateboarder but not an expert, and boy, oh boy – the Christ Air gave me a run for my money in my early days. The thought of catching serious air, grabbing my board, and striking a pose – was pretty dope but equally intimidating. I ate concrete a few times, yeah, but every single slam was worth it when I finally landed my first Christ Air!

Image of a skater practicing in a skatepark. Source: pexels
Mastering the skies: how to do a christ air like a pro | image of a skater practicing in a skatepark pexels | skateboard salad

It was a mix of elation, pride, and disbelief. Work on your fundamentals consistently; understand what exactly a skateboard is and how it moves, balances, and responds. That understanding, coupled with persistent practice, is where the magic happens.

“Every single slam was worth it when I finally landed my first Christ Air! It was a mix of elation, pride, and disbelief.”

Grey hair or not, the kid inside me is always eager to step on the board. So, go ahead, give the Christ Air a shot – who knows, it might just become your signature move! Remember, the only trick you can’t do is the one you don’t try. Keep shredding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You might still have a few questions lingering in your mind about the Christ Air. No stress! Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions to help round out your understanding of this skateboarding trick.

How high do I need to go for the Christ air?

The higher, the better! Christ Air is an aerial trick and requires you to have substantial air time to perform the gesture and land safely. Skaters like Martyn Jackson have taken the Christ Air to heights as lofty as 14 ft!

What are the common mistakes when learning the Christ air?

Novices often hasten the ollie, which could compromise on the height. Another common error is failing to grab the board firmly or not extending the body to form a perfect Christ pose. It’s crucial to practice individual elements first before trying the entire trick. Learn more about these elements here.

Do I need special gear for the Christ air?

While no special gear as such is required, protective equipment like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are a must due to the inherent risk of the trick. Make sure you’re well-equipped before you take off!

Can beginners attempt the Christ air?

Usually, the Christ Air is not recommended for beginners due to its complexity and the risk involved. However, skateboarding is all about pushing your boundaries! If you are a beginner, ensure you’ve mastered your ollie and some less complicated aerial tricks before attempting the Christ Air. And remember, safety first! Check out some beginner-friendly skateboarding tips here.

Final thoughts

The journey of mastering the Christ Air is a ride full of adrenaline, stumbles, and monumental victories. It’s a trick that pushes your boundaries on the skateboard, challenging your speed, control, and aerial capacity. But once nailed, the satisfaction is unbeatable — like catching the perfect wave or landing a game-winning buzzer-beater.

What’s your take on the Christ Air? Are you excited, anxious, or somewhere in between? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on how to define your style and evolve in this exciting world of skateboarding. Thanks for reading, and shred on!

Key takeaways

This article dove deep into the world of the Christ Air trick in skateboarding. Here are some crucial takeaways:

  • The Christ Air is an advanced skateboarding trick involving a distinctive ‘Jesus on the cross’ pose mid-air.
  • The trick originates from famed skateboarder Christian Hosoi.
  • To nail the Christ Air, you require speed, a strong ollie, adept board grab, the Jesus pose, and a smooth landing.
  • Practising individual elements can help improve your chances of landing the Christ Air.
  • Safety gear is essential due to the risky nature of the trick.
  • Amateurs are generally advised to learn basic aerial tricks before attempting the Christ Air.

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