5 Best Skateboard Decks for Street Skating: Master Your Moves

Master street skating with the top 5 decks! From Real Skateboards to Almost, find your perfect street shred partner.

Have you ever wondered which skateboard decks are the best for street skating? Grab your helmet and kneepads, because we’re about to roll deep into the world of street skateboarding. We’ll navigate the tricky terrain of skateboard decks, explore varying board constructions, and discuss the best picks for street skating. Let’s shred!

What is a skateboard deck?

A skateboard deck is the flatboard component of a skateboard to which the wheels and trucks are attached. It is the part of the skateboard that the rider stands on. Skateboard decks are usually made from layers of pressed and laminated maple wood, known for its strength and flexibility.

Image of some skateboard decks in a rack.
Image of some skateboard decks in a rack.

The deck’s surface usually applies grip tape, which is a gritty, sandpaper-like material that helps prevent the rider’s feet from slipping. The right deck can differ between landing that crazy flip or ending up in a faceplant. It’s all about controlling your board, street cruising smoothly, and showing off those mad skills. Yes, the deck can be a game-changer for your street skating escapades!

My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

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My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

I have always loved Enjoi’s simple designs and iconic panda. These decks are rare nowadays, so you will turn some heads. It pops great and lasts lots of grueling hours at the skatepark. Maybe it’s the simplistic design, but this is by far my favorite deck.

The best skateboard decks for street skating

Real skateboards take the cake regarding absolute top-choice skateboard decks for street shredding. This leading skateboarding brand offers a variety of constructions in their decks, but what does “construction” even mean in the skateboarding universe?

It’s pretty much your deck’s design and making, including new materials to increase durability, minimize weight, and help absorb impact. Plus, they’ve slathered a wizardly coating on them to help the decks slide better on those rough ledges we all love to hate. And hey, it even helps resist chipping!

What are the top 5 skateboard decks for street skating?

Choosing the perfect deck for your street skating endeavors is no easy task. There’s a plethora to choose from, each exhibiting its own unique features and benefits. Let’s look at the top 5 skateboard decks that are custom-built to withstand the harsh terrain of street skating and help you fine-tune your skills.

1. Real skateboards

Real Skateboards are, hands down, one of the leading brands when it comes to street-ready decks. They’ve got a variety of constructions, with each promising to take your skating up a notch. Real heavyweights, for instance, are designed with larger riders in mind and withstand even the gnarliest gap jumps and roof drops. Talk about a tough contender!


  • Made for heavy-duty street skating
  • Unique X-Band construction: two wood plies set at opposing angles
  • Medium concave, providing a balance of responsiveness and stability


  • A bit heavier than traditional decks

2. Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta has a long history in skateboarding, and their decks live up to this pedigree. Pouring years of experience and craftsmanship into their products, they provide a solid choice for street skating with a great mix of durability and performance.


  • Long-standing reputation in the industry
  • Balances durability and performance for optimal skating
  • Works well on a variety of terrains


  • Designs might be traditional for some skaters’ tastes

3. Creature skateboards

No list of street boards would be complete without mentioning Creature. They’ve carved a solid reputation for shredding concrete and pushing limits, all while offering killer graphics that stand out in the crowd.


  • Known for their durability and toughness
  • Perfect for street skaters looking to land more technical tricks
  • Eye-catching graphics


  • The edgy aesthetic might not appeal to everyone

4. Santa Cruz skateboards

Founded in 1973, Santa Cruz is one of the oldest skateboard companies in the world. This classic brand offers incredibly resilient boards that truly withstand the test of time and streetwear.


  • Resilient and durable
  • Classic designs appeal to traditional skaters.
  • A proven track record in the industry


  • Graphics may not appeal to skaters seeking a more modern aesthetic

5. Almost skateboards

Skateboards may be the new kid on the block, but with a focus on technical innovation, they have quickly carved out a niche in the skating world. Their decks are packed with innovative features designed to enhance street skating.


  • Innovative designs and features
  • High durability is ideal for rough street skating.


  • Might be too pricey for beginners or casual skaters

Dos and don’ts of choosing a skateboard deck

Choosing the right skateboard deck can be a trippin’ minefield, especially with the choices out there. But don’t stress! Arm yourself with the right knowledge, and you’ll quickly pick up a killer.

Choose a board that suits your weight and foot sizeDon’t
Don’tDon’t overlook the deck’s concave
Try the board first if possibleFocus on the deck’s construction
Table: A quick primer on selecting the ideal skateboard deck for street skating

Additional street skating deck tips

When it comes to picking out the perfect deck for your street skating adventures, a few additional tips can come in handy:

  • If you’re into faster flips, go for a deck size between 7.75″ and 8.0″
  • A deck with a lot of concave will be easier to flip due to the curved shape.
  • Beginners should opt for a medium or mellow concave for better stability.
  • If you’re willing to spend, decks with carbon and fiberglass offer improved durability
Image of skateboard with anime deck design.
Image of skateboard with anime deck design.

My street skating journey

So, as a somewhat novice skateboarder like myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of having the right deck for street skating. I’ve had my fair share of gnarly wipeouts trying to shred with the width of the board. I remember this one time I was trying to drop down an extremely sketchy stair set with a deck that was just not cut out for asphalt warfare. Let’s say my ego wasn’t the only thing bruised that day.

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. Picking the perfect deck not only spells the difference between an okay ride and an awesome shred, it’s at the core of your identity as a skater. Embrace the choice.

Anyway, learn from my mistakes, guys. You’ll save yourself from some harsh bails and maybe even a couple of board replacements.

Let’s take a glance at the different street skateboard deck brands and their distinguishing features.

BrandDistinguishing Feature
Real SkateboardsX-Band construction, made for heavy-duty street skating
Powell PeraltaRenowned for balancing durability and performance
Creature SkateboardsKnown for their grit and killer graphics
Santa Cruz SkateboardsClassic brand with resilient decks
Almost SkateboardsFocus on technical innovation
Table of street skateboarding decks alongside their key features

Advantages and disadvantages of street skating decks

Choosing the right street skating deck matters, but it’s not all sunshine and rain. Like every other sport, skateboarding, especially street skating, has its fair share of ups and downs. Let’s dive into some of the major advantages and drawbacks associated with different street skating decks.


Choosing a high-quality street skating deck can have several advantages:

  • It enhances control over your board and makes landing tricks easier
  • Improves skating experiences with different deck constructions
  • Durable decks last longer and withstand harsh street conditions
  • Provides a platform for expressing your personal style


But then again, there are some not-so-rad aspects to consider:

  • Decent-quality skate decks can be quite pricey, especially for beginners
  • The wide array of choices can be overwhelming
  • Not all deck features and construction may suit your skating style.
  • The wrong choice of deck can hinder your performance or even lead to injuries.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Skateboarding is a journey of constant learning and growth. However, for those new to street skating, there can be a sea of questions bobbing around your head. Here are some common queries to help you shred with confidence.

How much does a quality street skating deck cost?

Generally, a decent skateboard deck for street skating can cost anywhere between $40 and $100, depending on the brand and features. However, keep in the loop with sales or discounted boards. They might just get you a sick deal.

Does a skater’s weight matter when choosing a deck?

Indeed, it does. Your weight can affect the deck’s performance and durability. Heavier riders often prefer wider and more robust decks like the Real Heavyweight, as they offer more support and stability. Check out How to Choose a Skateboard: Top Tips for Beginners for more tips.

How do different deck constructions impact performance?

Different deck constructions offer varying levels of performance. For instance, decks with an X-Band construction typically last longer and maintain their pop, making them great for heavy-duty street skating.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right skateboard deck is crucial to elevating your street-skating experience from “Okay, I guess” to “Off-the-charts rad!” The right deck can truly boost your control, enable smoother rides, and aid in executing those gravity-defying tricks. Can you think of any other skateboard decks that you’ve found ideal for street skating? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you’ve found this article helpful, pass it along to a fellow skater, and be sure to take a look at my full blog for more skating insights and tips. Thanks for reading, and ride on!

Key takeaways

This article took a deep dive into the world of the best skateboard decks for street skating. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Quality street skating decks are made from durable materials such as maple wood, fiberglass, or carbon.
  • Different brands offer unique features and advantages, with some notable ones being Real Skateboards, Powell Peralta, and Creature Skateboards.
  • The right deck can significantly enhance your control, enable smoother rides, and assist in the execution of tricks.
  • Factors such as a skater’s weight, style of skating, and personal preference greatly influence the choice of deck.
  • Investing in a sturdy and suitable skateboard deck is a worthy investment for every street skating enthusiast.

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