Best Skateboard Grip Tape of 2023: Top 5 Picks for Unbeatable Traction

Catch the latest update on the 5 best skateboard grip tapes of 2023. Our top 5 picks deliver unbeatable traction and control. Elevate your skate game today.

Grip tape is a crucial component of any skateboard. This gritty, sandpaper-like tape applied to the top deck provides the friction and traction needed to control your board. As an avid skateboarder, having quality grip tape that matches your riding style is essential. And after testing out numerous options from leading brands, I picked the five best grip tapes to consider installing on your skateboard in 2023.

What are the best skateboard griptapes of 2023?

Based on performance, durability, and value, here are my picks for the top grip tapes of 2023:

Image of two people touching grip tape.
Image of two people touching grip tape.

1. Jessup grip tape

Jessup has been making high-quality grips since the 1970s. Their tape provides a firm grip without being too abrasive on shoes. A waterproof adhesive keeps it secured even in wet conditions. Jessup offers a wider range of sizes from strips to full sheets.

Key features:

  • Trusted brand
  • Superior adhesion
  • Moderate grip level
  • Range of sizes

2. Mob grip tape

Mob is considered the stickiest and most durable tape in skating. Made with ultra-coarse grit, Mob delivers exceptional grip for control. The thick 1mm tape absorbs impact well. Mob perforates their tape for easy bubble-free application. It does wear through shoes quickly.

Key features:

  • Extremely grippy surface
  • Perforated for easy application
  • Trusted brand
  • Very abrasive on shoes

3. Grizzly grip tape

Grizzly takes a balanced approach with grip tapes that offer grip without fast shoe damage. Their classic formula has stood the test of time. Grizzly now offers softer alternatives too, and a wide array of colors and graphics available.

Key features:

  • Proven classic formula
  • Moderate grip avoids quick shoe wear
  • Many colors and graphics
  • Good value

4. Vicious grip tape

True to its name, Vicious is known for its extremely grippy and coarse tape. The grit has sharp points for maximum grip, even in wet conditions. Vicious is ideal for downhill and serious street skating but will destroy shoes fast.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly grippy grit
  • Maintains traction in wetness
  • Made for advanced skating
  • Very abrasive on shoes

5. Shake Junt grip tape

Shake Junt makes quality grip in a variety of graphic prints showcasing their pro skaters and unique designs. Their standard formula offers reliable traction. A great choice if you want stylish graphics without losing board control.

Key features:

  • Attention-grabbing graphics
  • Tested standard grip compound
  • Good for stylish customization
  • Reliable board control
Image of a skater stepping on a skateboard. Source: unsplash
Image of a skater stepping on a skateboard. Source: unsplash
My favorite deck (at the moment):

S&X Skateboards Grip Tape

Best skateboard grip tape of 2023: top 5 picks for unbeatable traction | 814bio34nul. Sl1500 | skateboard salad
My favorite grip tape (at the moment):

S&X Skateboards Grip Tape

Everyone, and I mean everyone, asks me about this grip tape. It is definitely a head-turner. It has a hexagonal pattern for improved grip. I can’t say if it grips better for certain, but I love the look, and it gives me the ill grip thumb, so I know it works.

What should you look for in a skateboard grip tape?

With so many types of grip tapes available, it helps to understand the key features that affect board control and feel:

  • Grit: The coarse particles covering the surface provide friction. Look for durable silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grit.
  • Adhesive: The stickiness ensures grip tape stays firmly bonded to the deck. Long-lasting, waterproof adhesives are best.
  • Perforations: Small holes allow air bubbles to escape during application. Tapes with perforations are easier to apply bubble-free.
  • Thickness: Thinner tapes around 0.5mm offer a more board-like feel. Thicker 1mm options are more durable and absorb impact from landings better.
  • Size: Wider tapes cause shoes to wear out faster. Narrower strips around 9 inches minimize shoe damage.

How to choose the right grip tape?

Choosing grip tape involves balancing traits like traction, abrasiveness, and durability based on your skating discipline. The ideal grip tape ultimately comes down to personal preference. Trying out a few top options helps determine the right amount of grip and coarseness for your needs. Here are tips for picking the best tape:

  • Street tricks – Favor more grip like Mob or Vicious for control.
  • Cruising – Milder grip is gentler on shoes for long rides.
  • Downhill – Need durable, weather-resistant grip like Vicious.
  • Skatepark – Standard grip level works well across most park terrain.
  • Rain skating – Ensure tape has waterproof adhesive to withstand wetness.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.


Applying the best skateboard grip tape attunes your board to your riding style for optimal response. Whether you seek jaw-dropping graphic designs, tire-shredding traction, or a balance of control and shoe preservation, you can find the perfect tape for your needs from leading skate brands. Install any of these grips to experience improvements in stability, flips, grinds, and maneuvers.

Key takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from this post.

  • The top 5 skateboard grip tapes for 2023, based on performance, durability, and value, are:
    • Jessup grip tape
    • Mob grip tape
    • Grizzly grip tape
    • Vicious grip tape
    • Shake Junt grip tape
  • Grip tape is an essential component of a skateboard, providing the necessary friction and traction for control.
  • When choosing skateboard grip tape, consider factors like grit, adhesive quality, perforations, thickness, and size to match your riding style.
  • Testing different grip tape textures and compounds is the best way to find your ideal balance of traction, control, and shoe wear.
  • The right grip tape enhances stability, tricks, grinds, and overall skateboarding performance.

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