Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding? A Definitive Guide

Explore the magic that makes Converse shoes a solid choice for skateboarding, from comfort and durability to style and affordability.

When it comes to skateboarding, are Converse shoes still a solid choice? Those beat-up, well-loved Chucks might wear the badge of honor, but are they really worth it? After all, what’s the point of those skateboard kicks when you’re ready to take on the pavement if they’re not up for the task? We have got you covered in this deep dive, exploring the relationship between the age-old Converse brand and the skateboarding lifestyle.

What makes Converse a good match for skating?

Converse has a rich history within the skateboarding community. Starting from the good old basketball courts, its shoes have found a unique place in the skating universe. Creating the marquee product line, Converse CONS, specifically for skateboarding, shows their commitment to the sport.

Image of a skater with black hi-top converse shoes doing tricks on a skateboard. Source: unsplash
Image of a skater with black hi-top converse shoes doing tricks on a skateboard. Source: unsplash

“These skate-specific shoes are not just about symbolic representation; they carry many features, making them an excellent companion for a skater.”

These skate-specific shoes are not just about symbolic representation; they carry many features, making them an excellent companion for a skater. For instance, their proprietary CONS Traction Rubber provides these shoes with unique grip, flexibility, and durability. The natural feel of the skateboard under your feet blends well with the added benefits of this traction rubber.

In a game-changing move, they are upgrading the infamous Chuck Taylor All-Stars basketball shoes. The new models promise foot protection, comfort, and style; what more can a skater ask for? You can now rip off the streets courtesy of the extra cushioning these revamped Chucks feature while still retaining the classic Converse look.

The spotlight then turns to the CONS line models, which offer varieties in mid- or high-top, elasticated tongues and rubber toe caps that make them ideal for skateboarding. However, steer clear of the canvas models; the durability of suede will serve you better. Essentially, modern Converse shoes are instruments tailored for skateboarding, ensuring the skater’s style shines on their skateboard.

My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

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My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

These have lasted me probably the longest of any skate shoe I’ve had. I love high-tops because they protect my ankles. I got the gray ones, but they get dirty quickly. If you care about that, you might want to invest in a darker tone version.

Is the price right for Converse skate shoes?

Here comes the part that you might not be a big fan of. Just like every skateboard enthusiast, you seek the golden middle: a durable shoe that won’t rip your wallet apart. Trust me, there’s no way around it: skate shoes are going to don the worn-out look fairly quickly.

Image of a skater with black converse riding a skateboard. Source: pexels
Image of a skater with black converse riding a skateboard. Source: pexels

From a cost standpoint, Converse offers a somewhat unbeatable combination. They provide sufficient comfort, flexibility, and durability without wreaking havoc on your wallet. If you play your cards well, some occasional sales could land you a Converse CONS for a steal!

Remember, though, that if a shoe costs twice as much but will only last another month or two, it may be smarter to consider an affordable shoe. The longevity of skate shoes is a real toss-up. Only time and your sketchy heelflip can tell when the next shoe-shopping expedition will be.

Do Converse shoes offer adequate ankle support?

Ankle support may not be the first thing that pops into your mind while considering a skate shoe. However, it’s an aspect to consider. Converse provides you with plenty of variety: low-tops, mid-tops, or high-tops. Whether you’re a fan of ankle freedom or cherish some extra cosines around your ankles, the choice is yours.

My two cents on skating with Converse

Now, here’s my two cents, a novice skateboarder’s opinion: Converse has got the skateshoe game pretty much nailed down. While the classic Converse shoes aren’t an ideal choice for a heelflip or a kickflip, their new lines, like the CONS, are a breath of fresh air.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable, provide good protection for my feet, and, let’s not forget, they are pretty stylish too! However, if you’re deep into technical skating or meet the grip tape frequently, these might not be for you. The continuous friction will rip apart the canvas. So pick the suede ones over them!

“Remember, the ideal skate shoe is not about chasing the most expensive brand. Rather, it’s about understanding your style, skating preference and going for a shoe that sticks true to your skateboarding soul.”

For a clearer comparison to other brands, check out our deep dive into the Vans skate shoes here.

Dos and don’ts of wearing Converse for skateboarding

Skateboarding in Converse shoes can be a thrilling journey if you stick by these paramount guidelines. Whether it’s about a grip like a lizard, preserving your shoes, or assuring that they feel just right on your feet, these dos and don’ts navigate you through skateboarding territory with ease.

Opt for suede Converse shoes for more durabilityStick to canvas models for intense skate sessions
Choose from the Converse CONS line for skate-specific footwearWear the classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars for technical skating
Take into consideration your skating style when you pick out shoesBuy the shoes with just style aspects in consideration
Always look for sales to get a good bargainIgnore the cost aspect completely
Key guidelines to consider when using Converse shoes for skateboarding.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing Converse for skateboarding

While Converse does fill the skate shoe bill rather well, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to reckon with. These aspects will give you an encompassing view of their performance and help you make a more informed decision.

Advantages of wearing Converse for skateboarding

There are several reasons why Converse might make for a solid skate shoe choice. Here is a rundown:

  • The shoes are comparatively lighter than other brands, providing you with greater ease and agility.
  • Converse CONS offers excellent traction and grip, both integral to a good skate shoe.
  • With an extended range of style and design, they add a dash of panache to your skating vibe.
  • The shoes strike a pretty good balance between comfort, durability and affordability.

Disadvantages of wearing Converse for skateboarding

While they might be quite charming, Converse shoes carry along a couple of drawbacks when considered for skateboarding. Keep these in mind:

  • The canvas models are not durable for intense skateboarding and would wear out pretty quickly.
  • Compared to other skate-specific brands, Converse might lack the advanced features tailored explicitly for skaters.
  • They might not provide the most optimal support for technical skating.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we attempt to untangle the complex relationship between Converse shoes and skateboarding, there are bound to be questions popping up in your head. Here’s a curated list of some of the frequently asked questions and their no-frills answers.

Can I use the classic chuck taylor all-stars for cruisers?

While you can certainly use them for your cruisers, bear in mind that these classic Converse shoes don’t have the perfect balance of durability and cushioning that your feet need. Especially for skateboards like cruisers that are designed for lengthy rides, the extra cushioning offered by the Converse CONS range would serve you better. Check out the differences between cruisers and longboards for a better understanding.

How do I maintain my converse shoes for skateboarding?

Maintaining your Converse shoes for skateboarding primarily involves taking care of the suede material, keeping them clean, and not using them for heavy-duty walking or running. For a deeper glance into skateboard maintenance which can also be applied to your skate shoes, have a look here.

Why don’t professional skateboarders typically wear converse?

Professional skateboarders, particularly those into technical skateboarding or vert skating, usually prefer shoes offering additional features such as extra padded tongues, advanced suspension systems for better cushioning, and more. While Converse is definitely sturdy and comfortable for casual to moderate skating, it might fall short when it comes to the rigorous demands of professional skateboarding.

Where can I learn more about skateboarding?

The Internet is a treasure trove of skateboarding knowledge! For starters, these YouTube channels can provide helpful tutorials and insights into the skateboarding world. For more in-depth information specific to different skateboarding styles and tricks, our blog posts are a great resource!

Final thoughts

In the skateboarding world, shoes play an important role. They go beyond the realm of mere fashion and read as an extension of the skater. They not only contribute to your ride’s flair and style but also play a fundamental role in your performance and safety. Converse, with its wide array of skate shoes, especially the CONS line, has been successful in finding a place in the skateboarding milieu.

Now, what’s your take? Is there a particular skate shoe that you swear by? Or do you think Converse has the formula pretty much nailed down? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with your fellow skaters, and don’t forget to check out our blog for more tips and tricks on skateboarding. Thanks for reading, and as always, keep shredding!

Key takeaways

This article covered everything you need to know about the relationship between Converse shoes and skateboarding. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Converse CONS are designed specifically for skateboarding, featuring a proprietary rubber for better grip and durability.
  • While the canvas models of Converse may not stand up to intense skating, their suede models are more resilient.
  • Converse shoes make for a stylish, comfortable, and relatively affordable choice for skateboarding.
  • Despite some disadvantages in their classic Chuck Taylors, the CONS range offer better protection and comfort for skateboarders.
  • Maintenance of Converse skate shoes involves good care and regular cleaning of the suede material.

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