10 Skaters You Need to Know: Unveiling Skateboarding’s Hidden Legacies

Explore the sport's unsung heroes with our list of 10 skateboarders. Dive into their impacts, stunts, and the legacy they've left on skateboarding.

So, you’ve rolled into a skatepark and landed knee-deep in a conversation about epic skating feats? I’ve got your tail covered because we’re about to grind through my top ten list of skaters you need to know. By the end, you’ll have enough ammo to convince anyone of your love for four wheels and a board. You’ll be stoked after discovering these unsung skating legends who have massively impacted the sport but still chill under the radar. Ready to shred into some critical shredder knowledge? Let’s rip it!

Who are these game-changing skaters that you need to know?

From pioneers to contemporary trailblazers, this list of skaters you need to know is a solid mix of the truly innovative skaters who’ve left their indelible imprint on skateboarding’s DNA. Here’s a whirlwind tour of ten phenomenal skaters who’ve redefined the sport and whose names should be on your radar.

Image of chris cole while skateboarding.
Image of chris cole while skateboarding.

1. Danny Way

Among the greatest influencers in skateboarding, Danny Way’s extraordinary and fearless style has been inspirational and groundbreaking. Danny Way, a skater who took innovation to jet-set heights, holds some of the most breathtaking world records and pioneered tricks that had others thinking.

“That’s possible on a board?” You would think jumping the Great Wall of China and dropping in from a helicopter were stunts reserved for Penn and Teller! Danny Way is a prominent example of how limitations only exist in our minds.

Despite gnarly injuries, they were just another trick to nail for Way, setting comeback standards stricter than a principal’s rulebook! We’re talking Hulk-level getting back up and inspiring the sporting fraternity and anybody who’s faced a setback.

2. Tony Alva

Here’s another skater named Tony, but unlike Hawk, this one might not have made your conversation repertoire. Most people are aware that Rodney Mullen invented a slew of modern tricks. But do you know about the man who revolutionized the very ethos of skateboarding? That’s Tony Alva.

Often referred to as the one who kickstarted it all, Alva transformed skateboarding from being a kid’s playground pursuit to a badass lifestyle that still holds today. With his calm swag, Tony Alva was instrumental in mainstreaming pool skating. Alva was more than just a skater; he was a trendsetter, a harbinger of change that brought a societal shift in how skateboarding was perceived.

With Alva, skateboarding ditched its milk and cookies image to don a leather jacket, which undoubtedly contributed significantly to how the sport grew.

3. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

Aaron Homoki, better known as Jaws, would be my pick for the skateboarding version of Iron Man. If I had three words to sum him up, it would be ‘balls of steel.’ Jaws consistently skates through jaw-dropping gaps and makes 10, 15, and even 20-foot drops look like he’s stepping off a curb.

However, unlike most Marvel superheroes, the art of braving massive drops comes with a cost. Over time, Jaws experienced numerous injuries, but like any skater worth their board, he refused to let these hindrances stop him. His unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and overcoming fears is a testament to the skater’s mental toughness, making him a true legend to watch and learn from.

4. Andrew Reynolds

Can you truly call yourself a skating enthusiast if you don’t know who Andrew Reynolds is? The man has arguably had one of the most significant impacts on skateboarding over the past 30 years. Reynolds shook the skate world with his iconic frontside flips and cemented his legacy through Baker, one of today’s most well-recognized skateboarding brands.

His influence on the sport goes beyond the concrete parks and into the hearts of aspiring skaters worldwide.

With his impressive contributions to skateboarding culture and unmistakable, crisp style, Reynolds has more than earned his place in skateboarding’s Hall of Fame. His influence on the sport goes beyond the concrete parks and into the hearts of aspiring skaters worldwide.

5. Chris Cole

Alright, let’s switch gears and hit the street scene. Enter Chris Cole, one of the most prominent street skateboarders in history. He dominated the late 90s and early 2000s, slaying tricks others were just dreaming of. After gaining serious street cred for nailing a series of highly technical maneuvers, Cole was untouchable.

While Cole has a solid stack of gold medals from various competitions, street skating sets him apart. His style, creativity, and resilience earned Cole massive respect, even after brutal slams. His concrete jungle acrobatics inspired countless skaters worldwide, cementing his place in skateboarding history.

6. TJ Rogers

TJ Rogers is a dude slaying the skate scene and dropping jaws. This guy’s got a vibe that mirrors the essence of skateboarding legends, with tricks that echo the dynamism and precision that made us all look up to Tony Hawk.

TJ’s the real deal, rolling in with smooth, fluid moves, oozing style, and swagger. He hits the park, and it’s like watching a maestro conduct a symphony, a seamless blend of intricate flips, grinds, and spins. His approach to tricks is an art, honing in on that finesse and technical prowess reminiscent of the Birdman himself.

His approach to tricks is an art, honing in on that finesse and technical prowess that’s reminiscent of the Birdman himself.

This dude doesn’t just skate; he lives and breathes the sport, echoing the passion and dedication that legends like Tony Hawk poured into every ounce of plywood and wheels. This raw, unadulterated love for skateboarding makes TJ Rogers a true embodiment of the sport’s spirit.

TJ’s riding the waves of skateboarding with the soul of a hawk, soaring, spinning, and rewriting the rules, all while keeping the flame of the sport burning bright. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy; he’s carving his path, and who knows, we might just be witnessing the birth of a new legend!

7. Vincent Milou

Vincent is the epitome of cool, rolling on the ramps with a flow and energy that would make even the legendary Tony Hawk nod in approval. He enters the skate park like a storm, his presence a wild whirl of excitement and anticipation. His approach to the board is like poetry in motion, a harmonious dance of flips, grinds, and slides that reflect the iconic, effortless finesse of Hawk.

This guy is in the air, and it’s like watching a bird take flight, catching the wind beneath his wings, flipping and spinning the board with meticulous precision and grace—a real tribute to Tony’s monumental aerial stunts. He gives you that blink-and-miss-it kind of action, leaving you hanging on the edge, wondering what explosive move he’s going to pull next.

Vincent’s bold and pioneering spirit makes him stand out, reminiscent of Hawk’s groundbreaking ventures. This fearless exploration of the unknown and relentless pursuit of the next big thing keep the essence of skateboarding alive and kicking.

8. Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy is a professional skateboarder known for his extraordinary skills, especially his proficiency in grinding down rails, thanks to his precise balance and control. He is known for tackling enormous and challenging obstacles, often displaying a remarkable mixture of technical skills and boldness. Foy first gained significant attention within the skateboarding community in 2016.

Jamie Foy has been recognized for his contributions to skateboarding by receiving awards like Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” in 2017. This award is particularly prestigious within the skateboarding community and is a testament to Foy’s impact and influence on the sport.

His daring and innovative approach to skateboarding has earned him sponsorships from notable brands and continues to influence the style of street skateboarding.

In addition to competing and winning various skateboarding events, Foy has released numerous video parts showcasing his unique and advanced skills, inspiring a new generation of skateboarders to push the limits of what is possible. His daring and innovative approach to skateboarding has earned him sponsorships from notable brands and continues to influence the style of street skateboarding.

9. Yuto Horigome

Yuto Horigome is a professional skateboarder from Tokyo, Japan, and he has been a significant figure in the international skateboarding scene. Born on January 7, 1999, Yuto is known for his exceptional technical skills, particularly in street skateboarding, and has garnered attention for his precision and style.

Yuto’s technical proficiency and mastery of difficult tricks have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in street skateboarding, inspiring others to advance their skills and innovate within the sport. Yuto Horigome’s contributions have had a substantial impact on the sport of skateboarding.

He continues to be a prominent figure in the global skateboarding community, influencing the next generation of skateboarders and contributing to the growth and development of skateboarding.

10. Angelo Caro

Angelo Caro is a professional skateboarder from Peru, well-known in the competitive skateboarding community. He has gained recognition for his incredible technical skills and consistent performances in international competitions. He has represented Peru in numerous international skateboarding competitions, helping to raise the profile of Peruvian skateboarding on the global stage.

Angelo Caro participated in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, where skateboarding was included as an official Olympic sport for the first time. By participating in such a prestigious event, he has contributed to the global recognition and growth of skateboarding. Angelo Caro inspires young skateboarders in Peru and Latin America, showing that achieving international recognition and success in the sport is possible.

Image of danny way while doing some tricks.
Image of danny way while doing some tricks.
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

10 skaters you need to know: unveiling skateboarding's hidden legacies | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

My take on appreciating skaters

Now, let’s make it clear that this is only my opinion. As someone still freshly thrown into the mixing bowl of skateboarding, I admit that I was initially swept off my feet by the Tony Hawks and Aaron Kyros of the scene, courtesy of their massive social media presence or in-your-face marketing tactics. But we have to remember the non-household names, too, right?

My skateboarding journey changed gears after I found an interesting piece about why skaters hate Steve Berra. This opened my eyes to a different world of skaters who aren’t necessarily in the limelight but have significantly shaped skateboarding culture. So here’s the deal: acknowledging these unsung heroes isn’t about being an edgy contrarian but appreciating the breadth of talent and innovation in this sport.

Remember, every skater who’s ever nailed a trick or hucked a massive gap for the first time has made a ripple in the fabric of skateboarding. No matter how obscure, their footprints are vital to the evolution of the sport, and we have to tip our caps to that. Learning about them and appreciating their contribution is a way to deepen our fondness and respect for skateboarding.


“Every skater who’s ever nailed a trick or hurled a massive gap for the first time has made a perceptible ripple in the vast ocean of skateboarding. Obscure as they might seem, their footprints are instrumental to the evolution of the sport and demand our acknowledgment.”


Let’s break down the influence of these non-mainstream skaters with a table summarizing their accomplishments and unique contributions to the sport.

SkaterRemarkable AchievementsUnique Contributions
Danny WayJumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboardPushed the boundary of what’s possible in skateboarding
Tony AlvaPioneer of empty pool skatingTransformed skateboarding from a pastime to a lifestyle
Pushed the boundary of what’s possible in skateboardingKnown for significant gaps and enormous dropsShowcased the gravity-defying possibilities in skateboarding
Andrew ReynoldsFounded Baker, a leading skateboarding brandLeft a massive cultural imprint on skateboarding
Chris ColeRenowned for highly technical maneuversDominated the street scene in terms of style and resilience
This table sums up the defining stunts, achievements, and contributions of the first five skaters that you need to know about.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This whirlwind journey through skateboarding history and the skaters who’ve left an indelible mark on the sport is ripe with fascinating bits and stories. Some frequently asked questions often pop up in conversations about these unsung, lesser-known skateboarding legends.

Who is a good modern skater to know about?

Aaron “Jaws” Hamoki is one of the modern skaters you should know about. Known for his fearlessness and ability to skate some of the most daring gaps in skateboarding, his story is worth diving into!

How are these skaters influencing the sport today?

While these skaters may have left their active professional careers, their influence continues to push and expand the boundaries of what’s possible in skateboarding, inspiring generations of skaters to innovate. For more on how skateboarding’s evolution is shaping up, check out this article about the skateboarding trends.

Why is it important to know less-known skaters?

Knowing about less-known skaters gives you a more comprehensive view of skateboarding’s rich history, showcasing the variety of styles and contributions to the sport and culture.

Final thoughts

Our journey through some of the lesser-known legends of skateboarding shows how broad and varied this little world on four wheels can be. By celebrating these individuals, we do more than pay homage; we continue the endless process of pushing and defining what skateboarding can be. Check out this recommended gear list inspired by these legends to start your skating journey!

What kind of impact do you think these skaters have had on the skateboarding culture around you? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Make sure to let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you’ve found this article enlightening, share it with a fellow skater and dive into my full blog for more tips and tricks on skateboarding.

Key takeaways

We’ve slipped and slid all over the place in this article about skaters you need to know. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Danny Way’s fearlessness and innovative tricks inspire skaters to push their limits.
  • Tony Alva shifted the perception of skateboarding from a children’s pastime to an uncompromising lifestyle.
  • Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki has earned a reputation for fearlessly skating the biggest gaps in skateboarding.
  • Andrew Reynolds’ significant contributions and unique style have made him an essential figure in skateboarding culture.
  • Chris Cole revolutionized street skating with his highly technical maneuvers and resilience.

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