Ultimate Guide to The Best Skateboard Setup for Heavy Riders: Sturdy Boards for Solid Rides

Ace your ride with the best skateboard setup for heavy riders. Explore top-notch components, crucial tips, and brands that make shredding weightless!

Have you ever thought that being on the heavier side or being extremely tall might deter your skateboarding dreams? I’m here to tell you it’s a far cry from the truth. Skateboarding isn’t just for the light bodies and short peeps out there. It’s for everyone, and I mean everyone! The catch here is that you might require a different setup. In this post, we’ll discuss the best skateboard setup for heavy riders. This way, you will continue grinding the pavement and making those sketchy turns with ease and style. Let’s kickflip into the world of wider boards, quality trucks, and harder bushings, shall we?

What’s the best skateboard setup for heavy riders?

The best skateboard for hefty and tall riders comprises a wider deck (around 8.5 inches), quality trucks that can handle impactful rides, and, most certainly, harder bushings that can withstand your weight. Now, let’s break this down and get down to the details.

Image of two skaters cruising down the street. Source: pexels
Image of two skaters cruising down the street. Source: pexels

1. Wider decks

A wider deck offers you enough room to balance your weight while also ensuring that your skateboard doesn’t easily break under pressure. If you’re above 230 pounds, opting for a wide board in the vicinity of 8.5 inches is a solid choice. It provides you with better stability and balance and can take a punch—literally. Especially if you’re tall, this wider base accounts for the increased center of gravity.

Now, I get it. Wider boards weren’t always the norm. Remember back in the 90s? Anything over 7.5″ was considered ludicrous! Shocker, right? But times have changed, and wider boards are now definitely in vogue.

The 8.25″ deck, for instance, is now standard and virtually accepted as every skater’s go-to choice. But if you’re on the heavier spectrum, don’t think twice before going for an 8.5″ or more board. It’s all about that sweet balance between comfort, stability, and durability.

2. Quality trucks

Skating is always exciting, no matter your weight or height. But maintaining stability while cruising around? Now, that’s a whole different ball game. And guess what plays a crucial part in ensuring stability? Yep, you’re right; it’s the quality of your trucks. I mean, when you’re zooming down a crowded street or busting a flip in the park, you wouldn’t want your trucks to give up on you, would you?

Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s not a big fan moment. Something like the Independent 147 trucks for an 8.25″ deck or the the the Indy 159 for an 8.5″ deck will give you the right balance of durability and smooth turning. By choosing quality trucks, you’re choosing safe and reliable skateboarding, regardless of size. Remember, you’re just as much part of the skating community as any other dude.

3. Harder bushings

Skateboarding is not just about the board or the trucks alone! The bushings play a significant role, too. Having the right bushings can make or break any ride. Literally! For heavy riders, the conventional bushings just don’t cut it.

Choosing hard bushings that can handle your weight is definitely the way to go. They provide improved stability and reduce the risk of wheel bite that could cause unpredictable stops. From my experience, I find the Bones Hardcore Hard bushings a great option due to the improved responsiveness and turning control they offer. Just remember, bushings aren’t a one-trick pony. You gotta choose them wisely!

4. Deck constructions

While good-quality maple decks are a common choice, for heavy riders, additional support from fiberglass or carbon fiber might be necessary. Brands like Powell-Peralta have flight decks that consist of five layers of maple wood with two fiberglass layers for extra endurance and support. The thin yet sturdy decks are incredibly lightweight and have an insane pop that pro skaters would kill for.

They’re designed to last up to eight times longer than your standard deck, so they’re definitely worth the extra pennies. And it ain’t just Powell-Peralta. There’s also Santa Cruz with their new VX decks consisting of a blend of maple and fiberglass. These sturdy boards also offer extra flex and are a total crowd-pleaser for the big guys and girls among us.

5. Complete skateboards

Now, if buying individual parts sounds too stressful, there’s always the option of buying a complete skateboard setup. Remember, all you need to do is replace the bushings with harder ones customized to your weight and bam! You’re good to hit the pavement.

Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick midair. Source: pexels
Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick midair. Source: pexels

Complete setups like the 8.25″ or 8.5″ flight deck paired with Spitfire conical full wheels (54mm), Independent trucks, and Bones hard bushings make up a magnificent setup for heavy riders. Wrapped with Bronson G3 bearings and any grip tape of your choice, these setups give you that extra bit of stability, a bigger riding surface, and a lot of weight handling, making them a solid choice for heavy riders.

6. Harder wheels

Just as important as your board and trucks are your wheels, which play a significant role in controlling your skateboarding experience. My advice is to go for harder wheels since they tend to serve heavy riders better. Spitfire conical full wheels (54mm), for instance, offer a bigger riding surface, which can enhance your stability.

7. Quality bearings

Remember, it’s not just about the deck or the wheels; efficient and sturdy bearings are equally important. This is where the Bronson G3 bearings come in. They offer the best combination of precision and durability, making them an optimal choice for heavy riders.

8. Sturdy hardware

When assembling your board, the hardware is the skeletal system that holds everything together. Opting for 7/8″ or 1″ hardware is a solid choice that ensures all parts fit and function flawlessly together. You wouldn’t want your bolts coming off mid-slide, would you?

9. Grip tape

The grip tape might not seem noteworthy, but it plays a critical part in providing the required friction to maintain control while performing tricks. When it comes to Grip tapes, it’s all about your choice. Go wild. Choose anything, but make sure it offers optimum friction.

Dos and don’ts of choosing the best skateboard setup for heavy riders

From my experience, here are some dos and don’ts I’ve learned along the way.

Opt for a wider deckStick to standard sizes if you weigh more
Invest in quality trucksGo for cheap variants
Choose harder bushingsSettle for soft bushings
Consider harder wheels for stabilityChoose wheels purely for aesthetics
Always check for quality bearingsNeglect the quality of the bearings
Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Best Skateboard Setup for Heavy Riders
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

Ultimate guide to the best skateboard setup for heavy riders: sturdy boards for solid rides | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

What are some skateboard setup tips for heavy riders?

Now that you have a comprehensive idea about the skateboard setup for a heavy rider, here are some additional tips to help you level up:

  • Always choose parts from a reputable brand, don’t be tempted to go for cheap options.
  • Make sure your bushings match your weight, not just your preference.
  • Pay attention to your deck’s flexibility.
  • Always consider durability over appearances when buying a board.
  • Inspect your setup often for any wear or damages.

My shredventure with skateboarding as a heavy rider

I might not be a pro skater, but the journey of finding just the right skateboard setup as a heavy rider has been a crazy 360 heelflip. I had my share of broken decks, soft bushings, and chunky wheels. But trust me when I say this: your skateboard setup matters tremendously. The feeling of finally landing a gnarly trick on a skateboard designed for you? Absolutely priceless!

“The best skateboard for hefty and tall riders comprises awider deck(around 8.5 inches),quality trucksthat can handle impactful rides, and most certainly,harder bushingswhich can withstand your weight. Embrace all parts of you andalwaysshred with heart!”

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ve made it this far, so I’m guessing you’re pretty curious about the nitty-gritty of skateboarding for heavy riders. Well, here are some fresh questions that I’ve been lurking around the corner.

How often should heavy riders replace their bushings?

How often you should replace your bushings depends upon the quality of your bushings and your riding habits. Heavy riders usually exert more pressure on the bushings, which leads to faster wear. Hence, I suggest checking the bushings every few months for signs of wear or crack. Remember, keeping them in top condition is essential for maintaining your stability on the board.

Does a wider deck affect my skating style?

Definitely! A wider deck provides a larger surface area for your feet, aiding in better balance and control. It might slightly alter your skateboarding style, especially if you’re transitioning from a narrower deck. On the brighter side, this larger platform provides extra room for landing tricks, making your skating journey safer and more enjoyable.

What are some popular skateboard brands for heavy riders?

Some popular skateboard brands that cater to heavy riders include Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, and Dwindle. They have been recognized for designing decks that incorporate materials like maple wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber for extra durability and support.

Final thoughts

Well, we’re at the finish line, and you’re all set to rule the streets with your killer moves! Your skateboarding journey should never be hindered by your weight or height. All you need is to get the most appropriate setup that suits you best, and voila, you’ll be all set to shred those fears away! Nailed the skateboard? How about trying some tricks?

Which one of these tips are you most excited to try out? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If this article was helpful, share it with a friend. For more tips and tricks about finding the right skateboard setup, make sure to check out the rest of my blog. Thanks for reading, and keep shredding!

Key takeaways

This article dug deeper into the world of skateboard setups for heavy riders. Here’s a quick roundup of what we uncovered:

  • Heavier riders can benefit from a wider deck, approximately 8.5 inches wide.
  • Quality skateboard trucks and harder bushings enhance stability and handling.
  • Decks with specific technologies, such as extra fiberglass layers, are advantageous for heavy skaters.
  • Consider complete skateboard setups designed for heavy riders if buying individual parts seems too daunting.
  • Heavy riders should opt for harder wheels for enhancing stability.
  • Apart from the deck, trucks, and wheels, quality bearings, sturdy hardware, choice of grip tape, and knowledge of deck technologies matter too.
  • Don’t let your weight deter you from shredding the streets. Embrace your uniqueness, and keep rolling!

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