Lightest Skateboard Trucks: Boost Your Performance with Featherlight Gear

Explore the world of ultra-light skateboard trucks. See how they can elevate your tricks and simplify your ride. It's shred time!

Ever wondered why the weight of your skateboard truck matters? It’s no secret that having the right equipment can make a huge difference when you’re out there shredding the streets. Among the various components of your skateboard, your trucks are a major player in determining your board’s overall performance. One aspect that often flies under the radar is the weight of these trucks. Let’s dive deeply into this topic and uncover the mystery behind these featherweight game-changers!

What are the lightest skateboard trucks? Magnesium and hollowed-out trucks are among the lightest skateboard trucks on the market. Brands like Tensor and Thunder have produced lightweight models using these materials and designs.

What are light skateboard trucks, and why do they matter?

Light skateboard trucks are essentially regular trucks that have undergone design and material changes to reduce their weight without compromising their strength and durability. These trucks are typically made from lighter materials such as magnesium or feature design modifications like hollow axles and kingpins.

Image of a skateboard's yellow wheels and trucks.
Image of a skateboard's yellow wheels and trucks.

The significance of these lightweight champions cannot be overstated! If you’re a technical skater, a lighter truck can help your board react faster, giving you that desired responsiveness when you’re executing flips and pops. Not forgetting those long sessions—a lighter board is definitely easier to carry around!

  • Material innovation: The key to their lessened weight is the materials used. Tensor pushes the envelope by using magnesium to create trucks in a market where steel and aluminum are predominant.
  • Design changes: Hollow kingpins and axles also help to reduce weight without compromising the truck’s strength.
  • Responsive performance: Lighter trucks lead to more responsive boards, offering advantages if you’re a technical skater.

Of course, lighter isn’t always better for everyone. Just as we have different preferences for deck size and type, skateboard trucks are a matter of personal preference that changes with our unique skateboarding style. (Need to know more about picking the right one? Check out how to choose a skateboard size. So, if you’re into more hardcore, heavy-duty skating, these might not be your cup of tea.

My favorite trucks (at the moment):

Thunder Night Hollow II Lights Trucks

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My favorite trucks (at the moment):

Thunder Night Hollow II Lights Trucks

I switched over from Tensor to Thunder Trucks, and I never went back. They just feel a lot lighter, in my opinion, and I love the look of these trucks, (And the thunderbolt gives me Weezer vibes, I dig it)

Are lightweight trucks weaker?

The relationship between the weight of skateboard trucks and their strength is nuanced. Lightweight skateboard trucks are often made by removing material (hollowing out) or using lighter materials, like magnesium. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Material: Trucks made of lighter materials like magnesium can be lighter than their aluminum counterparts without compromising too much on strength. However, magnesium can be more brittle than aluminum, so there may be a trade-off regarding long-term durability.
  • Hollowing out: Some lightweight trucks have hollow kingpins or axles. This reduces the weight, and if done correctly, the truck’s strength might not be significantly compromised for everyday skating. However, they might not be as durable as solid trucks under extreme stress.
  • Manufacturing quality: The strength of a truck also depends on the quality of manufacturing and design. A well-designed lightweight truck from a reputable brand might be just as strong or even stronger than a heavier truck of inferior quality.
  • Skating style: The durability of lightweight trucks also depends on how they’re used. A skateboarder doing aggressive tricks or frequenting rough terrain might find lightweight trucks wear out or break more easily than heavier, solid trucks.

What are the lightest skateboard trucks currently available?

When it comes to skateboard trucks, every ounce matters. Choosing the right trucks can significantly influence the overall feel and performance of your skateboard. Let’s explore the lightest skateboard trucks on the market currently and see how they stack up against each other:

Tensor mag light lo

Tensor Mag Light Lo weighs 8.15 ounces and is at the top of our list. Crafted from magnesium, its lightweight structure does not compromise strength, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to lighten up their ride.

Tensor mag light regular

The Tensor Mag Light Regular comes in second at 9.3 ounces. These uber-light trucks, like their Lo counterparts, are also made from magnesium. They prove how Tensor is revolutionizing the truck scene with material innovation.

Thunder titanium lights

Thunder Titanium Lights claim the third spot with a weight of 10 ounces. Renowned for their durability, Thunder brings us lightweight trucks without scrimping on strength or quality.

And after the top three, let’s not forget the other worthy mentions that also fall into the lightweight category. Such as the Thunder Polished Lights and Venture V-hollow. Your choice of skateboard trucks largely depends on what you prioritize in your ride. Let’s walk through the weight details of some select skateboard trucks. This may give you some perspective:

NameWeight in ouncesWeight in grams
Tensor Mag Light Lo8.15231
Tensor Mag Light Regular9.3252
Thunder Titanium Lights10.0283
Thunder Polished Lights11.2318
Venture V-hollow11.3320
A table showcasing the weight details of different skateboard trucks. Lighter trucks can offer a distinctive edge in technical skating by making the board more responsive.

Dos and don’ts of choosing light skateboard trucks

Adopting lightweight trucks without considering the critical aspects of your skateboarding needs could lead to disappointment. Before we jump on the light truck bandwagon, let’s take a step back and consider the key dos and don’ts. Remember, choosing the right truck is not as simple as picking the lightest.

Choose according to your skating styleDon’t choose based purely on weight
Consider the durability of the trucksDon’t overlook the significance of trucks’ strength
Look into the materials of the trucksDon’t ignore the quality of materials

My experience with light skateboard trucks

Now for a bit of full disclosure. I’m no Tony Hawk, and I’ve only been breezing around on the board for a few years now. But every skater has to start somewhere, right? My journey picked up speed when I switched to lighter trucks.

“Every skater has to start somewhere, right? This journey of shredding pavement is all about fine-tuning your preference, and experimenting confidently.”

I’m not a big fan of heavy equipment, so this swap made a world of difference to me. I felt more responsive and in control with every flick and flip. If you’re kicking off your skateboarding journey and need some tips, this comprehensive guide on choosing a skateboard size can be extremely beneficial.

Image of an upside down skateboard showing its wheels and trucks.
Image of an upside down skateboard showing its wheels and trucks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of light skateboard trucks?

Skateboarding is a personalized sport, with every component dialed into your style, technique, and personal preference. This extends to the weight of your trucks. Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of adopting lighter trucks for your ride:

Advantages of light trucks

For some skaters, light skate trucks bring a few specific benefits:

  • Less weight to lug around: Let’s be real, every ounce saved on your board counts when you’re carrying it around all day or executing a technical trick.
  • Improved responsiveness: Light trucks can offer increased board response, giving an edge to technical skaters who rely heavily on board flips and instant reactions.
  • Offers a mental advantage: If you think lighter trucks will help you perform better, seriously, go for it! Skateboarding is as much about confidence and stroke as it is about skill and technique.

Disadvantages of light trucks

But the world of light skateboard trucks isn’t all majestic flips and breezy strolls.

  • Given the cost of a pair of lightweight trucks, it’s definitely pricier, especially for skaters on a budget.
  • Some skaters argue that lightweight trucks aren’t durable, given their hollowed-out parts. However, this largely depends on the quality and reputation of the brand.
  • If you’re into heavy-duty skating or love hitting rough terrain, lightweight trucks might not offer the durability you need.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Light trucks, heavy trucks—it’s enough to make your head spin, right? You’ve got questions, and I have answers. Let’s break down a few common questions that might be tearing up your brain cells right now.

How does the weight of the trucks impact skateboarding?

The weight of your trucks can influence your board’s overall handling and performance. Light trucks can make your skateboard more responsive during technical tricks. However, it all boils down to personal preference. Check out this article on the essentials for skateboarding to get started on your skate journey.

Are lighter trucks more expensive?

Yes, generally, lighter skateboard trucks are more expensive. This is mainly due to the use of premium materials like magnesium and the specialized design modifications that help reduce weight.

Can I use light trucks for heavy-duty skating?

While you technically can, light trucks may not offer the durability needed for heavy-duty skating. If you are into extreme stunts or grinding regularly, standard-weight or even heavy-weight trucks might be a safer bet. Interested in more skateboarding tips or perhaps some tricks? Read this guide on how to carve on a skateboard(here).

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it, folks—a deep dive into the world of light skateboard trucks! Choosing your truck can significantly improve your ride, but it comes down to personal preference. Whether you’re a staunch advocate of lightweight innovation or a die-hard fan of the robust classics, there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” So now, it’s your turn. Have you experimented with light trucks? What was your experience like? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below (I read and reply to every comment). Thanks for reading, and keep on shredding!

Key takeaways

This article covered the impact of light skateboard trucks on your skateboarding performance. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Tensor Mag Light Lo and Tensor Mag Light Regular are among the lightest skateboard trucks on the market.
  • Light trucks can make your board more responsive and easier to handle during technical tricks.
  • The weight of your trucks ultimately comes down to personal preference; there’s no “one-size-fits-all.”
  • Lightweight trucks are typically more expensive due to the use of premium materials and intricate designs.
  • Light trucks may not offer the robustness needed for heavy-duty skating.
  • Remember to consider your personal skateboarding style and needs rather than focusing strictly on weight.
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