Top 10 Best Gifts for Skateboarders: Nail the Perfect Presents This Season!

Unearth top-notch gifts for skaters. From decks to shoes, dive into the top 5 picks to wow the shredder in your life!

Are you stumped thinking about what to buy the skater in your life? Or maybe… just maybe… Are you a shredder looking for a cheeky way to drop a hint? Well, you landed on the right post! You’re about to dive deep into the world of the best gifts for skaters, from holiday must-haves to birthday surprises. You will find gear that’ll put a massive grin on any skater’s face.

What are the top ten best gifts for skaters?

Here are the best gifts you can get for a skater. The gifts we’re about to suggest aren’t your typical presents; they’re more thoughtful, more personal, and, importantly, they’ll be used and cherished, not relegated to the back of a drawer.

Image of three new skateboard deck with different designs hanged on a wall.
Image of three new skateboard deck with different designs hanged on a wall.

This table briefly summarizes just five of the top 15 gifts, their costs, and the types of skaters who would most appreciate them.

GiftCost RangeIdeal for
Skate wax$5 to $10Street skaters
Skate tool$10 to $30All styles
New skate shoes$45 to $60All styles
Skateboard deck$55 to $60All styles
Backpack$45 to $120All styles
Overview of the top 5 skateboarder gift ideas, costs, and suitability

1. Brand new deck

A fresh, high-quality skateboard deck can amp up a skater’s game. It’s like getting a new canvas for an artist to pour his soul into. However, it’s not simply about picking up any deck with a cool graphic. You need to consider the skate brands they’ve been jiving with, the size they ride, and if they’re a street skater, park shredder, or vert renegade. Make sure you know the size, and make sure you grab their favorite grip tape as well while you are at it so they can start skating it ASAP.

Image of skateboards hanging on a wall of a local skate shop. Source: unsplash
Top 10 best gifts for skateboarders: nail the perfect presents this season! | image of skateboards hanging on a wall of a local skate shop unsplash | skateboard salad

2. Emerica G6 insoles

Skaters spend countless hours shredding, causing wear and tear to both their feet and their favorite kicks. Emerica G6 insoles could be the top gift this holiday. These insoles aren’t just pieces of foam to cushion the feet, they’re engineered to provide support where it’s needed the most. They cleverly dampen the impact of hard landings, making that flip trick feel smooth like butter.

Moreover, these insoles scream quality and longevity, able to withstand the rigors of skateboarding while providing continuous comfort and protection. It’s not just us who back these insoles; they are indeed a popular pick among the skateboarding community. So why not nab them as a surprise gift? Believe us; your friend’s feet will thank you!

3. Hydro Flask

One thing’s for sure; skateboarding is thirsty work. But with a Hydro Flask at hand, a refreshing drink is never far away. This highly advanced water bottle can keep liquids hot or cold for an insane period, making it a killer companion for those long days at the skate park.

Sure, gifting a water bottle may sound a bit err, ordinary, but trust us, the Hydro Flask is no ordinary water bottle. It’s a game-changer that your skater friend will use more than you might imagine. Whether they take hot coffee for those chilly early morning rides or cool water for a killer sunset session, it’s a solid choice for a gift!

4. New skate shoes

Skate shoes see a lot of rough action. A new pair is always a good move! Look for shoes specifically designed for skating. Brands like Vans, Emerica, and Nike SB produce skate-friendly attire and footwear. Obviously, ensure you get the right size.

Image of a new pair of chris cole model skate shoes.
Image of a pair of chris cole model skate shoes.

5. Skateboard ornaments

Craving to add some ollie-inspiring ambiance to your skater friend’s space? How about a collection of skateboard ornaments? Skateboard ornaments are small replicas or designs that celebrate the sport and culture of skateboarding. There’s a wide range of ornaments to choose from, ranging from Santa Cruz deck ornaments to miniature skateboard figurines.

Whether it’s for a Christmas tree, a rearview mirror, or any other decorative setting, skateboard-themed ornaments let fans of the sport showcase their love for it year-round. Skateboard ornaments ooze swagger and are guaranteed to bring a killer, cool ambiance to any skater’s room or workspace.

6. Rail, ledge box, or ramp

For those living far away from skateparks or preferring to practice in their driveway. A new rail, ledge box, or ramp can be a game-changer in their routine. Remember that quality often trumps price in the world of skateboard gear. However, this can be a bit expensive, so consider your gifting budget carefully.

7. Bluetooth headphones

I put this item on the list because I used to skate with wired headphones and let me tell you it’s so annoying having to put the chord down your shirt, and it’s extra infuriating when you go down to do a trick, and your arms catch the chord and unplug your headphones. after getting a set of Bluetooth headphones, I never looked, back. It’s definitely a great gift.

8. Skateboarding protective gear

Listen, I wear wristguards every single time I go to the skatepark and I shred those things quickly! they don’t last long, and indeed, most of the pads and other safety gear don’t. so getting new gear is always a good move.

My favorite pads (at the moment):

SKATEWIZ Adult 6 peice Pad Set

Top 10 best gifts for skateboarders: nail the perfect presents this season! | 91lbgyzwldl. Ac sl1500 | skateboard salad
My favorite pads (at the moment):

SKATEWIZ Adult 6-piece Pad Set

These are the exact pads I wear. I really like that I can throw them in the washing machine, and they always come out fine. If you care about not looking dorky at the skatepark, consider the black ones instead.

9. Quality skate tools

No one appreciates downtime and board maintenance is crucial. Consider getting them a quality skate tool with everything needed to adjust or assemble a skateboard. It prevents interruptions of their sessions and extends the durability of their gear. A skate tool is always handy.

10. Phone case

A phone case designed with a skateboard theme is a straightforward and thoughtful gift. Sure, it might not be the flashiest gift out there, but it’s definitely practical. Chances are, your skater friend spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, so why not grab a minimalistic, shock-proof phone case to keep their tech safe?

What’s more, a phone case can be an excellent way to express individuality. Just like the graphics on a deck, the design on a phone case can mimic a skater’s style. It’s more personal, and let’s be clear: everyone needs a phone case, so why not make it one that aligns with their passion for skateboarding?

Image of a cool phone case and skateboard ornaments. Source: unsplash
Image of a cool phone case and skateboard ornaments. Source: unsplash

11. Skate wax

Skate wax provides a slick surface for skateboarders who like to grind on the streets, making it an indispensable item in their kit. The best part is that it’s a cheap gift and comes in various shapes and colors. No matter the quality, any wax is better than nothing. So, it’s still a solid choice.

12. Skate backpack for skateboarding

If you didn’t know, there are special backpacks available for skateboards, these bags have compartments for things like helmets, and of course, a skateboard. A backpack could be a game-changer for a skater. It can comfortably carry a skateboard and has ample space for storing wax, bearings, and hardware. Any skater would love a good place to keep their gear at eh park, so this is a good gift idea for sure.

13. Skate socks

Yes, socks! While it might seem like a plain gift, trust me when I say that skateboarders love comfy skate socks. They’re great to wear and add a style dash when cruising around the park.

14. Bearings

New bearings are always a cherished gift among skaters. These tiny circles affect their skating abilities in big ways. So, gift them a pair of Bones Reds or Bronson Speed Co. G2 is an absolute win.

15. Shoe Goo

These magical potions are the ultimate shoe-savers. Skateboarding can be tough on shoes, causing them to wear and tear. Shoe Goo and RipCare fix that by letting skaters extend the life of their precious skate shoes.

My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

Top 10 best gifts for skateboarders: nail the perfect presents this season! | 51zg0zexcwl. Ac sl1500 | skateboard salad
My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

I have always loved Enjoi’s simple designs and iconic panda. These decks are rare nowadays, so you will turn some heads. It pops great and lasts lots of grueling hours at the skatepark. Maybe it’s the simplistic design, but this is by far my favorite deck.

Dos and don’ts when choosing gifts for skaters

When choosing gifts for skaters, it’s important to consider their specific needs, preferences, and the quality of the items. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to guide you:


  • Research brands: Invest in reputable skate brands known for quality and durability. Brands like Santa Cruz, Plan B, Baker, Vans, and Independent have a solid reputation in the skateboarding world.
  • Gift cards: If unsure about specific preferences, consider giving a gift card to a local skate shop or a popular online skateboarding retailer.
  • Ask for references: Skaters can be particular about their gear. Ask them about their favorite brands, deck sizes, or wheel preferences if you’re considering buying such items.
  • Safety first: Consider safety gear like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Make sure they are certified for skateboarding use.
  • Unique accessories: Think of fun and unique accessories like custom grip tape designs, LED skateboard lights, or skate-themed stickers.


  • Avoid generic boards: Don’t buy generic or department-store skateboards. They are lower quality and might not provide a safe or satisfying skating experience.
  • Steer clear of fads: Don’t choose items just because they’re trendy. Please ensure they’re functional and in line with the skater’s preferences.
  • Not all shoes are equal: Don’t assume any sneaker will be good for skating. Look for shoes specifically designed for skateboarding.
  • No assumptions on style: Don’t assume you know their style or aesthetic preferences regarding deck designs or clothing. It’s always safer to ask or opt for something neutral.
  • Steer clear of redundant items: If the skater already has a brand-new helmet, they might not need another one. Don’t buy items they might already have in abundance unless they’ve specified a need.
  • Avoid non-skate brands: Don’t opt for brands not rooted in skate culture regarding core items like boards, trucks, and wheels.

Dos and don’ts of choosing the perfect gift for skaters

Here are some simple yet essential dos and don’ts that will help you use your gifting instinct like a pro.

Do consider their personal style and preferences in skate brandsDon’t buy a complete skateboard without knowing their specific preference
Do prioritize practicality and usefulness of the giftDon’t buy high-budget items like GoPros without ensuring they’ll use it
Do look for unique items that resonate with the skateboarding cultureDon’t overlook supporting local skate shops and skater-owned businesses
Table of dos and don’ts of choosing the perfect gift for skaters

What gift should you not buy a skateboarder?

Let’s get something crystal clear: some gifts are destined for the shadowy corner of the closet, left to collect dust. While the intention is good, the reality is that not all gifts hit the mark. To avoid the dreaded, polite smile accompanied by a “yeah, this is pretty cool,” let’s dish out some solid advice.

1. Brand-new complete skateboard

You might assume that buying a complete skateboard is a great gift idea. However, for real skaters, skateboards are deeply personal. Each skater has unique preferences, from deck sizes to brands. Best-case scenario, they’ll accept your gift and dismantle it for spare parts. Worst-case? You’ve bought a low-quality Walmart board that won’t ever be used. If you’re set on gifting a skateboard, consider just the deck.

2. A GoPro

Similarly, you might think snagging a GoPro is a good upgrade for any skater’s gear. But, honestly, it doesn’t really amp me up that much. Yeah, they look cool and give you the chance to record some gnarly tricks in POV, but real talk? Most skaters don’t really use them that much. I’m pretty into vlogging my skate adventures, and I gotta say, my iPhone is pretty much all I need. So, maybe save those dollars and just skip the GoPro aisle at the tech shop.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digging through the skating world to find the perfect gift can raise many questions. Some of these might not have been answered already, so let’s dive into some of the most commonly asked questions.

What are alternative gifts for skaters other than gear?

Alternatives such as skate-themed apparel, bag packs, stickers, or home decor related to skateboarding can make great gifts. Subscriptions to skateboarding magazines or video tutorials are also a good consideration.

Is it necessary to stick to known skate brands when choosing a gift?

While known brands often assure quality, it’s not mandatory to stick to them. However, take extra care to ensure the quality of the product before gifting.

Why is a complete skateboard not a good gift?

A complete skateboard may seem like an ideal gift. However, seasoned skaters usually have a firm preference when it comes to the specifics of their board: deck size, wheel type, grip tape, etc. Buying a skateboard without knowing these preferences can lead to unmet expectations. A better approach might be to let them design their own setup at a local skate shop.

Are expensive gifts always a better choice?

Not necessarily! High price tags don’t always translate to high satisfaction. For instance, a GoPro might sound like an amazing present, but most skaters hardly use them. On the flip side, a well-chosen phone case or a really good insole can provide daily joy and utility. It’s all about knowing the person you’re gifting.

Can I gift skateboarding gear even if I’m not a skater?

Absolutely! Being a non-skater doesn’t mean your gift can’t be bang on. With useful tips like those provided in this blog post and a keen eye for what the person might like or need, you can certainly find the perfect skateboarding gift.

Final thoughts

The plethora of boards, varying designs, and dizzying arrays of wheels and trucks can have you overwhelmed. But overthinking can be your foe; instead, trust your instincts and keep it genuine. The ideal gift adds a sprinkle of magic to the skateboarding. When choosing a gift, always remember it’s not about the price tag or popularity but honoring the skater’s spirit and journey. Sometimes, a simple phone case, artwork, or even a keychain emblematic of skate culture can resonate deeply with a skater.

Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article striking, go ahead and share it with a friend. Are you stuck on a trick or curious about the skating world? Check out my full blog for more tips, hacks, and news from the skateboarding world. Thanks for reading, and keep shredding!

Key takeaways

Taking this ride on the quest for the best skater gifts, we’ve mapped out a few key points to keep in mind on your journey:

  • Quality decks and shoes are ideal for skaters. Rails, boxes, and ramps suit home trainers; safety gear is essential.
  • Skate tools are practical for maintenance. Know the skater’s style and brand preferences.
  • Skateboarding joy comes from every trick. Skip common gifts like complete boards and GoPros.
  • Choose gifts reflecting the skater’s lifestyle, such as art or ornaments. High-quality insoles and water bottles enhance ramp performance.
  • Support their passion genuinely. Prioritize unique gifts over price and popularity.
  • When in doubt, opt for unique, thoughtful gifts over price tags and popular choices.

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