5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Skateboarders: Ultimate Guide 2022

Explore the top 5 gift ideas for skateboarders this Valentine's Day, from fresh boards to skate shoes and more!

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that skateboarder in your life? Skating isn’t just a hobby or a pastime. It’s an all-consuming passion that influences every aspect of the skater’s life, from their mindset down to their choice of footwear. Understanding this can make gift shopping a bit of a challenge.

This listicle will navigate you through this mission, be it selecting the ideal skateboard or picking out the latest must-have accessory. We’re delving into skateboarding like never before and taking you with us. We’re stoked to guide you through our compilation of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for skateboarders.

What are the five best Valentine’s Day gifts for skateboarders?

Understanding your partner’s skateboarding style and preferences will help you pinpoint the perfect gift. Whether it’s street, park, or vert skating they’re into, we’ve got some killer options lined up. Let’s dive right into our list of the top five Valentine’s Day gifts for skateboarders.

Image of skate boards on a rack.
Image of skate boards on a rack.

1. New skateboard

A well-crafted new deck is a gift that any new or seasoned skateboarder will appreciate. A standout option is a hockey skateboard like the one we recently spotted in an overcast shipment. Hockey boards are known for their vibrant visual appeal and superior craftsmanship. If you copy one of these, your skateboard-enthusiast significant other will be over the moon!

Remember, choosing a skateboard isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to board size. Your partner might like the mobile feel of an 8.0 or prefer the stability of an 8.5. Just a little something to keep in mind when out shopping.

2. Skate shoes

A good pair of skate shoes blends style, comfort, and durability in one package. Your partner may already have a go-to brand, but a new pair is never unwelcome. We advise going for brands that skateboarders like themselves believe. It’s a safe and solid choice; moreover, you can’t have too many skate shoes!

Skate shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of consistent skateboarding. They provide the necessary grip and control for advanced tricks and offer cushioning to protect from hard impacts. Trust us, your partner will appreciate this combination of practicality and style.

3. Skateboard grip tape

Every skateboarder knows the feeling of shredding with brand-new grip tape. It makes tricks feel more controllable and landings more stable. Even normal cruising feels much better. Gift your partner a sheet of high-quality grip tape, and they’ll be excited to slap it on and hit their local park or street spot.

Various grip tapes are available on the market, so pick one that suits your partner’s skateboard. Some skateboarders prefer finer grit for smoother shoe scrape, while others enjoy a grippier feel that locks the feet in. And if you want to make it special, look for a grip tape with an awesome design that matches their deck.

4. Skateboard parts

From lightweight trucks to super responsive bushings, treat your partner to a special component that’s perhaps a level up from their usual gear. Think about what they value in their ride, and choose a piece that aligns with it. Maybe it’s ceramic bearings’ roll speed or larger wheels’ softer landings. If you can’t figure it out, ask them casually, or maybe even take them skateboard shopping with you!

These accessories and components can significantly impact how your partner’s board functions. It can add an exciting new feel to their ride, inspiring them to experiment with more tricks or different riding styles. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Skateboard tool kit

A skateboard tool kit can be a thoughtful and practical Valentine’s gift for a skateboarder, allowing them to make essential adjustments and repairs to their skateboard while out and about. This gift demonstrates consideration for their hobby and can be especially appreciated by those passionate about skateboarding.

My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

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My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

These have lasted me probably the longest of any skate shoe I’ve had. I love high-tops because they protect my ankles. I got the gray ones, but they get dirty quickly. If you care about that, you might want to invest in a darker tone version.

What are the skateboard parts that you can gift for Valentine’s Day?

Understanding skateboarding components is essential, whether you’re a rider or just opting to buy a skateboard. Let’s deep dive into the different elements of a skateboard through an informative data table:

BoardIt allows better control and grip when performing tricks.Size and shape significantly impact riding style and comfort.
TrucksMetal pieces that control turning and balance.Weight and tightness can determine stability and maneuverability.
WheelsProvide the ride speed and the extent of the surface grip.Size and hardness can affect performance and ride quality.
BearingsInner components of the wheels.Help maintain the smoothness and speed of the ride.
GriptapeCovers the board surface.Allows better control and grip when performing tricks.
Components of a skateboard and how they impact performance.
Image of a skater wearing blue jeans and nike skate shoes.
Image of a skater wearing blue jeans and nike skate shoes.

Dos and don’ts of choosing skateboard parts

When it comes to selecting your skateboard parts, there are a few dos and don’ts that can guide you in making a killer choice. Check out the following table for a quick overview.

Pick a board size depending on your shoe size and type of skateboarding.Do’s
Wear sturdy, skate-specific shoes when riding.Don’ts
Regular maintenance and inspection of your parts is key.Don’t buy a board just because of the graphics on it.
Essential do’s and don’ts when dealing with skateboard parts

A novice skater’s take on skateboard part selection

Selecting the right parts can be quite daunting for someone just starting to get the hang of skateboarding. Each part has unique specifications and variations; understanding them takes considerable time and effort. That’s why I initially felt a little overwhelmed when it was time to select a new board.

Trust me when I say that the satisfaction of finally finding that ideal board, shoe, or accessory outweighs the initial struggle. And as corny as it might sound, this journey of part selection has, in some ways, mirrored my journey with skateboarding. It’s shown me that, just like there’s no perfect board, there’s no perfect skater. We stumble, we learn, and we adapt.

If you’re starting your skating journey, remember it’s perfectly fine to be clueless in the beginning. You’re gonna get there soon enough! Just stay stoked, buckle up, and enjoy every ride.

Check out this guide to the best beginner skateboards for an even more detailed explanation. If you’re starting your skating journey, remember that it’s perfectly fine to be clueless initially. You’re going to get there soon enough! Just stay stoked, buckle up, and enjoy every ride.

This statement is my mantra for skateboarding and a wonderful metaphor for life. Learning and growing constantly—that’s the true skateboarding spirit!

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With its unique culture and countless intricacies, skateboarding often leaves newcomers with questions. To help you navigate the skateboarding world, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this thrilling sport.

What types of Valentine’s Day gifts are most appreciated by skateboarders?

Skateboarders typically appreciate gifts that align with their passion for skateboarding. Items like high-quality skateboards, skateboard tool kits, custom decks, protective gear, and skate apparel from reputable brands are highly valued. Personalized gifts like skateboard-themed artwork, jewelry, or a memory scrapbook can also be thoughtful and appreciated.

How can I personalize a skateboard-related gift for Valentine’s Day?

Personalizing a skateboard-related gift can involve adding unique touches like engraving a tool kit or custom designing a skateboard deck with artwork, messages, or colors that are significant to the recipient. Additionally, they create a DIY coupon book with skateboard-related favors, plan a skateboard-themed date, or compile a scrapbook of their skateboarding journey.

Are experience-based gifts suitable for skateboarders on Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! Experience-based gifts can be very meaningful and memorable. Consider planning a day at a renowned skate park, a weekend getaway to a city known for its skate spots, or a skateboarding adventure together. Including aspects like a romantic dinner or a relaxing evening can also make the experience more enjoyable and special.

Final thoughts

Stepping into skateboarding has been an exhilarating experience, whether struggling with tricks or broadening my knowledge about the equipment. The journey has been enriching, navigating the intricacies of skateboard parts and understanding the skating culture. Check out this guide for a more detailed breakdown of the best skateboards for beginners.

How about you? What’s your skateboarding journey been like? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? In the comments section below, I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on skateboarding. Thanks for reading, and keep shredding the gnar!

Key takeaways

This article covered gift ideas for skateboarders and insights into skateboarding experiences. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Skating is a hobby; passion influences every aspect of a skater’s life.
  • Good skate shoes blend style, comfort, and durability.
  • Skateboarding components like boards, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape determine the ride quality and tricks you can perform.
  • Each skateboarding component has its unique specifications and variations.
  • Skateboarding has many benefits but also comes with its share of challenges.

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