52 Type of Skaters You Will Meet at the Skate Park

Meet the intriguing skater types you may run into at the skate park. From the poser to the shirtless guy, we cover them all.

Ever found yourself thinking about that one skater you always bumped into at your local park? We’re about to take a deep dive into the colorful spectrum of personalities that make up our skate parks. We’re stoked to bring you another picturesque journey through the characters you’ll encounter (better believe you’ll be nodding yes through this list!).

What are the types of skaters you’ll likely meet at the park?

Here’s your directory of people you might find at the skatepark—from just posing behind a new deck to zealous competitors making history on the ramp. Let’s lace up and drop down to this gnarly lineup.

52 type of skaters you will meet at the skate park | image for types of skaters you will meet at the park | skateboard salad

1. The old-school skater

The Old-School Shredder is a step back in time. Often in their late 30s or 40s, maybe even older. These cats have been on their boards longer than some of us have been alive. Primarily vert or ramp skaters, they display an easy familiarity that comes with mastering something beyond the surface level.

Don’t let their age fool you. Despite their worn-out kneepads and scarred helmets, these guys could probably pull off moves like Caballerials and late-flip varials before we even heard of them. They’ve seen the trends come and go, and definitely are no sell-outs. They stick to the classics and execute them with an elegance that only years of practice can bring.

2. The shirtless guy

Nobody really knows why they don’t wear a shirt, but it’s probably to show off their terrible tattoos. Often seen shouting at kids or changing the song on their iPod, these guys are usually pretty good skaters.

3. The drunk skater

Life of the party? Meet the Drunk Skater. A skate session for this six-pack chugging maniac is incomplete without his favorite brew in hand. In their world, balance comes not from practice, but at the end of a beer can, which eventually leads to confident yet clumsy rides.

As long as they’re not endangering others, watching them try to land a kickflip after their third can is like watching a real-life episode of Jackass. After the session, always make sure to hitch this guy a ride home

4. The beginner

Just as a toddler takes baby steps, you’ll see these beginners wobbling, trying to achieve a grasp over the elusive ollie, or whizzing around the park with a not-so-perfect stance. And clearly, they require significant patience.

Yet there’s something heartening about their determination and enthusiasm. They’re either totally padded up (like prepared to fall off a ten-story building) or cruising around in the most casual attire. But they’re not holding back and are bringing a fresh dose of energy to the park. To them and all the excited beginners out there, remember, even the best skaters had to start somewhere!

5. The social skater

Let’s face it: some folks just love the social aspect of skateboarding more than the sport itself. They’re always game for a chat, and a skate meetup doubles up as their social bug feed. Don’t get me wrong, they can ride, but they live for the fun, friends, and chill moments.

Every skate park comes alive with the arrival of a social skater. Positive vibes, resounding laughter, and numerous stories make for an exciting atmosphere.

6. The surf skater

Well, here comes the surfer dude turned skateboarder. They probably started on a surfboard but got drawn to the concrete waves and never looked back. The Surf Skater doesn’t focus as much on slides or tricks. Instead, this laid-back vibe surfer prioritises cruising around the park, navigating the bowls and banks with a graceful, wave-riding style.

Unsurprisingly, the Surf Skater commonly rides a short cruiser board and sports a sun-kissed tan alongside some undoubtedly gnarly beach hair. With their surfing roots shining through their skating style, the Surf Skater reminds us just how chill skateboarding can be.

7. The cruiser

The cruiser is happiest carving wide, easy paths and enjoying the wind in their hair. They’re not so much for tricks but believe in letting the ride inspire their journey. Skating with the Cruiser offers a chance to soak in the surroundings, a much-needed pacebreaker in a world so obsessed with speed.

8. The zen skater

The zen skater uses skateboarding as a form of meditation. To them, it’s not just a sport or a hobby but a spiritual practice that brings peace and balance.

Zen skaters are often lone wolves, riding well past sunset, absorbed in their own world. They’re not much for chit-chat and are happiest alone with their board and their thoughts, adding a much-needed calm to the typically bustling park.

9. The hipster

Often seen with inappropriate footwear and painfully tight pants. The hipster will be seen carrying his board by the trucks, allowing you to get a good look at his flawless deck art. While you’ll never see him skate, you won’t notice since he spends all day telling you how much he does.

10. The magnet

The magnet is a unique specimen—a blessing and a curse—quite like being on the cover of Thrasher! The skatepark’s laws of physics seemingly warp around them, pulling in all metallic objects…particularly other people’s boards.

Although it’s a sight to behold, keep your distance! Their magnetic force can extend up to four face lengths.

11. The little kid who is way better than you

These little shredders are daring and have the ability to get away with being the most obnoxious person at the park.

How did they get so skilled? Magic? Genetics? Nobody knows. Yet if one of these freaks of nature lands a switch flip, he will look you in the eyes and say, “Once I’ve finished humiliating you, I’m snatching your money, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Image of a young skater sliding down the rail.
Image of a young skater sliding down the rail.

12. The bowl-rider

These skaters don’t just drop into bowls and pools; they literally shred it. With speed, sick flips, and tremendous control, these rebels could make a show out of the most average concrete pit.

Always entertaining to watch, their skate sessions are about vicious power and vertigo-inducing heights. They’re never too shy to try something new or different. Almost a mirror image of the Old-School Shredder, they’re the very definition of style meets substance. Speaking of style, this is how they avoid looking like beginner skaters.

13. The send-it skater

The Send-it Skater is a special breed – the kind of skater who never seems to worry about the potential for a brutal slam. These skaters might not have the most extensive bag of tricks, but they compensate with sheer audacity and confidence — or as some would argue, outright insanity.

But you can’t deny their fearless approach to skating is nothing short of admirable, even if watching them sends shivers down your spine. They’re the ones who’d drop into a 15-foot vert ramp without a second thought on the first try, and somehow, they’ll pull it off.

Despite their risky approach, these skaters have the strangest knack for avoiding injury. It’s as if they’re defying the laws of gravity and common sense altogether. Whether it be dropping into a monstrous vert ramp on their first go, or bombing down a hill backward, these daredevils are always pushing the boundaries.

They’re an entertaining watch and a reminder that sometimes, in skateboarding just as in life, you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit.

14. The SKATE game kid

The Skate Game Whiz Kid is always up for a friendly match of SKATE at the local park. But don’t be fooled; these kids come with a bag of tricks so extensive and bizarre, that even the more experienced skaters might struggle to replicate.

The Whiz Kid capitalizes on less common tricks that others might not attempt (a lot of freestyle tricks). They’re not afraid of bending the rules slightly to their advantage when losing, making them a formidable opponent in a game of SKATE. Although often spotted wearing a Thrasher shirt and likely owning a skate junk feature, beneath the surface, there’s a passionate skater with a knack for thinking outside the box when it comes to tricks.

15. The electric board rider

Now, we know there’s some debate about whether they truly belong to the skateboarding family or not. But since they’re boarding on four wheels and there are no handlebars in sight, I’m throwing them in. However, notice I said “rider” not “skater.”

16. The skatepark regular who can’t skate

There’s always that one regular at the skatepark that cant skate. They’re deeply passionate about skate culture, equipped with the latest gear, and are constantly amidst the skating action. However, when it comes to actual skating, they are more spectators than participants.

They try their best to blend in—cheering for the right tricks and wearing the trendiest skate outfits. But when it’s their turn to show off their skills, their performance doesn’t quite match their enthusiasm. Regardless, their love for the sport is evident, and they remind us that sometimes, it’s the spirit that counts more than the skill.

17. The street sage

Street Sage skaters are just that, sages. These skaters are street-smart and can turn any piece of the urban landscape into their own private skate park. They can spot a killer stair set or a perfect rail in the blink of an eye.

They’re innovators, making the city their canvas. Their moves are less about fancy flips and more about creative expression, innovation, and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible.

18. The rise-and-shine early bird

These skaters are all about first light, crispy morning air, and some solid solo grinding. By the time the rest of the skate world is rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, these folks are finishing up their third run.

They value silence and enjoy having the park to themselves. The high-speed clash of wheels and concrete echoes as they run drills, interspersed by the occasional grunt or cheer. They’re workhorses, treating their board as an extension of themselves and their art.

19. The Park boss

Ah, the Park Boss. They’re the skatepark’s main fixture. The local, the know-it-all, the go-to guy if you need anything. Directions, the down-low about a new spot, the latest word on who’s nailing what trick – this is your person.

They dominate the park. Not merely with their skate skills, but also with their influence. They’re familiar faces, the constant presence that gives the park its identity. They manage a sort of unofficial authority, make the rules, mediate disputes, and are respected by the pack.

20. The Walmart boarder

Usually spotted with a remarkably colorful, unusually heavy board that clearly doesn’t roll well, these skaters typically got their boards as gifts from well-meaning but clueless loved ones.

The boards are pretty much a disaster, typically with plastic trucks and wheels that don’t spin. But these skaters earn serious respect for trying to have fun and making the most of their sub-par gear.

Image of a group of skaters at a park. Source: pexels
52 type of skaters you will meet at the skate park | image of a group of skaters at a park pexels | skateboard salad

21. The snobby skate shop skater

Then there is the Skate Shop Skater. They work at the local skate shop and somehow firmly believe this grants them the right to be condescending towards everyone else at the park. They’re often overly critical of others, especially newcomers, creating an uncomfortable environment for those just starting out.

Not all Skate Shop Skaters are like this, but the snobbish ones do stick out. Most are quite chill and helpful, sharing the latest gear news and offering useful tips. It’s just the unjustified arrogance of few that can paint the whole group in a bad light.

22. The gangster skater

Next up is the Gangster Skater, typically characterized by a suburban kid trying to portray a rough and tough persona through their skating and style. From big talk about nondescript money and guns to over-exaggerated street jargon, these skaters can be annoying.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not about actual tough kids from challenging neighborhoods who found solace in skating – they’re the real warriors of this sport. We’re talking about the posers, those kids whose skating is just about as ‘solid’ as their rap career.

23. The junkie skater

The “junkie skater” is a persona you might encounter at many skate parks. They’re often seen on a worn-out board that seems too small, constantly fidgeting, and displaying unique expressions. They frequent the park regularly, and while you’ve never witnessed them using substances, certain signs on their face and body might hint at past experiences. However, the fact that they’re still skating suggests they might be on a path to better days; no judgments.

24. The barefoot skater

Lastly, we present the Barefoot Skater. Yes, that’s a real thing! Skating barefoot is somewhat a fad among a certain group of skaters who prefer to feel the board under their bare soles. Believing the tactile sensation helps with control, these skaters are a testament to the unique ways people can enjoy skating.

It looks kind of weird, and to most people, downright dangerous, but trust us, these skaters do exist. Some even perform tricks that’ll blow your mind. It’s not for everyone, but gives a new meaning to feeling connected to your board.

25. The TikTok skater

First off, you might stumble on the TikTok skater. This skater is a fresh breed that seems to have emerged from the hell known as TikTok. Beware, though, as this might just be a street poser using skateboarding to radiate coolness or edge.

On deeper inspection, you’ll notice they strut in the same monotonous fashion: black and white striped shirts, chains, black painted nails, and a fresh board straight from the sketchiest shops. Ironically, the board remains brand new. You’ll rarely see them ride it. Moreover, they are just insanely skilled at doing the “eye-roll” trick accompanied by finger-street puppetry rather than performing a real trick.

26. The Olympian

Coming in second place on our shred list is the Olympian. They’re skaters who have decided that regular skate sessions aren’t enough for them. They’ve got big dreams: shooting for the Olympics and sirening for golden glory atop the podium.

27. The poser

The poser is typically seen lingering by Zoomies at the mall, looking like they posed for the latest skate apparel catalog! Their trick is not busting an ollie or kickflip; it’s about grabbing attention with their flashy attire and spanking new deck. If you spot a person doing everything—except skating—yet implying they shred, you’ve found a poser. Don’t underestimate their most mastered trick, though, dodging actual skateboarding!

28. The poser caller

Along with the poser, we have the poser caller. This is a one-trick pony in the skatepark, calling everybody a poser. They love to test every other skater by asking for trick names and acronyms to declare them “posers” if they don’t respond correctly.

The irony lies in their paradoxical standards and scorn for community camaraderie. No one’s safe from their skate policing, especially if you are just greasing your wheels into the skate world. But hey, don’t let them dull your skate stoke. Pass their mini quizzes, own your stance, and let your sound-on-wheels do the talking.

29. The flexer

This skater appears at the park to make everyone else feel bad about their outfit; this skater wears a Gucci belt to hold up his Dior pants and sports Louis V grip tape on a supreme deck.

While skateboarding has rich ties with street fashion, the flexster exceeds the limits with its fat wallet display. Don’t let them intimidate you, though. You can still be fashionable with Value Village and Goodwill gear. Your tricks, after all, define your skate self more than the brand of your threads. Style your self-expression with poise, and you’re already one step ahead of the flexster.

30. The trendy skater

These skaters live a ‘lifestyle’ that isn’t just about the tricks but also aesthetics. Their usual day at the skate park includes flaunting fresh clothes, usually skating in their Air Force Ones or off-whites. They’re all about the ‘gram, often sporting high-end clothing brand-inspired handles and their favorite word? Steez (short for ‘style with ease’). Don’t confuse these with flexers, they are not there to make you feel back, they just have a lot of styles.

31. The hate dispenser

Rounding off the list in fifth place is the hate dispenser. You’ll always find one such guy lashing out distaste for no apparent reason and slinging accusations of “culture stealing.” No skater is safe from their ireful rant, especially if you’re just starting. They take the skateboarding lifestyle way too seriously.

32. The vert veteran

They do spins and twists at crazy heights, leaving spectators in awe. Their gear? Scuffed up from countless hard landings, this is a testament to their dedication and passion for daring heights. Skating with them is like getting an adrenaline shot.

Image of a skater performing tricks.
Image of a skater performing aerial tricks.

33. The street smartie

Sprung from the city’s concrete veins, the street smartie knows every crack and crevice in town. From tree roots posing as ramps to stair sets perfect for a sick trick, their knowledge of the urban landscape is uncanny. Go ride with them, and you’ll discover skate spots you never knew existed.

34. The gear guru

The gear guru knows everything there is to know about bearings, kingpins, riser pads, grip tapes, and more. Whenever you’re in a fix with your hardware or need an upgrade, don’t hesitate to seek enlightened counsel from this walking skateboard encyclopedia.

35. The flip master

Have you ever seen someone execute the most intricate flip tricks with unreal ease? That’s your flip master! They’re the ones constantly challenging themselves to push the envelope on what’s possible on a board. Spectacular kickflips, heelflips, hardflips—name it, they’ve mastered it all.

36. The speed demon

The Speed Demon is that skater always launching full throttle across the park, only pausing to puff on his Juul or can of Monster. There’s no mistaking him. Often decked in a gold chain and a Deathwish ring, his life revolves around acceleration and adrenaline. He’s in love with the velocity, enjoying the sheer sight of concrete blurring past.

Image of a group of skaters at the skatepark. Source: pexels
52 type of skaters you will meet at the skate park | image of a group of skaters at the skatepark pexels | skateboard salad

37. The angry skater

Easily identifiable by their high-energy outbursts, the Angry Skater is notorious for their short fuse. Often on the verge of eruption, they’re known to launch their board in frustration after failing to land a trick. Their constant muttering and the act of angrily hurling their board are telltale signs.

While their passion for skateboarding is evident, they have a tendency to blame any slip-up on the nearest person, even if they’re just an innocent bystander. Although their journey to perfect a trick is filled with adrenaline and drama, it’s wise to maintain a safe distance and avoid becoming the target of their frustration.

38. The under-hyped skater

The Under-Hyped Skater is a paradox. While he’s ambivalent to a perfectly executed tricks by another skater, he’ll go bonkers with joy if his friend lands a basic ollie. This skater always has his phone out, ready to trash the latest street expose on Instagram.

Even though it might seem like he’s undermining other riders, it’s often this skater’s way of supporting his homies while downplaying his own skills.

39. The over-hyped skater

Next up is the Over-Hyped Skater. The polar opposite of the Under-Hyper, this guy’s so pumped about skateboarding that just about anything will evoke peals of joy. Whether it’s a pro landing a complex line or him just successfully riding down a ramp, every opportunity’s a cause for celebration.

His contagious energy often spreads through the park like a wave, injecting a hefty dose of enthusiasm into everyone else.

40. The cocky skater

Cocky Skaters are the self-proclaimed lords of the skatepark. Their confidence often borders on cockiness, and how could it not? When you’re constantly smashing your decks due to the awesome tricks you’re pulling off, it’s hard not to become a little chest-thumping. As annoying as they might be, they definitely add a bit of theatrical bravado to your day at the park.

41. The slow skater

Next in line is the Slow Skater. This skater prefers to take a scenic route, strolling to recover his board as if he’s on vacation. But don’t mistake their slow speed for lack of passion. These skaters understand that skateboarding is as much about the love for the concrete under the wheels as it is about the thrill of nailing a trick.

42. The waxer

Meet the wax skater — too terrified to hit the rail at speed but is forever ready to wax it up for a smoother experience. Commitment? Not his strongest suit. That in hand with a Baker Gold Bar Wagon, this skater is ready to roll, well, glide! The Waxer waxes way too much, way too often, but that’s what he does.

43. The YouTube skater

With a DSLR and a tripod, they are always out filming their latest stunt. They’ve got big dreams – to make it big like their YouTube inspiration. Sure, they may only have 50 subs and mediocre tricks now, but keep an eye out; they are a determined lot!

YouTube skaters are wedded to the idea that an sweet trick with no camera around might as well not have happened. Their love for skateboarding extends into a love for sharing skateboarding, making them a pivotal part of keeping skate culture alive online.

44. The bad skater

This persona seems to have the worst luck, suffering injuries in the most unexpected circumstances. Whether you’re new or a pro, skateboarding-related injuries aren’t uncanny. But the bad skater takes the unforgiving brunt of their share. From tripping over a pebble to getting caught in cracks, this lad’s down on his luck. They tend to not progress much if at all, and blame others for their lack of progression.

45. The broke skater

This is the guy who will skate the same skateboard until you literally can’t anymore. Despite the battered look with pressure cracks, chips, rusty bearings, and worn-out grip tape, these guys shred better than most.

Perhaps they’ve meshed with their board so much over time that it’s become a part of them. The supposed drawbacks ironically factor into their unique style of skateboarding. If you cross paths with a broke skater, why not lend an old deck or some bushings? A little kindness goes a long way, and you might just make their skating day!

46. The gamer skater

This guy most likely got on a board, thanks to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. You’d think with all the lockdowns and broken boards, they’d be rusty, but you’re in for a surprise! They picked up their sticks and honed their skills on Skate 3 or Skater XL during quarantine.

Transitioning back to regular skating is tough for these folks, triggering an involuntary twitch every time a trick is missed. Despite the initial hurdles, the gamer skater pulls off some of the sickest tricks straight from video games, adding a whole new dimension to the park.

47. The teacher skater

hey love the sport and want to share it with everyone. They’re patient, observant, and always willing to lend a hand, giving you skateboarding advice that only a seasoned pro can offer.

When you join a skateboarding community, this is the skater you want to find first. Their guidance is priceless and can shave years off your learning curve. Whether you want to pull off the best tricks in skateboarding or just learn the basics, the teacher skater is the go-to guy for all your skateboarding needs.

48. The competitive skater

This guy lives to win. Whether it’s a friendly faceoff or a mega-park championship, they’re there to clinch the gold. They’re constantly striving for excellence and love a good challenge! Their dedication and drive are awe-inspiring, and their relentless pursuit of perfection is admirable.

Image of a shirtless skateboarder doing some skateboarding tricks.
Image of a shirtless skateboarder doing some skateboarding tricks.

49. The spectator

They exist; we all know at least one—the zero-tang skater—the one who prefers to watch skateboarding rather than actually skate. Attending every session dressed in brand-new skate gear, they have a knack for passively absorbing the thrill from the sidelines and may even give you unsolicited advice on your tricks.

The mystery continues; it’s almost theatrical how they frequently show up, get geared up, hang around the park, and yet do nothing. Maybe they’re just waiting for that “Eureka!” moment to shred the park finally.

50. The gatekeeper

You’d think the bane of newbies, dubbed The gatekeeper, would lurk around every corner. Fear not; these intimidating figures are incredibly uncommon. While they have the infamous reputation of making fun of new skaters, their presence is rarer than a perfect hardflip. These folks might intimidate the noobs occasionally.

51. The fossil

The term fossil may sound harsh, but it describes those rare, older skaters whose passion and love for the sport hasn’t aged a day. We’re talking about the over 70 crew who refuse to let age dictate their will to shred.

Despite the countless videos of 80-year-olds executing a killer nosegrind, these inspiring individuals are super rare in person. They’re more likely to be found on Instagram than in the local bowl. Spotting them at your skatepark is akin to finding a secret skate spot like the renowned Love Park without using Google Maps!

If you’re fortunate to encounter them, remember to show kudos. These folks defy age and inspire us to keep shredding no matter how old we get.

52. The core skater

And last but not least, the real deal core skater. Commitment and a free-spirited love for skating define the core skater. They seem oblivious to everything other than their board. You’ll often see them in worn-out shoes, with clothes bearing the brunt of countless skate sessions. But those rips and tears tell tales of their dedication and the crazy skating journey they’ve embarked on.

Habitually practicing challenging boarding skills, they often skip meals to spend time under the sun, improving their tricks. For them, skating becomes much more than a hobby; it’s a way of life, a religion they ardently follow.

Image of a skater skateboarding in a park.
Image of a skater skateboarding in a park.
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

52 type of skaters you will meet at the skate park | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

Dos and don’ts of meeting skaters

While skate parks are a melting pot of unique personalities, navigating the community respectfully and understanding is crucial. Skate parks thrive on respect and mutual encouragement. Keep things chill, lend a hand where needed, and enjoy the ride!

Don’tsRespect everyone’s space.
Share tips and tricks.Don’t interrupt someone’s ride.
Maintain skate park etiquette.Don’t claim sole ownership of a spot.
Show appreciation for good tricks.Don’t litter at the park.
Table of dos and don’ts of meeting skaters

Additional skater meeting tips

Befriending fellow skaters can amplify your skateboarding experience. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Show respect: Acknowledge everyone’s skill level and efforts.
  • Be open to learning. Embrace the opportunity to learn from others.
  • Be social: Join skateboarding events or socials to meet more like-minded individuals.
  • Stay humble: Even if you master the kickflip, remember that every pro started as a newbie.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What’s the best way to interact with different skaters?

Be respectful, open, and enthusiastic! Skateboarding thrives on community interaction. Don’t hesitate to ask someone about a trick or offer a high-five (or elbow bump, given the times) for an awesome move.

Is it okay to be a cruiser and not care about tricks?

Absolutely! Skateboarding isn’t just about tricks. It’s also about enjoying the ride and feeling the freedom that comes with it. As a cruiser, you’re embracing the essence of boarding; there is nothing wrong with that.

I think I might be a ‘magnet,’ what do I do?

Stay safe and wear protective gear at all times. More importantly, don’t be disheartened. Everyone has bad days, and with perseverance, you might stop attracting wayward decks.

Am I expected to fit into one of these personalities?

Absolutely not! At its core, skateboarding celebrates individual expression. These personalities are recognitions of the diversity in the skate parks and not molds to fit into.

Final thoughts

Skateboarding is a lively mix of diverse personalities and styles, all bound by a shared love for the sport. This diverse community stands as a testament to the passion and respect that keeps skateboarding alive and kicking.

Did you see yourself or someone you know in these skater types? Missed anything? Drop a comment below. I read and reply to every one of them. If this article was solid, share it! For more skateboarding insights, dive into my blog. Thanks for stopping by and, always, shred on!

Key takeaways

This article covered different types of skaters you’ll likely meet on your skateboarding journey. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Skateboarding features a mix of unique skater types.
  • Skater meet-ups are key for networking and learning.
  • Every skater’s journey offers a lesson; respect it.
  • The true essence of skateboarding is in the ride and community.
  • From the Send-it Skater to the Walmart Board Skater, each brings a distinct vibe.
  • Interacting with diverse skaters enriches your experience.
  • Always uphold skate park etiquette.

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