Skate Shoes: Which Pair Offers Supreme Board Control? (Find Out)

Get the scoop on top skate shoes for unmatched grip, comfort, and style on your board.

Skaters know that nailing the tre flip requires a solid setup—deck and kicks included. Ask anyone shredding the streets, and they’ll heatedly debate which combo reigns supreme. Before you get sendy, it’s crucial to choose the right deck for street skating, but let’s not forget those kicks gripping your board.

You’ll learn how to choose the best skate shoes for your street session.

Key takeaways

  • Robust grip and durability are non-negotiable for skate footwear.
  • Cushioning is crucial for protecting against impacts.
  • Shoes should offer a balance between style and functional features.
  • Integrated lace protection can prevent unexpected trips and tears.

What kicks should you snag for killer performance on the board?

When you’re popping ollies and grinding ledges, your shoes take a brutal beating. So it’s not just about style and brand; we’re talking endurance, comfort, and that sweet board feel. Strap in as I lay out the crème de la crème of skate shoes that will cushion those landings and help you stick it every single time.

Featured image for a blog post called skate shoes which pair offers supreme board control find out.
Featured image for a blog post called skate shoes which pair offers supreme board control find out.

1. The grip gurus

The talk of the park isn’t just about primo flips; it’s also about shoes that won’t slip when you’re setting up for a big one. Shoes with robust grip are pivotal, offering control and stability for technical tricks and high-speed rides. Shoes that stick with you on every grind, now that’s essential.

Scope out footwear that champions a sole designed for skateboarders, which you can find discussed in depth with the best skateboarding wheels.

Shoes that hold up to an abrasive grip tape are a must. They need to combat wear while allowing for that nuanced board feel. You’re looking for a balance between durability and sensitivity so you can feel the deck underfoot but not bail because your soul, I mean sole, gave out too soon.

2. Cushioned landings

Ever taken a gnarly slam that sent shockwaves through your ankles? Yeah, me too. That’s why shoes designed with proper cushioning make it into the lineup.

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skate shoes: which pair offers supreme board control? (find out)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skate shoes: which pair offers supreme board control? (find out)’.

They absorb the impact when you’re dropping hammers, saving your joints from jarring shocks. Cushioning that saves your heels is akin to personal airbags for your feet.

But cushioning shouldn’t mean clunky. The best shoes maintain a low profile, so they don’t mess with your style or your flick. They’re like that stealthy bodyguard—there when you need it, unnoticed when you don’t—in the fight against common skateboarding injuries.

3. Seamless style and function

The slickest shoes blend form and function smoother than a buttery ledge. You want a pair that screams “skate” without sacrificing any performance. Whether that means reinforced sides for ollie protection, or a design that avoids seams where you don’t need them, shoes that can take a beating are key.

They also need to match your vibe. Let’s be real, part of the enjoyment is looking good while nailing your set. So pick something that aligns with your aesthetic, but don’t slip on quality for the sole sake of appearance.

If torn between two loves, check out the options for a custom skateboard design too.

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skate shoes: which pair offers supreme board control? (find out)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skate shoes: which pair offers supreme board control? (find out)’.

4. The breathability factor

Being on the board is hard work, and your feet are the prime spot for sweat central—gross but true. Breathable shoes avoid swamp foot, keep odors at bay and can seriously enhance your session. No one likes to slide around in their own sweat or deal with funky foot funk after a sesh.

Look for materials that let your feet catch a breather, like mesh panels or perforated sides. Not only does this up the comfort ante, but it can also keep your shoes from deforming from moisture and wear. For insights on maintenance, consider how vital a skate tool is to keep your gear in ride-ready shape.

5. Lace savers

Shoes with a robust grip are pivotal, offering control and stability for technical tricks and high-speed rides. Shoes that hold up to an abrasive grip tape are a must, balancing durability and sensitivity so you can feel the deck but not bail because your sole gave out.

Lastly, the bane of every skater’s existence – shredded laces. A shoe that offers protection for your lifelines means uninterrupted skate time. Shoes with smart lace design ensure you won’t be caught tripping mid-trick or side-lining for fixes after every flip.

Some brands integrate lace loops or hide them within the shoe profile to fend off friction from grip tape. This clever feature might not be the star attraction but trust me; it’s a true day saver when you’re deep in a skate sesh and want to focus on nailing tricks from the best skateboard tricks list.

My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

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My favorite shoes (at the moment):

DC Cure Casual High-top Skate Shoes

These have lasted me probably the longest of any skate shoe I’ve had. I love high-tops because they protect my ankles. I got the gray ones, but they get dirty quickly. If you care about that, you might want to invest in a darker tone version.

More skateboarding tips

Fine-tuning your ride goes beyond just slapping on some fresh wheels and crisp shoes. It’s about the harmony between gear and skater. Keep your setup prime and your skills fine-tuned with a mix of know-how and street smarts.

It’s all about consistency and knowing your equipment inside out.

  • Experiment with different shoe fits to find your ideal snugness without sacrificing comfort.
  • Break in new shoes with lighter sessions before going full ham at the park.
  • Keep an eye on the weather; moisture can change the game for grip and wear on shoes.
  • Pair your shoes with socks that offer support and padding in critical areas.
  • Maintain your shoes by cleaning them regularly and airing them out after sessions.

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of street skating, it’s all about sharpening your sixth sense for what works best.

Regularly check shoes for wearIgnore tears or sole detachment
Lace them up properly every timeLeave laces loose or untied
Use protective gear along with shoesCompromise safety for style
Adapt shoe choice to skate styleStick with one type out of habit
Experiment to find what shoe features enhance your performanceAssume all skate shoes are the same

These tips are more than just footnotes—they’re the blueprint for your next major skate evolution.

Create safe, yet sensational sessions with the right skate shoe savvy.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing skate shoes

In the realm of skateboarding, shoes aren’t just an accessory—they’re a fundamental part of the equation. Like any choice, there’s a scale of good and not-so-good that goes along with selecting skate shoes.


  • Enhanced board control and feel
  • Protection against impact and foot injuries
  • Improved grip for tricks and technical maneuvers
  • Versatility for different skate styles and terrains
  • Express personal style with a variety of designs


  • Premium skate shoes can be expensive
  • Durability may vary with intensity of use
  • Limited use outside skateboarding due to design
  • Specific designs may not suit every foot shape
  • Constant evolution of technology may make certain models obsolete quickly

From my view, as someone who’s shredded grip tape more than a few times, I’ve got to say skate shoes are less about the brand and more about how they stand up to the wear and tear of the streets. You might see me eyeing those flashy new releases, but I know it’s the fit, comfort, and durability that’ll keep me shredding longer. And while I’m far from a footwear expert, I can’t help but appreciate when a shoe’s design thoughtfuly navigates the rough terrain that is city skateboarding.

It’s about finding that perfect sidekick for your skate escapades; after all, they’re protecting your most valuable assets—your feet. Roll over to this piece on the best decks for street skating for more on gear that complements your kicks.

If you are a visual learner, check out this video titled ‘How to Choose Skate Shoes | Tactics’

A video titled “How to Choose Skate Shoes | Tactics” from the “Tactics Boardshop” YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How usually should I replace my skate shoes?

Though it varies depending on how hard you skate, signs like holes on the upper, worn down soles, or degraded shoe structure suggest it’s time to switch. Keep your kicks fresh to maintain performance and protection levels, and let’s not skate past the fact that tattered footwear can lead to injuries from compromised grip and cushioning.

Are high-tops or low-tops better for skateboarding?

It really swings on personal style and ankle support preference. High-tops offer extra support around the ankles, which might give you a confidence boost for those high-impact tricks. Low-tops keep things flexible and could improve range of motion.

Whichever you choose, make sure they offer the grip and cushion you need to land your lineup of tricks.

Can I use running shoes for skateboarding?

While you can in a pinch, running shoes typically lack the necessary features for optimal board control and protection against grip tape wear. Skate shoes are specifically designed with flat, grippy soles and durable uppers to withstand the demands of skating. Stick to the tried and tested for the best skate experience.

Final thoughts

As the sun dips down over the NYC skyline, it’s a wrap on our dive into the finest skate shoes out there. Whether you’re flipping tricks or cruising streets, remember that the right shoes can make or break your session. Keep your eyes on the trends, but never compromise on the essentials of grip, cushioning, style, and breathability.

It’s these details that help you nail every trick in your book and stay on the board longer. Ride on, stay safe, and always push your limits, but don’t forget to gear up right from toe to grip tape.

Got a go-to skate shoe that didn’t make the list? Did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section belowI read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on picking stellar skate gear.

Thanks for reading and keep shredding the gnar!

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