Can You Lose Weight Skateboarding: A Fitness Journey on Wheels

Explore how skateboarding sculpts your physique, burns calories, and contributes to weight loss. Take fitness to the streets. Read on to know more!

Have you ever wondered how skateboarding affects your physique? Skateboarding provides an adrenaline rush and a comprehensive body boost. This piece will investigate the correlation between skateboarding and weight loss. Fasten your helmets and strap on your elbow pads as we expose you to a new fitness avenue far from the typical gym workout.

Can you lose weight skateboarding? Absolutely! Skateboarding can be a fantastic way to shed those extra pounds. This action sport doubles up as a full-body workout, targeting several muscle groups and assisting in flexibility and agility while providing a healthy and fun method of burning those calories off.

What makes skateboarding a good workout?

Before stacking up the calories you might burn, let’s delve into the multidimensional perks of skateboarding. Sure, this gravity-defying street dance screams “thrill,”—but the underlying benefits are more intricate than you might realize.

Image of a person touching his belly. Source: unsplash
Image of a person touching his belly. Source: unsplashimage of a person touching his belly. Source: unsplash

Physical rewards

Skateboarding engages your core strength while sprucing up your flexibility. Try executing a kickflip or simply staying on your board without a steady core—you’ll find it’s practically impossible! That’s what makes this sport not only a solid choice for burning calories but also an amazing full-body workout.

Your arms might feel slightly left out unless you pull off radical hand plants. Otherwise, your legs and mid-section will thank you, guaranteed. You might not bulk up like a bodybuilder, but the continuous and intense movement strengthens your leg muscles, unmatched by many exercises.

Mental workouts

Skateboarding isn’t just about the flips, twists, and turns—it’s an exquisite journey of self-exploration, where every trick accomplished replenishes your mental vigor. This sick sport is a haven to escape daily stresses, immersing you in a universe where it’s just you, your board, and that next kickflip you’ve been dying to perfect.

Skateboarding’s mental rewards often overshadow those physically tangible endorphins generated during a gnarly session.

My favorite wheels (at the moment):

Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels

Can you lose weight skateboarding: a fitness journey on wheels | 61cahmq78ml. Ac sl1050 | skateboard salad
My favorite wheels (at the moment):

Spitfire Classic Skateboard Wheels

These are the quintessential street skateboarding wheels. These wheels are very hard and therefore are not great on bumpy roads, but for street skating tricks, they are awesome and really, really smooth.

Does skateboarding help shed belly fat?

Have you heard about that six-pack getting stashed under, encased in stubborn belly fat? Skateboarding might be just the key to bringing it out! “Can skateboarding help you lose belly fat?”—if this question has been nagging you, the answer is yes! The number of calories you burn greatly depends on the intensity level and the duration of your skating sessions.

The type of board you ride also contributes to the fat burn rate. An old-school skateboard, for instance, requires more effort and energy due to its smaller and harder wheels than a smooth-sailing longboard. You’re not just pushing off and cruising with skateboarding. A solid street or park session is more interval training, with bursts of high-intensity tricks followed by short recovery breaks.

How many calories can you burn skateboarding?

Let’s get quantifiable here. An hour-long skateboarding stint can help you torch roughly 300-450 calories, depending on your body weight. While this might not match up against running or cycling, it certainly ranks high on the “fun meter.”

These numbers detail the curious relationship between weight, time, and the calories incinerated during a killer skate session.

Weight (pounds)Weight (KG)TimeCal
12556.71 hour300
15570.31 hour372
18583.91 hour444
Calories burnt per hour based on weight.

Does skateboarding count as cardio?

Yes, skateboarding does count as cardio! When you skateboard, you’re constantly pushing, balancing, and maneuvering, which raises your heart rate and provides a cardiovascular workout. The intensity and duration of your skate session will determine the extent of the cardio benefits. Whether cruising, doing tricks, or commuting, skateboarding can be an effective and fun way to get your heart pumping!

Image of a skaters doing freestyle skateboarding trick. Source: pexels
Image of a skater doing freestyle skateboarding trick. Source: pexels

My opinion

From my novice skateboarder’s perspective, the joys of skateboarding extend way beyond weight loss. When I stick to a trick I’ve been working on or cruise around the city, the exhilarating feeling is not just about fitness but freedom! Emphasizing only weight loss stakes might undersell this extremely entertaining and health-boosting sport.

“Skateboarding is an intoxicating blend of adrenaline, creativity, and fitness. It’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that has the potential to get you fit while you’re having a blast!”

Dos and don’ts of skateboarding for fitness

So, you’re stoked about getting fit through skateboarding? That’s awesome! But, before you hit the streets with your board, let’s skate through some “Dos and Don’ts.” After all, precaution and the right steps can safeguard you from injuries and enhance your fitness.

Start with basic tricks and gradually level up.Don’ts
Do ensure adequate hydration throughout your skates.Don’t put an excessive strain on your body from day one.
Incorporate stretching into your skateboarding routine.Don’t ignore the significance of quality protective gear.
Mix up your routine with street, park, and vert skating.Don’t overlook any discomfort or potential injuries.
Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.Don’t expect immediate weight loss results.
Dos and don’ts while embarking on skateboarding for weight loss and fitness

Points to Consider:

  • Safety first: Ensure you have the appropriate safety gear for each sport, especially when skateboarding.
  • Rest and recovery: Pairing sports can be intense. Allow ample time for muscles to recover to avoid injuries.
  • Stay hydrated: Engaging in multiple physical activities can lead to quick dehydration. Ensure you drink enough water.
  • Skill level: If you’re new to skateboarding or any other sport, consider getting proper training or guidance to avoid potential injuries.

Advantages and disadvantages of skateboarding for fitness

Skateboarding as an avenue for fitness is an exciting and rad journey—offering a cocktail of benefits flanked by an Uber-cool experience. However, like every sport, it brings along a unique set of challenges. Let’s roll into the pros and cons this grueling yet rewarding journey offers.


  • It engages your entire body, increasing overall muscle strength.
  • It tones up your core and improves your flexibility.
  • It keeps your heart rate up, making it a great cardio workout.
  • Burns calories, which can contribute to weight loss.
  • Enhances mental health by reducing stress.


  • The risk of injuries is often higher for heavier skaters.
  • It might not lead to massive weight loss unless coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • The initial learning curve could be challenging for some.
  • It is not as effective as other traditional forms of exercise.
  • Weather conditions and a lack of suitable places might hamper regular practice.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I know you must be buzzing with numerous questions about fitness and skateboarding. We’ve collated some of the most common queries, providing clear-cut answers to help you hit the pavement running! Or rather, skating!

How much time should I skateboard daily to lose weight?

Skateboarding is no magic pill to shed weight overnight. It’s an amalgamation of endurance, consistency, and intensity. Starting with 30 minutes to an hour daily would be a good start. Over time, try to push for more intense, extended sessions. It’s all about feeling your pace and gradually increasing it while enjoying your ride. Mix it with other exercise forms and maintain your skateboard regularly for the best results.

Is skateboarding suitable for obese people?

The beauty of skateboarding resides in its inclusivity—it’s for everyone! While obese skaters might face slightly higher injury risks, don’t let it hold you back. Take small steps, use protective gear, and you’re good to roll. With consistent effort, not only will you shed pounds, but you will also gain a new passion!

Is skateboarding more effective for weight loss than gym workouts?

While skateboarding is a fun way to lose weight, it might not be more effective than traditional gym workouts. Your weight loss depends on diet, lifestyle, and workout intensity. Combining skateboarding with standard exercises can be a solid choice for better results.

Can I replace my jogging routine with skateboarding for fitness?

If you’re game for an offbeat, exhilarating cardio session, skateboarding can be an amazing alternative to jogging. It engages more muscles, specifically your core and leg muscles, giving you that full-body workout. But keep in mind the calories burnt might differ. Why not include both, alternating between a jog one day and a skateboard session the next? Mix it up and keep the fitness journey exciting!

Final thoughts

Skateboarding as a route to fitness is an electrifying journey waiting to be explored. It combines the thrill of dominating the streets with the joy of getting in shape. So, if you’ve been on the fence before, hop onto a board and let the ride to a healthier you begin! Remember, there’s more to skateboarding than weight loss—it’s a blend of self-expression, creativity, and fitness rolled into a sport.

So, are you ready to trade that treadmill for a skateboard? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article worthwhile, share it with your buddies and brave this fitness wave together. Check out my full blog for more skateboarding journeys and anecdotes. Thanks for reading; now make that skateboard your gym!

Key takeaways

This article covered the intriguing relationship between skateboarding and fitness. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Skateboarding offers a full-body workout, primarily impacting your core and leg muscles.
  • It doubles up as a cardio workout.
  • You can burn up to 450 calories per hour, depending on your intensity and weight.
  • Apart from physical benefits, skateboarding has significant mental health benefits.
  • The effectiveness of skateboarding for weight loss is amplified when coupled with a balanced diet and other workouts.
  • Regular and intense skateboarding can aid significantly in weight loss.

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