The Biggest Skateboarding Tricks: Legendary Drops That Redefined Gravity

Dive into the world of the biggest skateboarding tricks! From Jamie Thomas' Leap of Faith to Jaws' daring stunts, it's all gravity-defying thrill.

When you think about skateboarding, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the exciting stunts that defy gravity or the zesty, adrenaline-pumping sensation of gliding through the concrete jungle? In today’s meaty discussion, we delve head-first into the universe of the most mind-blowing tricks ever conceived and executed in skateboarding. We’ll also tap into the zesty chronicles of the skating legends that brought these awe-inspiring maneuvers to life. What are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the biggest and most impressive tricks ever successfully done in skateboarding.

What are the biggest drops in skateboarding history?

Skateboarding’s first drop was likely just off a sidewalk curb. However, by 1997, skateboarding had evolved far beyond simple curb jumps. Stair sets and rail grinds became commonplace.

Image of two skaters jumping down a flight of stairs. Source: unsplash
Image of two skaters jumping down a flight of stairs. Source: unsplash

1. Jamie Thomas’s Leap of Faith

Jamie Thomas famously attempted a huge drop, known as the Leap of Faith, which was a 14-foot, 3-inch drop from the top stair straight to the flat ground of Point Loma High School. The total height, accounting for the height of his ollie, was roughly 17 feet. Yes, you read it right—a whopping 17 feet in total with the added Ollie! It’s not just an impressive feat for Jamie but a massive leap forward for skaters worldwide. It wasn’t long before others started testing the odds, seeking bigger risks and greater jumps.

2. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki’s drop at Lyon 25

When it comes to monumental drops, skaters such as Aaron “Jaws” Homoki stand out. He’s taken on jumps that many can’t even fathom. In one of his most impressive high-flying tricks, Jaws tackled a 25-step staircase in Lyon, France. During an initial try, his board snapped on impact, resulting in a medial collateral ligament injury. After spending several months recovering, Jaws repeatedly returned to conquer the challenge.

In October 2015, after numerous tries, Jaws successfully completed what was then the most astonishing jump in his series of incredible leaps. Later on, parkour expert Dominic Di Tommaso replicated this feat on foot.

15 feet is about the limit. Anything beyond hurts not just the legs but the hips, back, and shoulders.”

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

3. Nyjah Huston’s Til Death

Nyjah Huston’s ‘Til Death is a skateboarding video released in 2018. It showcases the exceptional skills of professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston. The video highlights a series of technically challenging and high-risk tricks performed by Huston on various terrains, from stair sets to handrails.

Produced by Nike SB, the part is notable for its intense skating, production quality, and for capturing the dedication and resilience of Nyjah Huston. It’s one of the most memorable video parts in the skateboarding community and further cemented Nyjah’s reputation as one of the best skateboarders in the world.

Other skating daredevils worth mentioning include luminaries such as Josh Casper, Don Newan, Ali Bulala, Diego Buchareni, Corey Duffel, Ryan Sheckler, and Andrew Reynolds. These guys didn’t just follow the trend; they set the tone and expectations high.

My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

The biggest skateboarding tricks: legendary drops that redefined gravity | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

Are record-breaking drops really that high?

The primary challenge with early skateboarding tricks is the absence of accurate measurements. Without a direct measurement, pinpointing the exact height and length of drops is tough. However, as far as records tell us, some standout spots include Wallenberg Gap (4.3 feet high, 7.5 feet long), Macba 4 Block (6 feet tall, 7 feet long), Atlanta 5 Block (7.5 feet tall, 11.5 feet long), and El Toro (about 10 feet tall, 17 feet long). Yes, skaters really flew off these monstrous structures!

Image of a skater jumping high over stairs. Source: pexels
The biggest skateboarding tricks: legendary drops that redefined gravity | image of a skater jumping high over stairs pexels | skateboard salad

It’s essential to realize that skaters don’t just coast off these heights; they perform an ollie, typically adding 2-3 feet to the jump. Presently, Leon 25 remains unparalleled as skateboarding’s most significant flat drop. Yet, in 2022, Jace Tomasimo nearly surpassed it, missing by inches with his 14-foot, 6-inch jump. Now we call this incredible stunt the Miami Leap of Faith, a fitting recognition of the courage and grit it takes to push boundaries in skateboarding tricks.

Pushing the limits of skateboarding

I’ve got to say that the incredible feats these skateboarders perform, the boundaries they push, and their commitment to tackling insane heights and risky grinds are nothing short of inspirational. If anything, these exhilarating stunts prove how much skateboarding inherently thrives on ingenuity, grit, and a dash of mad courage.

Remember..Skateboarding is about breaking boundaries, not bones. The most impressive feat lies not in merely executing a trick but in challenging the norms, constantly pushing limits, and, well, landing it like a boss. That’s skateboarding for you.

So, how high can skaters actually go? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the future of skateboarding sure looks promising, and I can’t wait to see the next Jamie or Jaws redefine the sport’s limits.

Now, let’s sprinkle some interesting facts into our skate talk. Ever wondered how the greatest skateboard tricks rank? Here’s a sneak peek into some of those mind-boggling stunts:

Jamie ThomasLeap of Faith14 ft 3 in
Josh CasperHospital FlipN/A
Aaron “Jaws” Homoki25 Stair Ollie14.7 ft
Jace TomasimoMiami Leap of Faith14 ft 6 in
Jamie FoyFront Crook El ToroN/A
A glimpse into some of the biggest tricks by legendary skateboarders

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some questions you might have about skateboarding tricks that we haven’t covered so far. You’ll find everything from the weirdest trick names to the young talents that are shaping the future of skateboarding.

What are some of the weirdest trick names in skateboarding?

Skateboarding tricks often have names as unique as the stunts themselves. For instance, Hospital Flip might sound like an unfortunate mishap, but it’s actually a neat trick that involves a varial heelflip combined with a backside 180-degree flip. Other peculiarly named tricks are the Kickflip McTwist, Fakie Bigspin Heelflip, and Sex Change (a fun term for a body varial).

Who are some budding talents to look out for in skateboarding?

While we’ve celebrated some established giants, it’s good to remember that there are budding talents escalating the game. Skaters like Nyjah Huston, who swept the Street League Skateboarding competition, and Brighton Zeuner, the youngest gold medalist of the X Games, are constantly reshaping the limits of skateboarding stunts. They are not just talented but audacious and creative—one more reason why I love this sport and the skating community.

How can I start learning skateboarding tricks?

The prime mantra is to start small and gradually increase the difficulty of your tricks. Begin with simpler maneuvers like an Ollie or a kickflip, and once you’ve mastered these, consider moving on to more complex ones. And remember, safety should never be compromised, so ensure you’re always dressed in proper protective gear. For comprehensive advice, don’t forget to check out the Helpful Tips for New Skateboarders.

Why do some skateboarders prefer street tricks?

Street skateboarding offers an unbeatable level of creative freedom, which is possibly why it appeals to many skaters. Instead of regulated ramps and rails, street obstacles encompass nearly everything: benches, curbs, handrails, stair sets, and more. This variety allows for an abundance of tricks. For more insight, read our article on street skating.

Final thoughts

Skateboarding tricks transcend mere physical feats; they’re expressions of creativity, audacity, and an insane amount of passion. From jaw-dropping stunts like the Leap of Faith to intricate rail maneuvers, they keep redefining the possibilities of what one can do with a board and four wheels. So, keep practicing, stay safe, and remember – every trick counts, no matter how big or small. You can find more insights and stories about skateboarding on my blog.

What’s your take on these wild tricks? Ever tried pulling off a wild skateboarding stunt or witnessed one that left you speechless? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on all things skateboarding. Thanks for reading, and keep shredding!

Key takeaways

This article covered some of the biggest skateboarding tricks in the world. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Jamie Thomas set the bar high with his 17-foot jump off Point Loma.
  • Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has staked his claim as one of the champions of big jumps in skateboarding.
  • The Miami Leap of Faith, executed by Jace Tomasimo, is among the biggest flat landings to date.
  • Jamie Foy is well-known for his first-try Front Crook on El Toro.
  • Safety is crucial in skateboarding; it’s always best to start small and gear up properly.
  • Young talents like Nyjah Huston and Brighton Zeuner are reshaping skateboarding’s terrain with their audacity and creativity.

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