5 Skateboarding Trends That Won’t Last: A Skater’s Insight

Explore five skateboarding trends on the decline, from anime grip tapes to tribalism. Navigate the trends that are about to bail!

Skateboarding trends are a dime a dozen, like those gnats at your summer barbecue: unpredictable, kinda annoying, and won’t stick around for too long, right? But what separates the fleeting fads from stable mainstays on the skate scene? Read on to discover five skateboarding trends that I predict won’t last the test of gnarly grinds and insane wallies. These trends might be the ‘in-thing’ now, but I’m laying out my case for each one’s inevitable downfall. Tighten your trucks, folks, because we’re heading for a wild ride into the future of skateboarding.

What skateboarding trends won’t stand the test of time?

From fashion statements to communal behavior, skateboarding trends come and go like every other culture. We’ve seen trends that become staples while others fade into obscurity. The trick (pun intended) lies in spotting these fleeting trends before they vanish into the half-pipe of history. Here’s my take on the five skateboarding trends bearing the “expiry date” tag loud and proud.

Image of a skater holding a skateboard with a sonic the hedgehog deck design. Source: unsplash
Image of a skater holding a skateboard with a sonic the hedgehog deck design. Source: unsplash

1. Anime grip tapes

There’s a certain buzz around creating wild and wonderful grip tape art, but there’s something about the anime griptape trend that just doesn’t sit right. To the uninitiated, griptape art refers to skateboarders drawing or painting onto the griptape of their boards. The perplexing part is that anime characters have become the subject of choice for many!

Anime isn’t everyone’s poison, and it’s a bit of a mystery why a skater would want to whizz around on Naruto or Sailor Moon. Its similarity to those puzzling car wrappings featuring hyper-stylized anime girls is uncanny. My guess is that this trend will fade as the novelty wears off. So, if you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon – you may want to think again. For now, my vote is with more traditional, less polarizing forms of grip tape art.

2. Skater vs. non-skater disdain at skate parks

The emergence of a sort of “us vs. them” mentality at skate parks is a trend that, frankly speaking, is on borrowed time. Admittedly, scooter kids, BMX riders, and, yes, sometimes even other skaters can disrupt the flow and dynamics of the park. This, however, is no excuse to develop a collective loathing for non-skaters.

Skate parks are inherently communal spaces, and, like it or not, that’s not going to change. With time, I believe the hatred will give way to a more respectful understanding, much like the gradual acceptance of BMX riders over time. Stereotyping is an easy route, but let’s not forget that at the end of the day, we’re all just there for the love of a good ride, right?

3. Yoga moms at skate parks

Another seemingly strange trend is the presence of moms doing yoga on the grass while their children skate. While it’s strangely hilarious, this trend doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of longevity. Yoga and skateboarding don’t exactly mix, and, truthfully, skate parks aren’t meant to serve as makeshift yoga studios.

Still, I can’t deny the comedic relief of yoga moms almost getting smoked by not-so-stable young boarders. My gut tells me that once the novelty wears off, the yoga moms may retreat to the comforts of local yoga studios, leaving the skate parks to the skaters.

4. Not wearing protective gear

We all know skateboarding can be dangerous on the best of days. Despite the acknowledged risks, there seems to be this trend of skaters not wearing protective gear. Of course, the sort of skating you’re doing would dictate the level of protection required, but the undeniable fact is that no trick is worth sacrificing safety.

Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick midair without protective gear. Source: pexels
5 skateboarding trends that won't last: a skater's insight | image of a skater doing a skateboard trick midair without protective gear pexels | skateboard salad

The not-so-cool reality of not wearing a helmet or kneepads? Broken bones, scary concussions, or worse. The industry is already catching onto this alarming trend, and with skateboarding making its way into the Olympics, don’t be too surprised if safety gear becomes mandatory. Helmet hair over head trauma? I’ll take that any day.

5. Skateboarder vs. other board rider disdain

Finally, there’s this troubling trend within the skateboarding community: skaters disliking other board riders. Similar to the skate park superiority complex, it seems skaters have a problem with those riding something that isn’t a skateboard. The good old tribalism card at play, perhaps?

Why these feuds even exist is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, but change is inevitable. As the skateboarding community grows and evolves, let’s hope acceptance and camaraderie will soften these hard edges. Unity in diversity makes a solid foundation for a thriving culture. After all, isn’t the joy of riding what brought us all here in the first place?

My favorite deck (at the moment):

S&X Skateboards Grip Tape

5 skateboarding trends that won't last: a skater's insight | 814bio34nul. Sl1500 | skateboard salad
My favorite grip tape (at the moment):

S&X Skateboards Grip Tape

Everyone, and I mean everyone, asks me about this grip tape. It is definitely a head-turner. It has a hexagonal pattern for improved grip. I can’t say if it grips better for certain, but I love the look, and it gives me the ill grip thumb, so I know it works.

What skateboard trends should you watch out for?

With skateboarding’s surging popularity across all age groups, many new skateboard styles are emerging to meet growing demand and innovation. Key skateboard trends include plain color decks, customized boards, luminescent or glow-in-the-dark skateboards, plastic skateboards, and artistic designs.

  • Plain Colors: Plain color decks are gaining traction due to their affordability and customization potential. They offer a cost-effective option for newcomers and allow users to personalize their decks with stickers or unique designs.
  • Customized Boards: Skateboarders can now customize their entire boards, from wheels to prints and grip tape colors, allowing them to express their personality and stand out. This trend aligns with the rising popularity of skateboarding.
  • After-Dark Skateboards: Luminous skateboards with glow-in-the-dark features, underboard lights, and nostalgic glow-in-the-dark prints are on the rise, adding a modern twist to traditional skateboarding.
  • Plastic Skateboards: The demand for eco-friendly skateboards made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, is increasing. Plastic skateboards, popular in the 70s, are making a comeback, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and those interested in retro aesthetics.
  • Artistic Boards: Consumers can choose from a variety of ready-made artistic boards with unique designs, including eerie and psychedelic themes. Some are even hiring skateboard artists to craft personalized boards, expanding the artistic dimension of skateboarding.

My two cents on skateboarding trends

You’re probably wondering where I stand amongst all these trends. Well, as a newcomer, it’s been an exciting yet intimidating roller-coaster. You see a cool new trend, and you’re tempted to try it out. We’re all guilty of it. For instance, the rise of Anime Griptape Art had me in its grasp. Early on, I was drawn to the vibrant designs, only to realize anime wasn’t my jam. It was a hard lesson in staying true to what I personally vibed with, as opposed to what was making waves in the community.

“The essence of skateboarding lies in its inclusive, expressive, and creative spirit. Trends that veer to the edge can disrupt this spirit, create divisions, and inadvertently alter how the world perceives skateboarding.”

In essence, my journey through various skateboarding trends has been much like experimenting in Improving my Skateboarding Style. It is a process of trial and error to figure out what aligns with my personal skating ethos.

Remember, these are just my observations. Every skater has the liberty to make their own calls. At the end of the day, we’re all here because we love to shred, and that’s what truly matters. Skate on, my friends!

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Skateboarding trends can be a mystifying minefield. So, to make life easier, let’s clear the air on some of the most common questions surrounding these trends.

Why do some skateboarding trends seem so strange?

Well, what’s considered “strange” can be subjective. Art forms like skateboarding often push boundaries and experiment with unconventional ideas. It’s this innovation that keeps skateboarding vibrant and fresh. That being said, not everyone has to be on board with every trend, and that’s part of what shapes our diverse skateboarding community.

How can I decide which skateboarding trends to follow?

Beyond the fun factor, consider how a trend aligns with your personal style and values. Will this trend enhance your skating experience, or may it impact your safety or the overall skateboarding community vibe? Reflect on these key points before jumping onto the trend bandwagon.

Some of these trends seem harmful; how can we discourage them?

Change starts with each one of us. Show respect regularly, wear your safety gear, and support others who do the same. Stay true to your style without yielding to peer pressure, and create an environment that encourages the same.

Final thoughts

Amidst the flashy trends and alluring fads, the core of skateboarding holds strong: expression, camaraderie, and, above all, the thrill of the ride. As we journey through the world of skateboarding, let’s remember that the strength of our sport lies in our diversity and shared passion, whether you’re a fan of anime griptape art or prefer a clean, logo-free grip skateboarding style.

How has your experience been with skateboarding trends? Have you been enticed by any trend in particular? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on navigating the skateboarding world. Till next time, remember – It’s not just about the ride, but how you take it.

Key takeaways

This article dived deep into the maze of skateboarding trends that might not survive the test of time. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Skateboarding trends can be as diverse as the skateboarders themselves.
  • Not all trends align with the core values of skateboarding. Be discerning.
  • Trends like anime griptape art might fade as the novelty wears off.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment at skate parks is crucial for our shared love for skateboarding.
  • Safety shouldn’t be compromised for style. Embrace protective gear.
  • Unity in diversity makes a solid foundation for a thriving skateboarding culture.

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