Skateboarding in Winter: Tips and Tricks for Cold Weather Rides

Master the winter grind with indoor skate spots, unique tips for perfecting your tricks, and smart gear use. Skateboarding never stops!

Have you ever had those skateboarding winter blues? You’re staring out the window, watching the thermometer as it drops, and you think to yourself. I will have to skip a session today, won’t I? Well, hold your bearings and keep your board nearby because I’m here to put that myth to rest. In this post, you’ll learn about some insane alternatives to skateboarding outside during those frigid, stormy days. No matter what Mother Nature throws down, whether rain, snow, or occasional alien invasions, there’s always a way to roll with the punches.

How does winter weather affect skateboarding performance?

Winter weather can significantly impact skateboarding performance in various ways. Understanding these effects can help skateboarders adapt and take the necessary precautions during the colder months. Here’s how winter weather can influence skateboarding:

A snapshot of a skateboarder skating in the winter. Source: braille skateboarding youtube channel
A snapshot of a skateboarder skating in the winter. Source: braille skateboarding youtube channel
  • Reduced traction: Wet or icy conditions can make surfaces slippery, causing wheels to lose grip. This can lead to unpredictable skateboard behavior and an increased risk of accidents.
  • Board material strain: Cold temperatures can make certain skateboard materials, like wood, more brittle. There’s a higher chance of the board snapping or getting damaged when performing tricks.
  • Wheel hardness: Cold weather can harden skateboard wheels, reducing shock absorption and making a rougher ride.
  • Clothing constraints: Bulky winter clothing can restrict movement, making it harder to perform tricks and maintain balance.
  • Reduced flexibility: Colder temperatures can stiffen both the board and the rider. Muscles may not be as flexible, increasing the risk of injury during falls or abrupt movements.
  • Visibility issues: Reduced light, fog, and snow can affect visibility, making it harder to see obstacles or imperfections on the riding surface.
  • Puddles and moisture: Melting snow and rain can leave puddles, which can be hazardous for skateboarders. Moreover, water can seep into the board’s wood, causing it to weaken or warp.

For those passionate about skateboarding, winter doesn’t have to mean hanging up the board. It’s about adapting, being aware of the challenges, and taking precautions to ensure safety and optimal performance.

My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

Is indoor skating a reliable choice when the weather is unfavorable?

Street skating might take a hit during those sketchy, wet times, but indoor skating certainly doesn’t. From abandoned buildings to indoor skateparks, and yes, even your living room, you can easily transform these spaces into your playgrounds. Heck, winter could be your secret weapon to hone those tricks you’ve been eyeing.

A major tip: use your old skateboard with worn-out trucks and bearings to prevent ruining your prized possessions. You don’t want snow, rain, or ice to snatch those solid picks you made while choosing your skateboard parts.

Could indoor skateparks be an option?

Even with alternate home solutions, don’t dismiss the merits of indoor parks. What is the beauty of these meccas for skaters? They’re built to weather every storm, literally and figuratively. Split the gas, pay entry fees, bring a couple of friends, and soak up the indoor skate life. Remember, it’s always about the right skatepark etiquette. You’ll find helpful hands around every corner if you step in with respect.

For those who don’t have a local skatepark, how about initiating the process to build one? Reach out to foundations like that of Tony Hawk. It’s an investment in time, but it can be an incredible gift to your local skate community.

Can you truly skateboard in winter?

The short answer is a loud yes! But your geographical location plays a crucial role. If you live somewhere resembling sunny California, winter interruptions might sound foreign. On the other hand, fellow New Yorkers, Milwaukee barn burners, or Chicago thrashers might nod at the mention of cold weather derailing plans.

Wear layers, keep yourself warm, and remember, everything hurts slightly in freezing temperatures. Of course, winter has its baggage. Slippery spots, a higher risk of injuries, and colder concrete pads can make skaters extra cautious. But, as they say, no risks, no skate.

Image of a skateboarder wearing black hoodie and pants skating on the street. Source: unsplash
Image of a skateboarder wearing a black hoodie and pants skating on the street. Source: unsplash

My take on winter skateboarding

Now, as a passionate intermediate skateboarder, I must say winter doesn’t have to stop your strides. From personal experience, I’d advise you to bring out your experimental side during the horrible weather days and develop imaginative solutions to keep the bearings rolling. Always remember that bad weather is just a state of mind. Keep shredding and maintaining your gear throughout the season!

“The grind does not stop with winter’s chilly arrival. And neither should your skateboarding. Winter just calls for more resilience, creativity and a dash of daredevilry.”

Despite the dreary image winter paints for skateboarders, I’m here to tell you it isn’t that bad. Winter is just a season, and remember, seasons change. Skateboarding doesn’t.

Advantages and disadvantages of skateboarding in winter

So, now that we’ve battled the wind cleared the rumors, and set the stage, should you, an avid skateboarder, really skate in the winter? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.


  • Improved muscle endurance due to cold weather
  • Innovative ways to skate indoors
  • More disciplined sessions due to limited time and space
  • Discovering new tricks tailored to alternative environments


  • High risk of injury due to slippery surfaces
  • Limited space for practicing street skateboarding
  • Decreased skating times due to early sunset
  • Lower performance due to cold muscles

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we’ve covered lots of ground on skating through the winter wonderlands, some lingering questions might still be skating through your mind. Here are some more nuggets of information for best navigating this frosty season:

Do I need to prepare my board in a special way for winter skating?

Absolutely! It’s crucial to ensure your board is winter-ready. This means using older boards, trucks, and bearings that you won’t mind getting a little roughed up by the harsh weather conditions. And remember, wet conditions are a skateboard’s arch-enemy. Keep your board dry and maintain it regularly to increase its lifespan.

Is it safe to perform tricks while skating in the winter?

Yes, but with an added layer of caution. Perform tricks that suit your skill level because winter’s slippery conditions can increase the risk of injury. It’s not the best time to go launching into new, complicated tricks. Instead, please stick to your go-to favorites and focus on perfecting them.

Can I skate in the snow?

Directly skating on the snow isn’t practical with a regular skateboard. The wheels and deck aren’t designed to ride on snow-laden paths smoothly. However, you could try snow skating, which uses a board designed specifically for the snow.

Is winter skating expensive?

In truth, the costs don’t differ too much from regular skating. You’re not necessarily buying new things; instead, you’re making alternative uses of your old skate gear. You might end up saving some money. Remember, while you’re making these savings, that skateboarding as a sport isn’t cheap.

Final thoughts

Even when the dark clouds loom, and the chilling winds howl, you’re never too far from your beloved skateboard. Sure, it will take more grit, creativity, and maybe even a dash indoors, but nothing can stop the wheels from rolling. What’s your favorite indoor skateboarding spot when it gets too chilly outside? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comment section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks about exciting ways to keep skateboarding, come rain or shine.

Key takeaways

This article covered skateboarding in the winter. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Indoor skating in garages, basements, or even your living room can amp up your skills during the winter.
  • Indoor skateparks and abandoned buildings create a great atmosphere to practice in.
  • Practicing tricks on a carpet or even in your living room is feasible.
  • Despite the wintry challenges, a true skater seizes every opportunity to shred, even if it involves the living room.

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