How to Improve Your Skateboarding Style: 10 Essential Tips

Unlock your unique skate style! Dive in for tips to stand out, refine your flair, and elevate your board game.

Have you ever watched a killer skater smoothly cruise through the park and wondered what their secret is? Every skater knows that style isn’t just about nailing a trick; it’s about how you make it your own. Style sets you apart, gives you flair, and makes legends out of local heroes. Whether you’re just pushing around the park or throwing down a tre flip, it’s your unique style that’ll make heads turn. Ready to elevate your game and find that signature swag? Let’s dive into the world of skateboarding style and see how you can truly stand out from the pack!

How do you improve your skateboarding style?

Skating isn’t just about popping an Ollie or nailing a kickflip. It’s an art form, a way to express your unique personality on four wheels. One crucial aspect of this art form is what skaters refer to as ‘steez,’ a blend of style and ease. Obtaining that distinct ‘steez’ means sharpening your skills and adding your own personal touch that separates you from every other shredder at the park.

Image of a skater practicing a skateboard trick in a skatepark. Source: pexels
Image of a skater practicing a skateboard trick in a skatepark. Source: pexels

1. Familiarize yourself with ‘steez’

Steez is “the combination of style and ease.” It’s the essence of skateboarding, the notion that you’re not merely performing a trick but executing it with flair, character, and a seemingly effortless flow. Skaters like Niagra have a famed ‘steez,’ performing standard tricks but adding their unique twist to them for that extra touch of eye candy.

You see, the whole steez game breaks down to this: yes, you can totally nail kickflips. Heck, you might even do them as smoothly as your avatar in Skate 3, but can you add an extra layer to those kickflips that make every single one of them unique yet perfectly you? The imperfect perfections in your tricks add all the attraction to them, enhancing the visual feast for every onlooker. That, my friend, is the legendary steez.

2. Hone your skills with practice

Alright, it’s age-old advice: practice makes perfect, and that’s true for developing your unique skating style. The more confident you become with your tricks, the more you’ll tweak them to your preferences. It’s how your style, your steez, evolves.

Just remember, there isn’t a shortcut or a magic trick to acquiring steez. It’s born out of practicing, messing up, trying again, and gradually refining your techniques until they’re second nature. The first step is just to get good and become a competent skater who can shred comfortably.

3. Pay attention to form

How you carry yourself while skating can significantly affect your style. If your kickflips resemble rocket ships launching (and we mean literal rockets), chances are your style won’t turn any heads. Your form, the way you bend your knees and shift your weight, is part of your steez.

Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick. Source: pexels
Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick. Source: pexels

Believe it or not, just bending your knees more could add a dash of style to your tricks. Now, this isn’t some secret sauce that will instantly grant you steez, but it’s definitely a start. Over-exaggerating your form will not make up for a complete lack of skill, but it sure can add a sprinkle of style on top!

4. Dress the part

How you feel plays a huge role in how you ride. Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident can change how you carry yourself on the skateboard. Whether you choose comfort over style, or style over comfort, or find the sweet spot right in between, your attire, your swagger, is going to impact your style.

5. Remember that it’s about having fun!

Skateboarding is about freedom, self-expression, and, most importantly, fun! You’re not trying to be the sell-out pro skater making a million off endorsements, right? Avoid equating your worth with how many views or likes you’re getting on your Instagram clips.

If you enjoy shredding, it’ll show in your style; your skating will become fluid, and steez will come naturally. So drop in, shred hard, and remember to enjoy every moment of it. The rest will follow. The skate park is your playground, not a battlefield. You’re not fighting anyone but yourself. Happy shredding!

Dos and don’ts of improving your skateboarding style

Developing your skating style takes time and practice. Here’s a quick rundown of some dos and don’ts that can help you on this journey.

Practice regularly and consistentlyDon’t obsess over perfection.
Experiment with different tricks and stylesDon’t compare your style to others.
Pay attention to your body positionDon’t disregard safety.
Dos and don’ts of improving your skateboarding style
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

How to improve your skateboarding style: 10 essential tips | 61vn95mf7ql. Ac sl1184 | skateboard salad
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

What are some additional tips for improving skateboarding style?

Besides mastering tricks and getting familiar with ‘steez,’ here are a few additional tips that might speed up your journey to becoming a style maestro on the skateboard:

  • Watch how the pros do it. A bit of imitation at the beginning can lead to innovation.
  • Record your sessions. You might detect mistakes or areas of improvement that you didn’t notice while skating.
  • Share your clips on platforms like Instagram and seek feedback. A fresh set of eyes can provide fruitful insights.

The struggle with finding your skateboarding style

From a novice skateboarder’s perspective, the journey towards a steezier style is a bumpy ride. When you’re just starting, every little trick feels like a massive achievement (like landing a Frontside Air à la Tony Hawk). But as you evolve, you realize it’s not just about nailing the trick.

“Skateboarding is about freedom, self-expression, and most importantly, fun! You’re not trying to be the sell-out pro-skater making a million off endorsements, right? If you enjoy shredding, it’ll show in your style, your skating will become fluid, and ‘steez’ will come naturally.”

This realization is challenging but also exciting. It’s where the technicalities meld with the artistry, transforming skateboarding from just a sport to a creative form of self-expression. In this post, I detail my initial struggles with style and how confronting them has only fueled my skateboarding passion.

In skateboarding, every rider makes their own rules. After all, what’s freestyling without encapsulating your style and your steez? Here’s to finding ours! Keep shredding!

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stepping into the world of skateboarding, it’s natural to have a few questions buzzing in your mind. We’ve all been there! Here are answers to some common queries that novice skaters often have.

Where can I learn more about skateboarding styles?

An excellent way to learn about different skateboarding styles is by following professional skateboarders and the tricks they pull off. Videos on YouTube, Instagram clips, and platforms like our very own SkateTV are great sources to pick up inspiration.

What skateboarding clothes should I wear?

Wear what feels comfortable and boosts your confidence. Some skaters feel their best in sleek sportswear, while others feel more at home in baggy tees and pants. There is no hard and fast rule to this: your clothing should reflect your personal style and not hinder your movement on the skateboard.

Are there specific tricks that can enhance my style?

No specific trick guarantees steez. However, working on your form while doing tricks—like bending your knees dramatically during landings – and trying variations of common tricks can add to your style. Remember, steez is an expression of your unique personality on the skateboard!

Is it essential to develop a skateboarding style?

Developing a skateboarding style is not mandatory but highly recommended. It adds an element of creativity and individuality to your skating. Plus, it makes your journey with skateboarding more personal and rewarding.

Final thoughts

Making your mark in the world of skateboarding is all about embracing the essence of ‘steez’ – executing tricks with style and fluidity. The journey towards ‘steez,’ though a bit challenging, is definitely rewarding in the long run. It gives you the confidence to shred more creatively and adds a personal touch to your skateboarding experience. If you’re looking for more, you can check out my blog post about common skateboarding myths.

So, what are some unique touches you’ve added to your tricks? How did they affect your skating style? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article insightful, share it with a skating buddy. Skirt around our blog for more skateboarding tips and tidbits. Thanks for reading, and keep shredding!

Key takeaways

This article has been all about cultivating your skateboarding style. Here are the key takeaways to remember:

  • ‘Steez’ is a combination of style and ease in the execution of skateboarding tricks.
  • Regular practice is the best way to develop your steez.
  • Form and body posture can significantly influence your style.
  • Wearing defiant and comfortable clothes can enhance your ‘steez.’
  • The pursuit of ‘steez’ should never overshadow the core principle of skateboarding: enjoyment.

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