Do Skaters Hate Electric Skateboards? An Insider’s Take on The Debate

Explore the skateboarding world's stance on electric boards.

What do you think about electric skateboards? If you’ve dipped your toes into the skateboarding scene, you’ve likely heard the divided opinions on this touchy topic. Do skaters really despise electric skateboards? There’s a lot of heat surrounding this electrifying invention within the skateboarding community. Well, real talk, the answer to that is a resounding yes.

This article will take you through an electrifying journey where we will explore why skaters aren’t huge fans of electric skateboards.

Why are electric skateboards frowned upon in the skateboarding community?

Look, you might love electric skateboards for their undeniable convenience and speed. Not having to push up hills gives some of us a reason to live. But let’s be real: in the skater community, these motorized bad boys are seen as lazy, a kind of cheating, if you will. Let’s break down why:

Image of a person riding an electric skateboard. Source: unsplash
Image of a person riding an electric skateboard. Source: unsplash
  • They take away the skill: Sick tricks and insane speeds are part of the allure of skateboarding. Half the joy of shredding the streets is the challenge, the hard work, and the elbow grease. With electric skateboards, one might argue, the board does all the work and the rider not so much.
  • The ‘kook’ factor: Within the skateboarding community, ‘kooks’ are often seen as pretenders, the guys who churn because they’re bored. There’s a general belief that riding an electric skateboard does not scream ‘skater.’
My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

Can electric skateboards find a way into the skate scene?

Do we hate electric skateboards? Maybe. But did we despise smartphones when they first came out? Yep. Did we eventually fall in love with them? You bet. So, who knows, maybe electric skateboards will also carve their niche and become a beloved part of our culture. Time will tell. Until then, let’s shred some pavement, one push at a time.

Dos and don’ts of riding electric skateboards

Switching from foot-powered boards to electric skateboards can be a thrilling leap. But as with any skateboarding venture, there are some key points to keep in mind. Let’s run through some of the dos and don’ts.

Confirm all the components are securely assembledDon’t skip reading the manual
Always wear a helmet! Safety first, shredders!Don’t push the speed if you’re a beginner
Practice braking and accelerating smoothlyAvoid abrupt stops and starts
Understand the controls before you hit the streetsDon’t rush out without fully charging it
Engage with a skaters’ community for tipsDon’t overlook regular maintenance
Dos and don’ts of riding electric skateboards

Advantages and disadvantages of using an electric skateboard

Like any other mode of transport, electric skateboarding has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s dive right in and explore both sides of the coin.

Advantages of using an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards aren’t only for fun; they are also practical. Here are some incredible benefits:

  • Proximity: Great for short-distance commuting.
  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to sweat-soaked shirts; let the board do the work.
  • Speed: They pack a mighty punch in terms of speed.
  • Stability: The board’s design allows excellent balance, especially for beginners.

Disadvantages of using an electric skateboard

Despite its advantages, electric skateboarding isn’t without its downsides:

  • Weight: These boards can be pretty heavy, making casual carrying a bit of a task.
  • Charging: No battery life, no fun. You’ll need regular access to power for a charge-up.
  • Noise: Some electric skateboards can be quite noisy.
  • Cost: Compared to a traditional skateboard, these electric dudes can dent your pocket.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wheels locking up and bolts coming loose are just a part of life for skaters. We often grapple with more weighty queries. Here are answers to some common questions about electric skateboarding:

Can you perform tricks on an electric skateboard like a traditional one?

While you can perform tricks on an electric skateboard, it’s honestly not the best idea. Due to the weight and the electric components, trying out tricks like those on traditional skateboards may render your e-board nonfunctional. So you might want to stick to the original skateboard when you’re itching for some tricky action or to show off your tricks.

How does the braking system work on an electric skateboard?

The braking system on electric skateboards, like Max Find Max2 Pro, uses regenerative braking. This slows down the board by turning the motors in reverse, capturing that energy to recharge the batteries. While it sounds a bit gnarly, it’s rather efficient and offers stronger brake force.

Do I need to wear special gear when riding an electric skateboard?

Just like traditional skateboarding, you should always prioritize safety. From helmets to knee pads, wearing protective gear isn’t a choice; it’s a must. Skateboarding, electric or not, is a risky business. So, be smart and strap on that helmet.

Can the Max Find Max2 Pro endure rough terrains?

While it is not built specifically for off-roading, the Max Find Max2 Pro holds up pretty well on various surfaces. Whether sidewalks or small bumps, the 90mm wheels can handle it all. Remember, however, that it’s probably best not to take your e-board for a ride through rocky terrain or a crazy backyard skatepark.

Skating is all about dismantling doubts, digging into new realms, and seeing what works for your style. Remember, there are no hard-and-fast rules here. Shred safe, and have fun out there!

Final thoughts

We’ve shredded our way through an electrifying board. But what’s the bottom line? Electric skateboards are here; they’re a blast and offer a different kind of fun—a laid-back, breezy experience with an adrenaline rush thrown in for good measure. They may never replace traditional skateboarding; the skate world is evolving. Embrace the change, take that ride, and enjoy every minute of it.

Which side of the electric skateboard fence are you on? Are you a traditionalist or ready to embrace the fun ‘n’ easy electric ride? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips, tricks, and skateboarding revelations. Thanks for reading, and keep rolling!

Key takeaways

This article dove deep into the world of electric skateboards. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Skaters typically frown upon electric skateboards as they believe they undermine the essence of skateboarding.
  • While not everyone’s cup of tea, electric skateboards offer an alternative for effortless cruising and speed.
  • Despite being perceived as ‘kook’ boards, electric skateboards can be a ton of fun, and, hey, they can even pull off donuts!

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