Top 10 Best Skateboard Videos Ever Made: A Cinematic Skate Journey

Dive into skateboarding's rich history with our top 10 best skateboard videos ever. Get inspired, stoked, and ready to ride!

Have you ever seen a killer skate video that jazzes you up, making you instantly want to snag your board and get to shredding? That’s the power of skateboarding culture intertwined with film. In this adventure, we’ll travel back in time and wheel through the rich history of skateboarding. Not only will you learn about the visual masterpieces documenting skateboarding, but you’ll also discover the legendary riders, tricks, and historical narratives that propelled this sport into the mainstream.

What makes a skateboard video truly great?

Creating a truly great skateboard video involves several key elements that capture the essence of skateboarding culture and engage viewers effectively. A great skateboard video showcases innovative and impressive tricks, lines, and maneuvers. It should feature skilled skateboarders pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Image of a man holding a cellphone while watching a skateboarding video. Source: unsplash
Image of a man holding a cellphone while watching a skateboarding video. Source: unsplash

Viewers appreciate the genuine passion for skateboarding, and videos should reflect the real personalities and styles of the skateboarders involved. High-quality production values, including crisp filming, creative editing, and excellent sound design, can elevate a skateboard video. Smooth transitions, well-timed slow-motion shots, and effective use of music can enhance the viewing experience.

Viewers appreciate the genuine passion for skateboarding, and videos should reflect the real personalities and styles of the skateboarders involved.

Some skateboard videos incorporate storytelling elements, providing context or narratives that draw viewers in and create a more memorable experience. A great skateboard video can feature a mix of skateboarders with different styles, backgrounds, and skill levels. This diversity adds depth and appeal to the video.

Great skateboard videos have a timeless quality, meaning they can be enjoyed by skateboarding enthusiasts for years, even as trends change. Some skateboard videos leave a lasting legacy by inspiring future generations of skateboarders and influencing the direction of the sport.

My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

What are the top five game-changing skateboarding videos?

Get ready to slide back through memory lane. As we’ve already discussed, skateboarding and videography became fast friends, inseparable partners executing a beautiful dance. The various tricks and styles, coupled with each generation’s heroes tirelessly pushing the envelope, make it nearly impossible to create a definitive list. Yet, we can pick out the ones that left a massive impact, innovating the skate space in their own unique ways. Grab a seat, prepare to revisit legendary footage, and absorb the inspirational stories they tell.

1. The Bones Brigade video show (1984)

The one that kick-started it all, “The Bones Brigade Video Show,” is essentially the first-ever skateboarding feature video. Produced by the legendary duo Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk, this video holds a special place in the skateboarding community.

Add a touch of razor-sharp ’80s music to the backdrop of some sick pool and vert skating, and you have a masterpiece that calls out to seasoned pros and beginners alike. Icons like Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, and Rodney Mullen filled their roles, each contributing to making this video a game-changer that inspired many generations and continues to do so even today.

2. Powell Peralta: The Search for Animal Chin (1987)

Unraveling the early days of skateboarding videos, “The Search for Animal Chin” stands out. Another blockbuster piece from the Bones Brigade, this video introduced plot elements to the mix, making it distinct from its predecessor.

Despite a rather corny plot—trust me, that’s part of its charm—it’s the high-octane vert and street skating from big names like Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, and Tony Hawk that make it a must-watch. Pro tip—if you’re into vert skating, our guide on Thunder, Independent, or Venture Trucks should be your next pit stop.

3. H-Street: Shackle Me Not (1988)

Dated yet packing enough punch to make you jealous of the feats and tricks the skaters pull off, “Shackle Me Not” is the epitome of hardcore vert, pool, and street skating that makes your jaw drop.

Centered around the H-Street crew, this video celebrates amazing skaters like Matt Hensley, Danny Way, and Tony Magnusson going bonkers with their boards. If you’re not an ’80s kid and these names don’t ring a bell, this video should be your introduction to these masters.

4. H-Street: Hokus Pokus (1989)

Another gem from the H-Street series—this video, chock-full of revolutionary tricks and path-breaking concepts, ushered in a new era of skate films. Regarded as a turning point, “Hokus Pokus” pushed boundaries, forever changing the skateboarding world.

The video showcases legendary skaters taking revolutionary stances, successfully pulling off tricks that, till then, resided in the wildest dreams of enthusiasts. After understanding what this video holds inside, Matt Hensley’s decision to quit pro skating feels even more regrettable.

5. Blind: Video Days (1991)

When “Video Days” hit the shelves in 1991, skateboarding got its first taste of Hollywood-level direction, thanks to Spike Jonze, who became a mainstream Hollywood director. But, well, we got the first taste of his genius.

Setting new benchmarks for skate movies, the film goes way beyond tricks and flips—it witnesses the transformation of the skateboard industry from ‘corporate ownership and vert contests’ to the era of modern street skating. With a significant story to tell and the iconic Mark Gonzales leading the charge, “Video Days” cements its place as an integral piece of skateboarding culture and history.

Now, quick, put on your skate shoes, grab the popcorn, and let’s roll! Afterward, if you’re all pumped up and ready to give your board a ride, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on easy beginner skateboard tricks that can help you get started. Don’t forget to give your ride the care it deserves—check out our tips on how to keep your skateboard in good condition. Skate safe and ride-free!

6. Alien Workshop: Memory Screen (1991)

When “Memory Screen” was released by Alien Workshop in 1991 in Super Eight format, it was seen as an experimental twist to the skate movie scene with its ingenious blend of creative editing, a pulsating soundtrack, and killer stunts. Featuring Rob Dyrdek and Steve Claar, who displayed compelling feats of technical and vert skating, Memory Screen holds its worth in the skateboarding videotape library.

7. Plan B: Questionable (1992)

“Questionable” by Plan B is an absolute classic that has weathered time well while setting the bar for today’s skateboarding. Ask any skateboarder which skate videography has deeply influenced them, and you’re likely to hear “Questionable” come up quite frequently. Showcasing the artistry of master Rodney Mullen alongside the jaw-dropping Smiths and lipslides of Pat, this video pushed the wheel ahead for skateboarding in the coming years.

8. 101: Snuff (1993)

When “Snuff” was released in 1993, it took the skateboarding community by storm. The short and punchy film featured young Jason Dill and Gino Iannucci pulling off revolutionary tricks with remarkable style and execution. The accuracy, speed, and execution on Snuff remain unmatched and hold up well, even by today’s standards.

9. Girl Skateboard: Goldfish (1994)

“Goldfish” is a hidden gem among skateboarding videos. This full-length video from Girl includes prime footage from its initial squad, with names like Mike Carroll and Eric Koston showcasing their skills. Its mix of high-level skateboarding and humor, coupled with an iconic Beastie Boys soundtrack, makes it an easy pick for this list.

10. Zero: Mislead Youth (1999)

“Zero: Mislead Youth” is a film exuding raw power pushed to its limits—think death-defying leaps and potential bone-shattering wipeouts. Its gritty, dark, and influential style defined an entire generation of skaters hungry for more gnarly tricks.

Image of a cellphone playing a skateboarding video. Source: unsplash
Image of a cellphone playing a skateboarding video. Source: unsplash

Steven’s take on skateboarding videos

Guys, I’ll tell you this: as much as I love cruising the pavements and shredding at the skate park, watching these skate videos always gives me a fresh perspective. Memory Screen continues to blow my mind, and the feats in Plan B, Questionable, always get me stoked!

Watch these videos for the love of the sport, not just to compare your skills with the pros, because, let’s be real, not everyone can pull off a ‘Tony Hawk,’ at least not without a solid board (Check our guide on that)! So, kick back, enjoy these masterpieces, and remember, always skate safely.

“In skateboarding, each video is a powerful story waiting to unfold, immersing viewers in a visceral experience—one that pushes its own boundaries yet leaves room for interpretations and individual journeys.”

Let’s quickly explore some statistics about skateboarding culture and its video repertoire.

YearsVideo TitlePrimary Skater(s)
1984The Bones Brigade Video ShowTony Hawk, Stacy Peralta
1987The Search for Animal ChinTony Hawk, Lance Mountain
1988Shackle Me NotMatt Hensley, Danny Way
1989Hokus PokusBrian Lotti, Danny Way
1991Video DaysJason Lee, Mark Gonzales
1991Memory ScreenRob Dyrdek, Steve Claar
1992QuestionablePat Duffy, Rodney Mullen
1993SnuffJason Dill, Gino Iannucci
1994GoldfishEric Koston, Mike Carrol
1999Misled YouthEric Ellington, Jamie Thomas
A snapshot of key skateboarding videos over time

Advantages and disadvantages of watching skateboarding videos

Regardless of your skill level, watching skateboarding videos can completely transform your understanding of the sport. They’re incredible resources that can shape your skills, inspire your style, and fire up your passion for skateboarding. But their influence isn’t all positive—like any resource, they have pros and cons.


  • Insights into advanced tricks: By watching professional skaters, you gain exposure to advanced tricks and nuances you might not see in person.
  • Motivation: Seeing what’s possible can boost your motivation. Watching others conquer their fears can help you tackle your own.
  • Fun: Let’s not forget—they’re entertaining! Skateboarding videos often come with a killer soundtrack and a pinch of humor.


  • Unrealistic comparisons: An overdose of professional skate videos can lead to unnecessary comparisons with your skill levels.
  • Safety risk: Watching high-risk stunts might tempt you into trying dangerous tricks without proper training or safety gear.
  • Overload of information: There’s a risk of information overload. Too much content can divert your focus from mastering the basics to learning advanced tricks prematurely.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Skateboarding culture and the art of capturing it on film aren’t all that easy to grasp. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions to navigate you through the world of skateboarding videos.

Why should I watch skateboarding videos?

Watching skateboarding videos can give you unique insights into the sport, inspiring you to try new tricks, improve your performance, and understand the culture better. It’s also exciting to see the masters in action, which can provide endless entertainment and motivation for your skate journey.

Can skateboarding videos help me improve?

Absolutely! Skateboarding videos aren’t exclusive to pros. They offer great learning opportunities for beginners. Through these videos, you can observe how the masters execute basic to advanced tricks, which can be a great learning tool. Additionally, we have a handy guide on easy beginner skateboard tricks to get you started!

How frequently should I watch skateboarding videos?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should watch skateboarding videos—it’s largely subjective and depends on your personal preference. Remember, the key is to enjoy the experience and use it as a tool to enhance your skating abilities, not as a yardstick for comparisons or quick progress.

Final thoughts

It’s amazing how intertwined the history of skateboarding and videography is. These formative videos offer a vibrant flavor of the sport and stand testimony to the fantastic journey skateboarding has embarked upon in the past decades. Which skateboarding video inspired you the most, and how did it impact your journey? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. For more tips and conversations around skating, check out my full blog. Till then, stay stoked and ride safe!

Key takeaways

In this deep dive, we navigated the captivating waters of skateboarding videos. Here are some killer takeaways:

  • Skateboarding videos are much more than entertaining—they’re a rich source of motivation and learning.
  • The selected videos span decades, each contributing to shaping the face of skateboarding.
  • From the tricks to the skaters, music, and filming style, every element of these videos exudes the raw essence of skateboarding.
  • While these videos can inspire, it’s critical to take safety precautions and ride within your abilities.

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