Skateboard Setup Bowl & Pool Skating: Mastering the Swell with The Right Gear

Gear up for the ultimate skate! Unearth the ideal setup for skateboarding in bowls and pools, from decks to wheel specs.

Ever wondered what makes for the perfect skateboard setup for bowls and pools? Skating in bowls and pools is a delightful dance with gravity, requiring not just skill and guts but also the right gear. I’ve skated, wiped out, tweaked, and tested until I nailed down the perfect setup. Read on as I dive headfirst into what works, what doesn’t, and why. Expect to stumble upon some neat tricks to optimize your setup, not to mention a few personal gear recommendations to get you shredding those bowls and pools seamlessly.

What’s the ideal skateboard setup for a bowl and pool?

Let’s start by dissecting the perfect skateboard setup for pool and bowls, starting with the deck. The best one? A broader one, at least 8.5″ wide. Why? Stability, folks! When you’re carving your way out of a big old bowl, no standard-issue skateboard deck is going to cut it. You need a wider terrain to build a solid stance (access the finest skateboard decks for street skating here).

Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick in a pool. Source: unsplash
Image of a skater doing a skateboard trick in a pool. Source: unsplash

What about wheel size and hardness?

Your skateboard wheels need to meet a particular diameter and hardness – 56-58mm and between 90A to 99A, respectively. Seems beefy, right? Trust me on this one. Bigger, slightly harder wheels offer traction and allow for explosive speed and momentum, which are absolutely vital when we’re talking about skating in pools and bowls. Wanna understand the difference between varying types of wheels better? Explore the head-to-head between Bones and Spitfire wheels.

What trucks should you choose?

When it comes to trucks, my pick is Independent stage 11 – 149, which perfectly fits an 8.5” deck. However, here’s an asterisk—stay clear of Krux, not a solid choice there. Instead, I’d nudge you towards Venture and Indys, especially if, like me, loose trucks rock your boat. High trucks easily facilitate turning, an ability that you’ll value skating bowls. Interested in assembling your own skateboards? Here are some of the best skateboard parts.

Are bushings and bearings important?

If you’re going bowl skating, tweaking your setup is not a choice. It’s utterly crucial. Now, this is where Bones hardcore bushings step in. They come in different hardnesses, and once you’ve figured out the right one for you, they’re a game-changer. My current setup includes medium hards, and they offer the right amount of responsiveness I need.

Image of two skaters riding a bowl. Source: unsplash
Image of two skaters riding a bowl. Source: unsplash

Quality bearings matter. They mean speed, and guess what? Speed is your friend when tackling bowls and pools. Specs have it: Bronson G3 bearings are a killer option, offering crazy speed without burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t take my word for it. Look up some of the best skateboard decks here.

Can grip tape and shock pads improve my game?

Do not underestimate the power of gritty grip tape. It’s clutch in providing that much-needed, robust grip. Shock pads, especially 1/16″ ones, can take care of preventing nasty wheel bites. All these might seem insignificant individually, but collectively, they determine how well you perform.

My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

Skateboard setup bowl & pool skating: mastering the swell with the right gear | 51zg0zexcwl. Ac sl1500 | skateboard salad
My favorite deck (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard Deck

I have always loved Enjoi’s simple designs and iconic panda. These decks are rare nowadays, so you will turn some heads. It pops great and lasts lots of grueling hours at the skatepark. Maybe it’s the simplistic design, but this is by far my favorite deck.

My two cents

Keep in mind, folks, that these are just insights based on what worked well for me over the years. In the end, your style, skating preference, and comfort play a significant role in figuring out what an ideal skateboard setup for a bowl or pool looks like for you. Sure, these specs I mentioned are rock-solid starting points, but don’t feel limited by them; tweak and experiment until you find your sweet spot! Remember that skating is as much about adventure as it is about technicalities, and sometimes, learning to ride longboards can be easier than skateboarding.

“Skating in bowls and pools is a dance with gravity, requiring a blend of skill, guts, and the right gear. Mark my words: the wider the deck, the better the shred!”

There you have it. Enjoy your ride, live the journey, and always remember – the best skater out there is the one having the most fun!

Dos and dont’s of skating in bowl & pool

Few things rival the thrill of skating bowls or pools, but there’s a certain etiquette to be followed and some hard and fast rules that ensure you’re doing it right. Let’s explore these dos and don’ts to keep you on the right side of the curb.

Use a wide deck with a minimum width of 8.5″Skate with narrower decks (under 8.5″)
Opt for larger wheels between 56mm and 58mmChoose small wheels
Prioritize Independent Stage 11 -149 trucksUse Krux trucks
Setup with Bones hardcore bushingsIgnore the importance of quality bushings
Choose quality bearings for optimal speedSettle for standard Reds
Table Essential Dos and Don’ts when setting up your skateboard for bowl and pool skating

The intricate dynamics of wheel hardness and diameter – cracking the code

Wheel hardness and diameter can be puzzling to a beginner. The following table offers an insight into the critical parameters and their impacts.

Wheel Diameter (mm)Achieved SpeedStabilityRecommended Usage
50-53LowHighSmall boards, trick skating, street
54-59MediumMediumAll-round usage, beginners, bigger boards
60+HighLowLongboards, downhill, dirt boards
A glance at how wheel diameter and hardness fundamentally influence your skateboarding experience.

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Skating bowls and pools tend to throw up a few queries and doubts. You may be wondering what setup wards off excessive wear and tear or which skateboard shoes offer the right grip. Let’s take a stroll down FAQ lane to help demystify these queries.

Is a specific skateboard size needed for bowl & pool skating?

Absolutely, yes! Consider a wider board, at least 8.5″ or above. It provides better stability, aiding your maneuvering and balancing skills when handling the intense pressure of bowls and pools. The increased surface area also facilitates efficient power transmission. Not sure where to get one? Our top-notch skateboard deck selection has you covered!

Do skateboarding shoes impact performance in pools and bowls?

In simple terms, you bet! A good pair of skateboarding shoes can drastically augment your performance in bowls and pools. Offering a firmer grip, they ensure your feet stay snugly on the board while you pull off insane tricks. Check out our dedicated guide on choosing the appropriate skateboarding shoes.

Can beginner skaters try skating pool and bowls?

While skating pools and bowls can be thrilling, be warned—it isn’t for the faint-hearted or absolute beginners. It demands superior control, balance, and agility. That said, everyone has to start somewhere. Intermediate skaters can certainly consider it, while beginner skaters are better off experimenting with flat terrains before diving into bowls. Looking for suitable boards for beginners? We’ve got you covered.

Are cruiser skateboards suitable for bowl skating?

Surprisingly, yes! Cruiser skateboards are a versatile breed, adept at streets and, with suitable modifications, can hold its own in bowls and pools. While they’re typically not the first choice, a well-set cruiser board (with proper trucks and larger wheels) can serve as a decent bowl and pool skateboard. Apt cruisers have been compiled for you right here.

Final thoughts

Nailing the perfect skateboard setup for bowls and pool carving can be a head-scratcher, right? With a dash of patience, a fistful of skate-love, and the right gear, it doesn’t have to be. Remember, a stellar setup is only a launching pad. It’s your skills and spirit that truly soar in the skate-blue yonder! So go out there, and as I always say, let the wheels do the talking – and shredding! Want to delve deeper into skateboarding intricacies? Discover how to choose the ideal skateboard for executing tricks.

Did my ramblings about skateboard setups for bowls and pools hit home? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on armoring your skate arsenal. Thanks for reading, and always remember, life is always better when you’re shredding!

Key takeaways

This article covered the essential elements of an ideal skateboard setup for skating in bowls and pools. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Go for a wider deck of at least 8.5″ for greater stability in bowls and pool skating.
  • Choose larger wheels between 56mm and 58mm in diameter and a durometer between 90A and 99A for momentum and traction.
  • Trucks contribute to control and maneuverability, with Independent stages 11 – 149 being a solid choice.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of good quality bushings and bearings; Bones hardcore bushings and Bronson G3 bearings come highly recommended.
  • Additional tweaks like gritty grip tape and shock pads can drastically enhance your skating experience.

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