Skateboard Cost: How Much Should You Spend? (Essential Guide)

Learn what you'll pay for a skateboard and get tips on optimizing your skate budget.

Ever noticed how some skaters will endlessly argue about the right gear? I’ve seen fist-bumps turn to face-offs when it comes to the cost of a decent skateboard. The thing is, knowing your gear, like picking out the best skateboard decks, is crucial to ruling the streets.

What’s the cash damage for a solid skateboard? We’ll slash through the confusion and give you the lowdown on skateboard pricing. You’ll get to understand why a skateboard’s price tag isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal.

Key takeaways

  • Complete skateboards range from $50 to $200+ depending on quality and customization.
  • Investing in high-quality trucks and wheels can notably improve your ride.
  • Regular maintenance and upgrading parts can extend the life and performance of your skateboard.

How much does a skateboard cost?

When you’re itching to hit the pavement, knowing what you’ll need to shell out for a skateboard can save you from a wallet disaster. So, let’s cut to the chase: a skateboard’s price can range broadly from $50 for a basic setup to $200+ for a custom build that’s got all the premium bells and whistles.

Featured image for a blog post called skateboard cost how much should you spend essential guide.
Featured image for a blog post called skateboard cost how much should you spend essential guide.
  • Average complete skateboard: $70-$150
  • Custom setup components:

Deck: $30-$60 Trucks: Usually seen as the backbone of your board, snag a pair for $40-$60. Wheels and bearings: Glide and spin come down to these, expect to part with $20-$50. Grip tape: That stick-to-your-kick surface, a mere $5-$15.

Other costs like hardware and tools can add up, but don’t forget, your style and skating type play roles in your ideal board. For precision on what goes into a great street skating setup, check out the insight on the best skateboard decks for street skating.

I’ve gotta tell you, from a non-expert standpoint – but as someone who’s spent a decent chunk of life on four wheels – how much you spend on a skateboard hinges on your skate goals and commitment. If you’re just dipping your toe in, maybe don’t splash out on a pro model right away. And hey, I remember this scene from an old skate movie where the newbie splurged on the flashiest board only to find out he preferred filming tricks to doing them.

Investing in your skateboarding experience goes beyond just buying a board. It’s about making informed choices that will amplify your shredding sessions and help you connect with the skate community.

While choosing a board, remember what you’re getting into. Take it from someone who’s kissed the concrete more times than I’d like to admit, starting with a reliable but less costly board makes sense if you’re prone to bailing a lot. Once you’ve got the hang of it, invest in something sturdier.

You can always upgrade later as you shred harder and your skills evolve. For a bit of guidance, skate over to the intel on the best skateboard for a seven-year-old to see how quality rides start early.

My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

Skateboard cost breakdown

When it comes to picking your skateboard, the price isn’t just about slapping a sticker on some wood and wheels—it’s a reflection of the parts and labor that go into creating your street-surfing buddy.

Deck options and prices

The deck is your stage, your platform for self-expression. Price-wise, you’re looking at:

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skateboard cost: how much should you spend? (essential guide)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skateboard cost: how much should you spend? (essential guide)’.
  • Basic Blank Decks: $20-$35
  • Graphic Decks: $50-$70
  • Pro Model Decks: $55-$85

The design complexity and pro skater endorsements can cause the price to kickflip higher. Decks are the artful soul of your setup, and picking the right graphic is a rite of passage. If you’re looking for recommendations, check out the best skateboard decks for street skating.

Skateboard truck considerations

Trucks are the sturdy metal pieces that keep you grounded and grinding. They range from:

  • Entry-Level Trucks: $20-$30 per set
  • Mid-Range Trucks: $40-$60 per set
  • High-End, Specialized Trucks: $70-$100 per set

High-quality trucks offer better stability and longevity, crucial for mastering those grinds. Dive deeper into the world of trucks and discover the best skateboard trucks for cruising.

Wheel and bearing dynamics

Rolling smooth and fast depends on your wheels and bearings. For these, expect to pay:

  • Basic Wheel Sets: $15-$25
  • Premium Wheels: $30-$50
  • Bearings: $10-$30

The material and hardness of the wheels, measured in ‘durometer’, affect the ride’s feel, while bearing ratings impact speed and smoothness. You’ll find insights on the best skateboarding wheels that’ll suit your ride.

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skateboard cost: how much should you spend? (essential guide)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skateboard cost: how much should you spend? (essential guide)’.

Extra skate gear costs

Lastly, skateboarding isn’t just about the board itself. Consider these essentials too:

  • Safety Gear (helmet, pads): $40-$100
  • Skate Tools: $10-$20
  • Maintenance and repairs: Varies

These extras keep you safe and your board in top condition. For maintenance tips, take a peek at how to repair your skateboard without breaking the bank.

Summary of skateboarding costs

Understanding the costs involved in skateboarding can help you budget better and make informed choices. From decks to safety gear, it’s not just about buying a product but investing in your skating experience. For a detailed guide on skateboarding essentials, glide through what makes a good skateboard.

A data table provides a clear, concise way to present information in rows and columns. For skaters weighing their options and wallet, this table lays out the essential components and associated costs for a complete skateboard. It’s an easy glance at what you’ll need to fork out for each part of your trusty steed.

Trucks (per set)$20-30$40-60$70-100
Wheels (set of 4)$15-25$30-50N/A
Safety Gear$40-100N/AN/A
Skate Tools$10-20N/AN/A
Estimated prices for skateboard components by category.

Navigating the skateboard shopping scene can be like tackling a gnarly half-pipe—if you’re not careful, you might just wipe out your bank account. To steer clear of that, here’s a grind-down of some savvy shopper dos and don’ts to ensure you get the best bang for your buck without bailing on quality.

Research and compare prices before making a purchaseRush into buying the most expensive option
Consider buying second-hand for a better priceNeglect inspecting used boards for damage
Buy safety gear alongside your boardCompromise your safety to save money
Look for sales or discounts at skate shopsOverlook the importance of proper fit
Smart practices for selecting and purchasing skateboards.

More skateboarding tips

Hitting the streets with your board is about more than just having the right gear. Here’s how you can squeeze every drop of stoke from your skate sessions without breaking bones or your board:

  • Skate within your ability: Progress naturally to prevent slams.
  • Stay updated on gear: Keep your eyes peeled for the latest innovations by checking resources like the best skateboard trucks for bowls.
  • Embrace skate culture: Watch the best skateboard documentaries to get inspired.
  • Mix it up: Don’t shy away from different skate styles—vert, street, or even longboarding.
  • Learn from others: Join forums or local skate communities to swap tips and tricks.
  • Maintain your board: Regular tune-ups can make your board last longer, and here’s how to repair your skateboard when needed.
  • Invest in quality skate shoes: They can improve your performance and protect your feet, so choose a pair from the best skate shoes for flat feet.
  • Stay fit: Skateboarding is demanding, so stay in shape with fitness and nutrition tips tailored to skaters.

If you are a visual learner, check out this video titled ‘How Much It Costs To Setup A Skateboard!’

A video titled “How Much It Costs To Setup A Skateboard!” from the “Ashton Kelley” YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How usually should I replace my skateboard?

Depending on how frequently you skate, you might need to replace your board every few months or once a year. Heavy shredding on rough surfaces will wear it out faster. Keep an eye on the deck for cracks, splinters, or significant wear on the tail and nose as signs it’s time for a new one.

Can I upgrade parts of my skateboard instead of buying a new one?

Absolutely! Many skaters upgrade their trucks, wheels, or bearings to improve performance. This can be a cost-effective way to enhance your skateboarding without needing a brand new complete board.

Just remember to check compatibility with your deck.

Is it better to build a custom skateboard or buy a complete one?

Building a custom skateboard allows for personalized optimization for your style and needs. However, for beginners or those on a strict budget, a complete skateboard might offer better value. Once you’re more experienced, you might want to explore assembling your own custom rig.

Final thoughts

That’s the rundown on the costs associated with skateboarding. Whether you’re a newbie on the block or a seasoned vet, understanding the ins and outs of skateboard pricing is crucial. Remember, it’s about striking that perfect balance between quality, performance, and your own skateboarding ambitions.

How much are you willing to invest in your skate quest? Did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below.I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on the topic. Thanks for reading and keep pushing that wood!

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