Skateboard Trucks for Cruising: Which Ones Rule the Streets? (Find Out Here)

Master cruising with the best skateboard trucks – essential for smooth rides and sharp turns.

Ever strolled into a skate shop and overheard the fiery debate on whether high tops or low tops rule the skate world? It’s the same with truck choice—each component can make or break your ride, just like choosing the right skateboard deck can elevate your game. Finding the best skateboard trucks for cruising isn’t just about color or brand, it’s a craft.

Dive into the nuances in this post, where we cover the dynamism of cruising trucks. You’ll learn how to spot quality trucks that’ll keep your cruising smooth and your turns crisp. Check out some primo deck options right here to start building your ideal setup.

Key takeaways

  • Responsive kingpins and soft bushings are key for smooth cruising.
  • Ensure your trucks match your deck width for optimal balance and stability.
  • Durable materials in trucks can extend the life of your cruising rig.

How do you choose prime trucks for your cruising setup?

Before you shred the streets, let’s zoom in on those crucial pieces of metal that are the linchpin between your board and wheels—trucks. You need trucks that can handle the push and pull of cruising without compromising on control. We’re here to truck through the jargon and give you a list of the top trucks designed for the smooth rider in you.

Featured image for a blog post called skateboard trucks for cruising which ones rule the streets find out here.
Featured image for a blog post called skateboard trucks for cruising which ones rule the streets find out here.

These are the unsung heroes that will keep your cruising game as smooth as butter.

1. Kingpin comfort: Cushioned cruising trucks

The essence of cruising is in the glide and ease of movement. That’s where a truck with a responsive kingpin and soft bushings comes in. These trucks offer you the ability to carve and turn with minimal effort, turning any pavement into your playground.

A truck that combines durability with such finesse is a cruiser’s dream. Check out skateboard maintenance tips to keep these trucks in top shape.

Trucks with the right cushioning can absorb the shocks from bumpy roads, making your cruise a breeze. Look for ones with a smooth turning radius and you’ll be avoiding obstacles with the grace of a street-savvy swan. Plus, maintaining these trucks is no sweat—if you’re curious about how to keep ’em turning smoothly, plunge into our guide on how to clean grip tape.

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skateboard trucks for cruising: which ones rule the streets? (find out here)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skateboard trucks for cruising: which ones rule the streets? (find out here)’.

2. Width wonders: The right fit for your board

Width is crucial; you want trucks that match the width of your board for stability. If you’re into cruising, that means finding a sweet spot that allows for swift maneuvers without sacrificing that stable feel. Pick trucks that align with your board’s width and witness your cruising stability shoot up like a well-tuned rocket.

Supplemental image for a blog post called 'skateboard trucks for cruising: which ones rule the streets? (find out here)'.
Supplemental image for a blog post called ‘skateboard trucks for cruising: which ones rule the streets? (find out here)’.

Dive into the details with a solid rundown on choosing the right type of skateboard.

When it comes to cruising, trucks that are too narrow can tip you off balance, while too wide may dampen your dexterity. With the correct width, your skateboard will respond to your body movements intuitively, as if it’s an extension of yourself. A broader deck calls for broader trucks, so make sure you get a solid grip on choosing the best wheels for cruising.

3. Material matters: Alloys that last

Cruising can take a toll on your gear. That’s why you need trucks made from durable alloys that can withstand daily wear and tear. High-grade aluminum or other metal alloys offer longevity and reliability.

You’ll feel the difference when you take your board for a spin; it’s like having a trusty sidekick on your urban adventures. Ever wonder how Abec ratings impact your ride? Navigate through our insights on skateboard bearings and their ratings.

Finding thebest skateboard trucks for cruisingisn’t just about color or brand, it’s a craft. Trucks with the right cushioning can absorb the shocks from bumpy roads, making your cruise a breeze. Look for ones with a smooth turning radius and you’ll be avoiding obstacles with the grace of a street-savvy swan.

You don’t want to hit a pebble and snap a hanger, so invest in trucks that promise endurance. A truck made with the right materials will give you confidence, knowing that your gear won’t bail on you when you’re cruising at full tilt. Interested in longevity?

It’s not just about trucks; get the scoop on the best skateboard decks for street skating to complete your setup.

My favorite trucks (at the moment):

Thunder Night Hollow II Lights Trucks

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My favorite trucks (at the moment):

Thunder Night Hollow II Lights Trucks

I switched over from Tensor to Thunder Trucks, and I never went back. They just feel a lot lighter, in my opinion, and I love the look of these trucks, (And the thunderbolt gives me Weezer vibes, I dig it)

More cruising tips

Riding smoothly down the boulevard on your skateboard is an art form, but there’s more to cruising than just rolling. To really glide with the best, you’ll need a few more tricks in your back pocket. Below are tried-and-true pointers that’ll have you cruising like a pro in no time.

Pair these with premium trucks, and you’re golden.

  • Always wear protective gear to minimize the risk of common skateboarding injuries.
  • Regularly check and maintain your skateboard with some proper skateboard care tips.
  • Consider the type of wheels you’re using, as the best wheels for a cruising skateboard can make a significant difference.
  • Experiment with different bushings to adjust the responsiveness of your trucks to suit your riding style.
  • Keep your bearings clean for a smooth spinning wheel; learn how to clean skateboard bearings to spin like new.
  • Balance is key, so practice your stance and foot placement to maximize board control for medium to long rides.

Leading up to the dos and don’ts, remember every ollie starts from the ground up. Your cruising experience heavily depends on how well you maintain your skateboard and understand its mechanics. Take note of these pointers:

Do match your truck width to your board for optimal balance.Don’t buy trucks solely based on brand without considering your deck size.
Do invest in quality urethane bushings for smoother turns.Don’t neglect regular maintenance; it can cause premature wear.
Do consider the height of trucks to avoid wheel bite.Don’t use the wrong size hardware; it can lead to loosened trucks.
Do make sure your trucks are compatible with your skating style.Don’t overlook the weight of the trucks as it affects maneuverability.

High-level gear maintenance meets informed choices for the Zen in cruising.

Advantages and disadvantages of cruising

Skateboarding, especially cruising, isn’t just a pastime; it’s a culture, a way of carving your path through the urban jungle. But every slice of street heaven comes with its own set of gremlins. Here’s a scoop on what’s rad and what could potentially wipe out your vibe when it comes to cruising.


  • Effortless travel over longer distances.
  • Minimal impact on joints compared to tricks and hard landings.
  • A relaxing way to enjoy skateboarding at a less intense pace.
  • Enhances balance, coordination, and core strength.
  • Offers a great way to explore new areas.


  • Not as thrilling or challenging as performing tricks and stunts.
  • Can become monotonous for those seeking more adrenaline-fueled skateboarding.
  • Limited to fairly smooth and obstacle-free surfaces for optimal enjoyment.
  • Might not improve technical skills as much as street or park skating.

In my opinion, as someone who’s still getting the hang of the vert but has spent plenty of hours cruising the streets, the feel of your ride changes dramatically with the choice of trucks. Just like you wouldn’t wear Converse for a marathon, picking the right trucks for cruising is key, and it’s a choice that should be made based on how you skate. While I don’t claim to know it all just yet, experience has taught me there’s truth in the details — right down to the nuts and bolts of our boards.

If you’re curious how different sneakers change up your skate sesh, roll into our take on whether Vans or Converse are good for skateboarding.

Honestly, it’s all about personal preference and style in the end. I’ve felt the change when I switched from my beaters to some quality trucks; it’s like comparing a flip phone to the latest smartphone. You don’t need to be a pro to know what feels right under your feet.

For anyone looking to soup-up their ride, I say dive deep into the specs and don’t be swayed by flashy branding. Learn about the nuances of trucks and get a sense of what’ll suit your personal skate style right here on best wheels for cruising.

If you are a visual learner, check out this video titled ‘How to Choose Skateboard Trucks | Sizing Guide | Tactics’

A video titled “How to Choose Skateboard Trucks | Sizing Guide | Tactics” from the “Tactics Boardshop” YouTube channel.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How usually should I replace my skateboard trucks when cruising?

Depending on how much you cruise, you should inspect your trucks regularly for wear and replace them if you notice any cracks or if they start to feel less responsive. For the regular cruiser, this might be every few months to a year, but always listen to your board — it’ll tell you when something’s off.

Can I use the same trucks for both street skating and cruising?

You can, but it’s not optimal. Street skating usually requires tighter trucks for precision tricks, while cruising is all about smooth turns and stability. Adjustable trucks might be a compromise, but it’s usually best to have a setup that’s tailored to each style.

What’s the best way to clean and maintain skateboard trucks?

Regular cleaning is crucial for the longevity of your skateboard trucks. You can disassemble them and wipe down each part with a cloth. For a deep clean, soaking the non-metal parts in soapy water works wonders.

Always dry thoroughly before reassembling, and don’t forget to lubricate the bushings and pivot cup! Check out our guide for detailed skateboard maintenance tips.

Final thoughts

Now that we’ve trucked through the essential specs of skateboard trucks for cruising, you’re ready to roll. Armed with knowledge on cushioning, width, and materials, your future rides are looking smooth and dialed in. Remember that your trucks are as pivotal to your skateboard as the wheels are to motion; they steer your journey on the concrete waves.

So get out there, set up your board with the best, and cruise your city’s streets like they’re your own personal ramps.

Have these tips helped tighten up your cruising experience? Did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section belowI read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on optimizing your skateboard setup for cruising. Thanks for reading and keep rolling out there!

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