10 Best Skateboards for 7-Year-Olds: Picking the Ideal Ride

Explore top picks for skateboards for your 7-year-old. Find the perfect blend of style, safety, and shred-worthy features. Start their skate journey right.

Are you hunting for the perfect skateboard for your 7-year-old budding skateboarder? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the top options available, ensuring a safe and enjoyable skating experience for your young rider. From durability to design, we’ll cover all the factors you must consider when choosing the best skateboard for a 7-year-old. So, let’s roll into skateboarding and find the ideal board that’ll keep your young adventurer rolling with confidence and style!

What’s the ideal skateboard size for a 7-year-old?

Interestingly, the general width to go for is between 7.25″ and 7.5″. A little backstory for you: my kid started on a regular-sized 8.0″ deck and did pretty okay, but his back foot often came in contact with the wheels while pushing. This made him stumble. Thanks to his protective gear, he didn’t get any scrapes or bruises. This leads us to an important side note: always ensure they wear proper protective gear.

A video thumbnail of a girl wearing red shirt blue jeans and a helmet while learning skateboarding. Source: braille skateboarding youtube channel
A video thumbnail of a girl wearing red shirt blue jeans and a helmet while learning skateboarding. Source: braille skateboarding youtube channel

A smaller board can make a huge difference. Take it from someone who learned on a much wider board as a kid. With numerous options available, I decided to switch to a smaller board for my kid. Why not a standard size, you ask? Though a standard 8.0″ is wider and longer, kids must bend their knees and almost skate in a crouch-like position (lower center of gravity) to compensate.

You often see this in skate parks, but a smaller board is excellent for mastering the basics. We’ll dive more into this in our section on selecting the best board setup for beginners.

My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

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My favorite complete skateboard (at the moment):

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

I had my board stolen a few years ago and was forced to quickly replace it with a complete. I got one with an Enjoi deck and loved it so much that I still buy the Whitey Panda deck each time I need a new deck. This complete with budget-friendly, beginner-friendly parts, but I still swear by it.

What are the ten best skateboards for a 7-year-old?

Selecting the perfect skateboard setup for your enthusiastic young rider doesn’t have to be like solving a complex Rubik’s cube. There’s a simple formula: consider your child’s height, shoe size, skill level, and style. The key to a killer shred session is not just the shape or design of the board but a ride that truly resonates with the rider.

A solid choice of skateboard results in a smooth ride, making the learning process a piece of cake for your young skater. Let’s roll into the world of skateboards and browse through the top-ten star picks for your 7-year-old.

1. Skatexs complete skateboard

The SkateXS Complete Skateboard is a dream come true for every budding skater. As our number-one pick, it screams quality from every inch of its design. Specially crafted for kids, it considers their specific needs and provides a skateboard setup that stands strong even after rigorous rides.

Why is it the top pick? They’ve hit a home run with their design. Combining maple and durable bamboo, this skateboard presents a robustness that excludes anyone on this list. An adorning feature is its forgiving wheels, offering a smooth ride, coupled with trucks specially tweaked for kids to offer predictable turns. Let’s not forget the colorful, fun graphics kids will love. After all, personal style is always a big win.

2. Powell Peralta golden dragon

Snagging the second spot on our list is the very popular Powell Peralta Golden Dragon. This board is, literally and metaphorically, a golden choice, fitting well for young, enthusiastic skaters who dream of mastering the concrete playground.

Powell Peralta pays close attention to details, incorporating thoughtful features like wheels perfect for rougher streets and promising less noise, ensuring a peaceful experience for the neighbors, too. With grippy 99a wheels and standard trucks, this skateboard ensures control and balance, offering amateur skaters the foundation to build up skills gradually and perform Ollies like pros!

3. Skatexs starboard

On number three, we have another offering from SkateXS: the Starboard. This skateboard, like the rest of SkateXS’s lineup, screams quality while being purpose-built for the young shredders out there.

SkateXS’s Starboard, with its colorful wheels and lightweight trucks, weaves a smooth journey on rough surfaces. The combo of maple wood and bamboo in its construction gives a seal of trust about its durability. Add it up with SkateXS’s reputation for producing kids-friendly boards; it’s a solid choice that harbors young skateboarding dreams and helps them blossom.

4. Whitefang’s skateboard

Whitefang’s skateboards take the fourth spot on our list as an excellent practical choice. They’ve won the hearts of many novice skaters with their quality, commitment, and reasonable price tag. Detailed with vibrant graphics, the WhiteFang skateboard captures young hearts immediately. Its quality orientations in deck durability and smooth wheels offer a stable and comfortable riding experience for novice riders.

So, suppose you’re looking for a skateboard to set a solid foundation for your kid’s skateboarding journey without making a significant dent in your wallet. In that case, Whitefang’s product line is worth considering.

5. CCS skateboards

Last but not least, CCS Skateboards rounds up our top five list. Fondly known as the best reliable board for a kid on a budget, it stands tall as an economical yet terrific choice for your 7-year-old.

CCS skateboards come with a good-quality deck, acceptable trucks, and bearings. Though the wheels might come off hard, they hold up well for beginners. Available in various sizes, they offer an extensive choice for you to select an ideal fit for your kid. Truly, CCS offers more than you would expect at its price point, making it a value choice for budget-conscious parents.

6. Krown rookie skateboard

Amidst the overwhelming range of options available for a 7-year-old, the Krown Rookie Skateboard is an underdog that punches way above its weight. Designed beautifully, it’s a sight for sore eyes and a delight for young riders.

With a 7.5″ deck, the Krown Rookie is versatile and suits children with varying heights and shoe sizes. It’s famous for its durability, providing an excellent platform for kids looking to experiment with their board without worrying about causing any damage. Krown Swift accompanies its killer looks with a stellar performance, making it a well-deserved 6th entrant on our list.

7. Minority 32-inch maple skateboard

The Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard is the ‘stranger on the block’ that could quickly become your kid’s favorite ride. It’s a skateboard that doesn’t compromise on quality despite its budget-friendly status.

Heavy-duty trucks, solid wheels, and a sturdy deck all add up to the Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard being a robust skateboarding option for your 7-year-old. Besides the top-notch performance features, it is also available in splendid designs and colors. It’s a pretty solid choice for parents looking for aesthetics and reliability on a budget.

8. Rimable, complete skateboard

The RIMABLE Complete Skateboard, another strong contender, is a skateboard that can give more expensive options a run for their money. It’s a practical, seamless choice for parents on a tight budget who still want their kids to have a quality skateboard.

RIMABLE’s skateboard is known for its kid-friendly design, featuring high-quality bearings that ensure a smooth riding experience. Plus, its eye-catching deck designs immediately make it a hit among youngsters. This skateboard is not just another run-of-the-mill option; it’s about top-notch rideability and affordability, all in a neat, colorful package.

9. Retrospec quip skateboard

This 9th entrant on our list is a skateboard that takes the ‘quip’ in its name seriously. The Retrospec Quip Skateboard improves your kid’s skill set and keeps them entertained while they learn to navigate.

Known for its portable design, the Retrospec Quip is convenient and cool. It comes with sturdy trucks and grippy wheels, elements that resonate with skaters of all ages. Additionally, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to style, with a wide range of fun colors and designs to choose from.

10. Skatro mini cruiser skateboard

Rounding up our list is the Skatro Mini Cruiser, a skateboard that brings style and performance together. This skateboard gives your kid a chance to not only learn skateboarding but truly enjoy it, making this activity a memorable experience.

The Skatro Mini Cruiser is the quintessential cruiser skateboard, perfect for kids who are just exploring the world of skateboarding. It ensures a smooth ride with its premium Abec 7 bearings and lightweight aluminum trucks. Truly, it’s a perfect blend of style, comfort, and high-end functionality that steals the 10th spot on our list.

Image of a young boy wearing green protective clothing while skating. Source: pixabay
Image of a young boy wearing green protective clothing while skating. Source: pixabay

Dos and don’ts of selecting a skateboard for kids

Before you set out to buy a skateboard for your kid, here are a few do’s and don’ts you might want to consider:

Don’tsOpt for a quality skateboard, even if it’s pricier
Don’t compromise on safety features for styleAvoid bigger skateboards, assuming kids will grow into them quickly
Always check the quality control stages the skateboard has passedDo not overlook any damages on arrival
Consider the purpose of the skateboardChoose a skateboard according to your kid’s height and shoe size
The essential dos and don’ts of selecting a skateboard for kids

Additional skateboarding tips

So, now that you’re equipped to choose the right skateboard for your 7-year-old, here are a few additional tips to ensure they enjoy their skateboarding journey:

  • Always ensure they’re wearing appropriate safety gear
  • Make sure the skateboard suits the terrain where it would be mostly used
  • Encourage them to start with basic tricks and gradually move up
  • Ensure regular practice for constant improvement.
  • Monitor their progress and provide constructive feedback

My skateboarding journey with my kid

Choosing the right skateboard for my kid seemed like finding my way through a maze. I initially thought that a regular-sized skateboard would work fine. However, after my kid stumbled a few times, I realized that the commonly held belief of “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to skateboarding.

“Choosing the right skateboard is like casting a spell in Harry Potter – it’s not the skateboard that chooses the skater, but indeed, the other way around. The key to a killer shred session is not just the shape or design of the board, but a ride that truly resonates with the rider.”

Changing the board to a more suitable one saw my kid’s performance improve drastically and also increased their enjoyment of the sport. This experience opened my eyes to the importance of the right board setup (learn more in my beginner skateboard setup guide). It’s not just about getting your child into the world of skateboarding; it’s about making sure they stick around and fall in love with the journey!

If you are a visual learner, check out the video below from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Embarking on a skateboarding journey can stir up a bucketload of questions. That’s why we’ve assembled answers to frequently asked questions about the skateboarding world. Strap in!

Can a 7-year-old skate zoo york skateboards?

Zoo York Skateboards are renowned for their extraordinary quality and style. Nevertheless, depending on the particular design and size, some models may not be suitable for a 7-year-old. It’s always a good idea to pick a board that aligns best with your kid’s physique and skill level. The skateboard size guide might come in handy here.

Is skateboarding appropriate for a child?

Definitely! Skateboarding can be an excellent way to keep your child entertained, active, and engaged. It’s a fun sport that aids physical development, promoting coordination and balancing skills. Always make sure your child wears appropriate safety gear.

Are there skateboards specifically designed for kids?

Yes, there are skateboards particularly designed for young kids, keeping in mind their unique needs and skill levels. For instance, the SkateXS skateboards have a reputation for being the best, designed specifically with kids in mind. They have a range of options for beginners.

Final thoughts

Choosing the perfect skateboard for your 7-year-old is not just about picking the coolest design; it involves much more. The size, the type, the brand, and the quality all play integral parts in ensuring the best skateboard experience for your young one. Did you find the guide useful in choosing a skateboard for your 7-year-old? Which skateboard are you thinking of getting? And did I cover everything you wanted to know? Let me know in the comments section below. I read and reply to every comment. If you found this article helpful, share it with a friend, and check out my full blog for more tips and tricks on skateboarding. Thanks for reading, and keep riding the concrete waves!

Key takeaways

In the sea of skateboards available, making an informed choice for your young skater can be overwhelming. This article covered the factors to consider when choosing the best skateboard for a 7-year-old. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The size of the skateboard matters, and depending on the child’s shoe size and height, a skateboard width of between 7.0″ to 7.5″ is often ideal.
  • Quality skateboards undergo stringent checks and pass several quality control stages.
  • Several brands offer high-quality skateboards for children, including SkateXS, Powell Peralta Golden Dragon, and CCS.
  • Regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts are crucial for a safe skating experience.

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